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Amazingly beautiful and truly cyberpan cloudpunk received a major addition to the City of Ghosts, which is designed to complete the history of the rank, a girl driver working on the delivery service in the rain-neon megalopolis. You already see the evaluation that the same amazing DLC did not work. Now I will explain why.


so, Cloudpunk- City of Ghosts Directly continues the history of the wound, which in the original, together with his cybernetic dog, Kamus met with the artificial intellect of the bark and adopted several important decisions that influenced not only for her life. And in addition, it faces the consequences of these decisions, as well as with the ghosts of the past, who find it even in such a huge city, like.

It still works for the delivery service “Claudpank”, but already with the new dispatcher, the elderly woman who argued with someone that her driver will drag all for this night shift. Therefore, as usual, deliver the parcels and run along the streets in search of food, all the rubble, which can then be driven by triggers, and customers. And especially nice to do it overlooking the first person.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts: Overview

With the view of the eye and without that incredible atmospheric of the game is immediately enhanced at times.

And to fly in your xoba overlooking the cabin under the noise of rain-backing – indescribable pleasure for all Cyberpunk fans in general and “Running on the blade” in particular.

This is just a holiday of some kind!

But at a certain point, the events begin to develop very rapidly and dramatically. The wound is hunting to all who are not too lazy, they are trying to hire people from the monopolist’s transport company, to which she does not want to work for any kind of rugs, it is substituted, lured into traps, they pumped by drugs, then some gas. And some of her familiar on the origin either die or fall into the Western.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts: Overview

About other old familiar wounds learns a lot of new things ..

At the same time and the gameplay in some places varied. More precisely, it appears. We, as in Quest, with a view from a third party, exploring locations in search of important items and key-cards to open the doors, launch the elevator and so on:

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts: Overview

Nothing complicated here, but still some kind of diversity.

It is necessary to run away from the salted killers:

The main thing is to run in the right direction, to have time to press something and enter codes.


Parallel unfolding the story of a new character. Hayes – unsuccessful, but funny and nonsense Zabuldig and the offender, managed to quarrel with almost everyone who knew, and disrupt a bunch of laws. Someone he should, someone, set, all his friends and strippers were thrown, but still Hayes returned to the city, where he almost everyone hates him.

And he immediately tried to arrest the novice android named Morpho, working on the main in the Nivalis Corpsek Corporation. However, Hitrygha Hayes managed to convince Morpho that it is possible to arrest him only the next morning, at eight o’clock, but until he should ride with Hase, help, sponsor his drunks – Well, in order not to miss sight of it, it’s not to let and get offBy responsibility.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts: Overview

Guess what will happen.

As a result, the duet of Heis and Morpho became decoration not only Cloudpunk – City of Ghosts – It is generally some of the brightest characters that I came across video game recently. Heis for this night has time to not only get drunk, but also to contact all his former girls and creditors – as a result, Morpho fixes 17 threats to kill Heis, 12 of which android assesses as real.

Policeman himself involuntarily indulges him – agrees, for example, to issue himself for a sexy stripper, which calls one of those who sharpen on the Heis tooth. True, in spite of the request, he does not imitate, but informs its usual, with metal notes: “Hello, I’m striptering. Oh yes … Sexy stripper “.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts: Overview

Morpho is not too smart in this sense.

Eyeis ranks

Naturally, at some point, the storylines of the Rania and Hakes intersect. And all thanks to the “Claude” and the new dispatcher, which Hayce, unlike the ranha, has long known and persistently calls Kargoy – she meets him reciprocity, but in the end they, as before, begin to work together.

Hays also becomes a driver in the service “Claudpanka”, albeit for one night shift, and it is he who will intervene in the fate of the main character. And how to intervene that with her and with him will happen, in what state of the wound will come to this meeting, – much depends on our solutions. At some point, I, for example, was a choice, return home to the girl, where it may be waiting for a trap or try to hide in Midtown, in the apartment of a former client who offered her a new job. Ultimately, our solutions will affect not only the fate of key characters, but also the city itself.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts: Overview

Even the Camos understands the strength of words and solutions.

Thank you?

Yes, B City of Ghosts We got interesting and places a nonlinear story campaign with bright characters, sometimes very cool dialogues, uneasy solutions and dramatic unions. In addition, there was a little more gameplay actually – for example, more opportunities for pumping vehicles.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts: Overview

Spend money on upgrades and new opportunities like evasion you need more.

The problem, however, is that before these interesting events, difficult solutions and dramatic junctions you need to quote. Four hours, and then all five of the approximately 10-hour campaign the plot is really not moving anywhere. We are chased there and here on the basis for the ranking of work – take the parcel, take away, come back and take away again. At the same time, carrying, as a rule, you need from one end of a huge city to another, in many respects crossing the boundaries of areas. And in them, in these areas, it is especially important and do not want – interesting minor characters and situations at times less than in the original.

So you have to dangle out of point and to the point B to the endless dialogues and reasoning with the dispatcher, clients or Camus. As I said, dialogues are hike, memorable. But the water at first enough. At the same time, we always have time to do everything much earlier than these dialogues / reasoning will end. And they cannot be skipped or accelerated, so we are forced to wait when the text finally will end and we will be allowed to interact with the subject / character or give a new navigation point.

Follow conversations during permanent flights very difficult.

No, it is clear that in terms of us we meet a lot of interesting characters – then a group of bored rich will actually force us to spend a tour of the bottom city, then a glamorous girl will ask for a shopping for her and choose her a party to the party, and then start persistently stuffedWe will try to rob an extremely funny gangster.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts: Overview

But another no less colorful character.

Still endless flights start tired – in the original they were perceived as something fresh, and to explore the world was more interesting. And here I want to continue the story. It seems that with its statements about a completely new plot campaign, on duration and saturation, not inferior to the main game, the authors themselves drive themselves into the trap and were forced to artificially stretch the passage.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts: Overview

In any case, the fans of the original Cloudpunk, naturally, will die and wait to get a story campaign, which logically completes the history of injury, introduces new bright characters and makes it makes decisions affecting the fate of the key heroes and the whole city. But we, if that, warned – the authors of the City of Ghosts are hoping for a very long time.

Pros: A new fascinating campaign, finalizing the history of the original;solutions affecting the plot and ending;New bright characters for which you can play;a little more interesting gameplay capabilities;chic atmosphere of Cyberpenkovsky metropolis;All key characters and dialogs are perfectly voiced.

Minuses: The campaign seems to be tightened – for a long time, nothing happens here;Dialogues are perfectly written, but the fact that they cannot be missed noticeably slows down.

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