Edge Of Twilight – Return To Glory: Video Game Overview

We know examples when the games were developed not a year, not two and not even five, and eight years old – ten. And yet they traveled to the release when they seemed already, no one was waiting. Sometimes it really cost. For example, in the case of Age of Decadence, which immediately became almost a cult RPG and about which we, unfortunately, did not have time to write (yes yes, forgive us, the game is really chic; I passed it almost without a single battle, rushing in scandals, intriguesand investigations and getting a sea of pleasure). But in the case of Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory Situation is directly opposite. I want to ask developers: And it was worth it to wait?..Edge of Twilight - Return to Glory Game ReviewThe design of the city and local residents deserves praise, but here is the graphics ..
One in two faces

Fuzzyeyes Studio Announced Edge of twilight Back in 2008, and soon I had interviewed the developers and wrote a rather enthusiastic preview, where, you will laugh, compared their project with the best representatives of the adventure genre, namely with the Vampire TV series Legacy of Kain.

Concept Edge of twilight Then, and now it really is of interest, even if it quotes literally Legacy of Kain. The player falls into the kingdom of Steampunk, to the country of Helllae, where strange and terrible things are taking place. Day and night here do not replace each other, and exist in parallel and do not end up here’s a half century. Eternal day – this is the scorched naked deserts, who became a trap for local residents, and the eternal night – the territory controlled by terrible creatures, the so-called rejected (or nursed), which is headed by the chief villain named Lucashin.

All this happened due to the confrontation of two civilizations – industrial aterts and religious literons, clogged, as usual, in the struggle for possession of the source of ether, very powerful and important energy (there are almost all mechanisms here).

Main character Edge of twilight, Mutant and hired killer named Lex – the only living descendant of these two civilizations. And he has a unique ability – freely move between the days of day. Day Lex appears in the form of a brutal man in a coat with a huge blast blaster in a coat: it can communicate with local residents, manage machines and various mechanisms using battery with ether, fighting rejected. At night, the Lex turns into a low-digging look at the appearance of a slender being, which runs quickly, deftly jumps and again sticks with a rejected, but completely different.

Lex arrives in Helllae not in the best time – Lucashin remains to capture the last of four sources of ether, after which the terrible will happen. Before us, respectively, the task of destroying the artifacts and return to the country a normal work schedule.Edge of Twilight - Return to Glory Game ReviewJapanese hand is right away – everything is very large in the game, including “bosses”.
And again they return ..

Everything is fine, that’s just in 2010 Fuzzyeyes Studio Closed. About Edge of twilight, It seemed that you could forget, but after some time Fuzzyeyes Revived in Japan – True, in the new composition. The Japanese continued to develop the game (so, in any case, it seemed) and in 2013 released it on iOS called Edge of Twilight – ATHYR ABOVE. There she received estimates from 35 to 50 points out of 100. And most recently, the game was finally reached to the release in Steam.

All from the initial concept described above in Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory eat. Alternating day and night shape, Lex fights, jumps, deftly crawls along the walls, solves simple riddles, collects the air (in the night form they can be treated), launches mechanisms.

Fight day – this is a very brutal slasher with blocks, passages and bloody blows. Plus, the archery from the massive blaster, which accumulates the charge and discards enemies back. At night, the Lex acquires mystical abilities – slows down, attracts to himself and freezes opponents, and then splits them into small fragments.

As in the case of Legacy of Kain, Many tasks are solved only when alternating day and night forms of the main character. The algorithm is obvious: locations and items exist simultaneously in two versions, but, for example, machines work only during the day. And in the darkness you need to jump over the wall, climb onto the roof and get to that mechanism.

And all this against the background of really huge “bosses”, as well as the majestic industrial buildings, pour balm on the heart of fans Steampunk. Respect for the study of the game world: going to the local library, you can read tons of information to almost all aspects of life, including behavioral features and reproduction of any local flies.Edge of Twilight - Return to Glory Game ReviewAcrobatics here is standard for adventure action.
Hello from the past

Given that this is only the first episode, it seems to be a rainbow picture: we are waiting for a classic adventure action with a charismatic main character, a truly witty atmosphere and an extensive gaming universe. But I’m afraid no, not waiting. As I doubt that there are many people who wish to invest in this game and buy it.

The fact is what looks like Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory It is like an unfinished project from 2008. Apparently, the Japanese simply took old workers, screwed music and sounding (not bad, must be admitted), add all the necessary scripts to the hero to dock to the episode final, and everything else was left as it was. Something even cut out, for example, the promised combat abilities like a slowdown in time.

It turned out a sad sight: frankly outdated graphics (with very decent design);”Buggy” scripts;Clear control and an inflicted chamber that turn each battle into essential flour;Long, but absolutely empty streets in the city where they are not able to change themselves with anyone, but you can only interact with two levers ..

You need to fight, so do not touch!

Special wonder cause fights. Enemies fall out on the day version of Lex for 20 minutes of twenty real time, while the ordinary opponent can be applied under a hundred shots until he fell. And it happens that the enemy simply ceases to respond to the landing, absolutely not receiving damage, but correctly applying it in response. And all this is extremely monotonous – there are only two types of attack plus block, rolling and shot from Blaster. Specumations, remind, cut out. And due to the features of the control and cameras, the block and the shot is often very and very inconvenient, and I do not want to – easier to “curse”.Edge of Twilight - Return to Glory Game ReviewIn the yard, remind, 2016 ..
But the most interesting thing is that all this tedious bloody (here you will not argue – the red shield stains the screen!) Mordeobo can very often be skipped, simply running by enemies from such arrogance to some regular important button. Anyway, neither experience nor trophies for victory in a fight do not give. Why then, it is asked, it was to burn this garden with a “bloody slashcher”?

The same with the final “boss”. There you can half an hour to switch between two forms to lure a huge one-handed gorilla under the jet of hot steam, but in the end it’s easier to just score her with a sword on the paws. Why then you need this alleged puzzle with switching?***
The most offensive as the hero, and the story itself is really cling – more precisely, the final leaves a decent intrigue. Continued to see, but definitely not in such a shell. And if the developers will not lead to a sense of technical side, management and combat system (patches they, admit, release almost every day), then let it be better to release a book or mounted from the rollers. Then they will save thousands of our nervous cells and at the same time will tell you what happened next to the lex. And who is this girl in short shorts?

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