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Series EA Sports UFC, dedicated to mixed martial arts should not be confused with the familiar fights. There is no strip of life, the scale of specialists and ultimatic techniques like Fatal Blow from MK11. IN UFC the ball rules sober calculation – it is necessary to prose the opponent’s opponent with weak tiles and wait for the moment when it is possible to get enough. Alternative to knockout serve suffocating and pain adhesions, but their development in previous parts was separate science. IN UFC 4 Studio EA Vancouver converted “Sabmishen” and in general significantly reduced the entry threshold for beginners.

15 minutes in a cage

EA Vancouver Designs EA Sports UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship licenses. That is, there are no problems with the stars MMA and there are no arons – it remains for the gameplay. To revise it up to the foundations, Canadian studio grabs a two year break between games.

Fights usually consist of three rounds of five minutes. Boxers, kickboxers and representatives of other face professions locked inside octagon – 8 coal ring. Driving a friend, the scheme is still intricate, so it will have to get used to. On the front buttons DUALSHOCK 4 authors posted a jeb with a cross and kicks for legs. Hooks and uppercots – already combinations of two keys, to hit the case, you must additionally live in L2, attached elbow – a separate command that is constantly forgotten and so on. Sometimes an important admission is different from the passage of those, you roasted one of the three-click buttons or not.

Important – those that are able to turn the course of the fight. Suppose, kick in a joy (by jaw!), kick from the reversal, Overerange on the injured head. The damage signals the indicators under the endurance line. Watch them and do not forget to deceive the enemy: “Censel” in stock, and right-wing stick allows for a moment to deviate and carry out a sharp drop.

Typical for UFC 4 knockout. The title “shot” will dump even champion.

In Klinch, athletes are now smoothly. Strangle in the arms will not work, but to handle the body and head – one pleasure. It breaks out of the clinch your ward is also plastic, in the manual. Difficulties arise Unless with the grid – here the transitions do not work so clearly.

Fighting in the parter (on the floor) is considered ahilles fifth UFC. Previously, it was necessary to teach specific positions and recognize the animations inherent in them. IN UFC 4 Here are three options in front of you: get up from the floor, to score the enemy with fists (“grained end-paging”), go to pain / suffocating. The game itself will figure out what animation to run. It depends, of course, from a specific position.EA Sports UFC 4 game ReviewNo one forbids turning off AI helpers in the parter and in the old manner to rely on the personal “skill”.
So, the gameplay really mutated for the better. What with graphics? Last month I was overlooked UFC 3, and obvious difference between the fourth part and the predecessor did not notice. 3D-models of athletes appeared on the selection screen, after the crushing blow, the frame flies from special effects (they say, finish, until the opponent in helpless condition) – that’s all the innovations, if brief. Meanwhile, the game suffers from slow downloads, repetitions with jerk movements and angular Dane White (Dana White; UFC President). Apparently, to treat ancient sores of EA Vancouver will be already on the next generation of consoles.

Career Kostolomoma

Start comprehend subtlety UFC 4 I propose from career. You are waiting for a detailed explanation of the nuances of pumping and battle (however, individual training and training regimes are also provided). Accompany the “Guy from Street” on the way to the champion title will be coach Davis. He caresses a slightly routine passage. EA Vancouver It is necessary to enter more characters in the plot (the rollers are very small) so that some kind of narrative is made to the surface.

But the authors finally have aware of the diversity of the arena. At the start of the Career Mode you created the hero of you (the setting is traditionally thorough) will get to the playground for amateur fights Action Avenue. It is located in an open-air, and this is a real relief after monotonous sports complexes from UFC 3. In other single modes pleasantly pleased the locations of The Backetyard and The Kumite. The first – sun-flooded back yard in the poor suburb. The second – ring in the cave with Asian motifs, inspected by films “Kickboxer” And “In search of adventures”. In KO MODE mode, the Kumite Music and Sound Effects are reminded of the halls of the arcade automata from the 90s, and the crumbs commentators refer to a very specific fighting game.EA Sports UFC 4 game ReviewBy the way, about setting up the character: you can go to fight with such a wig in the spirit of Dragon Ball. Copy on it of in-game currency or take for real rubles.
Before each smell, there are several weeks of training. If you do not bring the physical shape to the peak, then endurance in the fight will be consumed faster, besides the risk of injury. For a week, 100 points are given – they can be spent on sparring, exploration of the best receptions and enemy vulnerabilities, advertising events.

The last item seems to awaken interest. What is here with us: look at the sake of interviews on the radio, to participate in the photo shoot, voice the forecast for the fight … in fact it is nothing more than items in the menu. The only one, allowed to resolve sparring. In potential UFC 5 Developers should be revived and other situations should be revived in the form of growth of the counters of fans, stiring around the match and repetitive comments from social networks.

Feelings of immersion in history does not arise, but with the progress of the hero full order. Swell those receptions that you really use. Conduct an uppercotter more often? They will be really formidable weapon. Rely on Teicdauna (passage to legs)? It will be easier to translate the duel to the parter.

For pumping receptions and performing tests in sparring awards development glasses. They are spent on the purchase of perks from the category “We raise more with the Earth” and pumping health, actions in a rack and grappling (accuracy of blows on a moving goal, the strength of the chokes in the clinche, a decrease in the cost of “stamina” and the like). With injuries in the career I ran into a couple of times, they were light – put ice, and passed. Positive side of pumping in the fact that it is common to all modes. Tired of hanging in a quarry? No problem, go to hone the skills in the adjacent menu sections.

One of the two mini-games in the parter. Mini-games are more accessible compared to UFC 3 and UFC 2.

As I mentioned above, in UFC Special techniques are valued – without them, the fight is rolled into the Valya exchange standard blows. Where to get “rushing”? Everything is simple: Sweep the coins of the famous athlete, he will appear in the gym and will traine you with secret knowledge. If you previously talked to him in the social network, the help will be released if it was dirty – Schurdogoga.

Is there any life in UFC 4 Outside the career? Certainly. Those who want to rush to octave immediately after installation, addressed the item “to battle”. It contains a mode with detailed settings, ordinary duel, a match without grappling and KO MODE, in which UFC 4 appears not simulator, and fighting. There is an opportunity to organize an event with the favorite athletes and the tournament, where the stamina scale is consistent with the meeting to meet. Online – rating schoves, contractions with random users and “Blitz fights” with changing rules. Ultimate Team mode and Lutboxam Canadians wrapped the handle.

Ko Mode in the Kumite arena.
I hope on PS5 / XSX series UFC Finally will grow to the verdict “amazingly” until I put the fourth part of “commendable”. EA Vancouver simplified the game, but there is also no flaw. Price UFC 4 bite;as an option, wait on the EA Play subscription – ten o’clock in the trial version is enough, in order to understand whether you are satisfied with the hard approach of the sports simulator, or well, it is better to preserve loyalty MK And Doa. Fingers exactly willing.

Pros: Normal learning the basics;New arena;Common pumping profile;the ability to push the foreheads of athletes from different weight categories;The threshold of entry is lower than in UFC 2 And UFC 3.

Minuses: Routine preparation for matches in the career;The music in the second part was wombing;The jerk in the graph compared to previous issues is not.

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