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All games Terry Kavano (Terry Cavanagh) are built on interaction with hostile and intense medium. IN Vvvvvv A lonely player was celebrated cold of space and platforms, almost entirely consisting of spikes. IN Super Hexagon between the beginning of the game and the defeat often held seconds four – the shifting walls almost did not leave the chances of survival. IN Dicey dungeons At first glance seems more friendly: Mrs. Luck promises characters to fulfill their most cherished desires if they pass to her dungeons and benefit in Superigra. However, something tells me that it is not going to keep the word.

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Kavano, According to him, breathed inspiration from everywhere: from classic stands to Japanese RPG. Most of all the game was influenced Dream Quest – Her author, Peter Walhen (Peter Whalen), now runs the leading game designer Hearthstone. Target Dicey dungeons Banalna – fighting with enemies, overcome six floors of the dungeon and combat the boss at the end. Each victory brings points of experience, the accumulation of which increases the level. New levels are addresses to maximum health, free items and additional cubes.Dicey dungeons game reviewEven if you are not particularly needed new items, you are not recommended to skip the battle. Going to the boss, it is better to try to the last level, and you can only do this in one way – not to miss any opportunity to fight.
Proper selection of objects – Pledge of Victory. Finding them in the chests and buying in stores, for one race you will collect about a dozen. Some of them are doomed to lie in the inventory the dead cargo – the character has only six slots of equipment, and some items occupy two. What exactly you get out, chooses a random number generator, so no will be a copy of another. This approach is at the same time a fundamental part of the game, and its curse: sometimes you already collect a strong combo on the second floor and pass the location of one left, and sometimes you carry with you a pile of incompatible things and convulsively try to grope at least some kind of synergies.

Most objects in the game are applied no more than once for the round – the combat system here is step-by-step. Every move – both yours and the enemy – begins with the cast of cubes that you distribute on subjects, thus activating them. Say, the “battle ax” will cause an enemy damage equal to the double points on the cube, but you can only activate it by a cube no more than the fourth. “Magic Rocket” always takes away from the opponent five health points, but requires a cube with awareness for this – you will not find better use for twos, but it will get a bigger cube if you have no place to put it.

The power of the subject is usually proportional to the value of the cube with which it is activated – the more, the stronger the effect. However, this does not mean that it is always better to get at the start of the stroke, than a unit: sometimes you simply do not have items that can work with such large numbers. By the end of each race, when the number of cubes will increase from two to five, and special items will appear in the equipment that these cubes are separated, connect and cloned, their distribution will begin to be felt like a mathematical task – sometimes it will have to break her head.

In such games, there is nothing more pleasant than, being on the hairs of death, to discover the cunning way of killing the enemy – the so-called “flew”. Then you can save the record and boast it!

Take the witch

Though Dicey dungeons Combines all distinguishing features of the Rogue-Lite genre, Terry Kavano Prefers to attribute the game to RPG – according to him, the selected character class has a much more influence on the nature of the race than the objects found along the path. I am not ready to agree with him: in my opinion, these two factors are approximately equivalent.

Nevertheless, we must admit that the main characters are conceived and worked out great. Everyone has its own key feature, its way to fight, its pool objects and their motivation go to the dungeon. Even the method of throwing cubes – it would seem that it could be trivial? – The characters are different!

Total heroes six. Everyone has six episodes where the rules change slightly. To open the last, 37th, you need to go through five episodes of each character – it turns out, for full passage it is necessary to overcome at least 31 dungeons. Every race lasts about half an hour;Considering that even the best player for victory is not to do without the blessing of His Majesty case, the passage of the game is able to take clock 50.Dicey dungeons game reviewAt this moment I closed my eyes and reached for a mug of coffee. Who among us does not want, a little robot! Who among us does not want!


If a variety of characters can only be admired, then everything is worse with the subjects. Their truth is not enough – all the problems of the game, it seems to me, grow from here. The authors write that DLC will probably come out in the future, but it is too early to talk about them – you have to be content with what is. And this is not the fact that 50 hours is not enough – already for 10 I saw it seems to.

My favorite item is called “Ice Age”: if you activate it with two units, then in the next go all the cubes of the opponent will turn into units. There is a funny situation: not throw away at the beginning of the course not a single one – well, one is bad, and two – wonderful. It is a pity that there is almost no such non-transitivity in the game. Worst of all that the “Ice Age” is not found in the chest and not to buy in the store: this ability is only one enemy, Yeti, and get it can only the challenge – the thief. The rest has to be content with the uninteresting “cure so much health as it is indicated on the cube” or “Add to the value of a unit”.Dicey dungeons game reviewAnother thief will be able to turn into a bear if the desired ability has the necessary ability of another enemy, Alchemist. I already said who my favorite character?
To the variety of enemies, as well as characters, do not find fault – they even have biographies. For the race, no enemy is found twice, and each of them has different abilities – sometimes even with unique mechanics. All of them are insanely cute and as stupid – artificial intelligence here, how to say, does not shine.

The fact that in the framework of the tactic race against all enemies, one and the same is to hope that the opponent is not lucky with random, but to his turn to beat a proven combination, the same algorithm with minor amendments to the values of cubes. With each opponent, I, for the rarest exceptions, fought by the same equipment: I never managed to find such a set of items from which one could make two equally effective assemblies. At the same time, the game will be able to improve several items in the course of the race – after that, no sense will be left to change them to others, which means you will clicter even more in your only powerful combo. Fortunately, this claim is not valid for all heroes – and this is another demonstration of contrast between their brilliant study and, alas, a glitter system of objects.

And the game seems to be awaiting you before each fight you will adapt to the enemy. She carefully notifies you about the weaknesses of opponents, but her tips like a “paper knight vulnerable to fire” cause only irritation: if your combination is built around the fire, then you will apply it in any case, and if not, then destroy the current assembly to addThere are fiery attacks, one’s more expensive.Dicey dungeons game reviewWhat would be neither caught to me, it is doomed to stay in the inventory: my only assembly is strengthened to the limit and the battle is ready.***
Nevertheless, the lack of interesting items is a corrected business, especially when abundant of everything else. The development of the game continues – I hope that Dicey dungeons Will go along the way THE BINDING OF ISAAC and starts stamping addons. In all such games, including the same Hearthstone, The most interesting mechanics appeared very late initial release – I want to believe that Dicey dungeons will not be an exception.

This game has everything you need for development and success: promising gameplay ideas, pleasant design and good music. Even now she is capable of tightening for a long time. However, in talent Terry Kavano No one doubted.

There is only one question: why, with all its ascetic and interface conciseness, Dicey dungeons Not yet emerged on mobile devices, nor on Nintendo SWITCH? “We really want,” the creators of the game respond – but it is unlikely to occur earlier than 2020 “. I recommend the game, but I advise you to wait for the release on portable devices: then Dicey dungeons will screens up a hundred and other trips to the subway.

Pros: Interesting and smart gameplay;Unusual finds even in the simplest mechanics;The total silica of what is happening.

Minuses: The game would not prevent DLC;Some gameplay solutions, such as improved items, seem controversial;silly.

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