Gravity Rush Remastered: Video Game Overview

Any text O Gravity Rush Remastered It should certainly begin with paragraph about how negatively could affect the fate of the original exclusivity for PlayStation Vita. Gravity Rush was one of the games for which the portable console bought Sony, on a par with Uncharted: Golden Abyss And Killzone: Mercenary. The project has become one of the few attempts to start on Vita a completely new series of games, but it was not possible to estimate it. Now this unusual adventure in the open world appeared a second chance.Gravity Rush Remastered Game ReviewIt seems to be simple graphics, but how stylish looks!
Lethem high

Charming main heroine Kat wakes up in Hexeville. She does not remember that it happened to her, as she was here and as her name (her name will come up with one of the characters). But seeing how the city begins to collapse, Kat immediately tries to help everyone and destroys one after the other of the dangerous beings of the Neva. It is the protection of the city and all its inhabitants a girl and will be engaged in more than twenty chapters.

There are a lot of enemies in Hexeville, so the skills of an ordinary person can not do here. Fortunately, next to Kat always walks the cat haze, thanks to which the girl acquires the ability to change the direction of gravity. Tired of running on the road and want to get up on the next wall? Just press one button, select the direction – and you will find yourself on the desired surface. Since the games have such an opportunity very rarely, and here the developers have tried to make management as convenient as possible, you don’t want to move on our two on ordinary roads – it’s a lot of simple passersby. IN Gravity Rush Almost always or fly through the air, or run across the ceilings, getting to the right locations.

Use this skill and during fights with Neva. Kat is trained in two main techniques: kicking foot on the ground and in the air, and in the second case, it literally flies in the opponent, kicking it on a weak place. Whatever big or small Neva is, there is always a big bubble on his body, in which it is necessary to aim. If the creature is completely tiny, you can try to beat it on Earth, however damage at the same time significantly below.

Unfortunately, the use of only two main techniques closer to the end of the game can bother. Flights from side to side, of course, never bored, but from the destruction of monsters by non-stop pressing on the “square” to the final of the story campaign a little tired. But the Neva is not just standing in place and expect a blow – they fly away at the last moment, bounce, closing weak points. Sometimes in flight KET changes the trajectory to get exactly in the target, but still there is a situation when the same enemy is trying to hit two or three times.Gravity Rush Remastered Game ReviewGrab people and fly with them not only on missions, but in free mode.
Significantly simplify the life of improving parameters and skills of the main heroine. Collecting scattered around the world (on the roofs, under the islands, in tunnels) crystals, it is possible to increase the speed of the Kat flight, the strength of its blows, as well as the effectiveness of special attacks. Total three of them, including throwing opponents with stones for several seconds. True, you constantly forget about the existence of these skills – I, for example, passed the whole game, never by taking advantage of them. Here you can create a gravitational field around yourself and flush into enemies of barrels, boxes and other trash, but it requires too much time compared to conventional fellows.

Having invented an interesting mechanics, the developers could not diversify tasks in plot missions. Then the heroine is asked to kill all enemies, then drag people from one point to another, then do the same with some objects. The creators tried to replace some objects with others so that the monotony of missions would not have got into the eyes, but by the end of the game still feel that fantasy authors quickly dried. It would not be prevented here any puzzles, even if the banal.

Style and Grace

Be that as it may, the shortcomings listed above are not very impressed. In many ways, you get the game from the game thanks to the magnificent visual style, inspired by the works of the French artist Jean Zhiro Jean Giraud). Each new location looks impressive – passersby walks throughout the streets and sounds their music, there are fountains on the squares … Hexeville is very cozy, and I don’t want to leave this place. Reprinting on PlayStation 4 allowed developers to get rid of low-resolution textures and other shortcomings, although a small range of drawing was still not corrected. Yes, and the facial animation remained at the level of the portable console.Gravity Rush Remastered Game ReviewThe icon in the upper left corner shows how much time you can soar.
Passage of the storyline will take about thirteen hours, after which special tests are becoming available. Cat either have to kill enemies with ordinary blows, or go from one point on the map to another (which is much easier to PS4 – you do not need to press two fingers to the Vita screen), or drag objects using the gravitational field. For some tests, it is advisable to “pump” the characteristics of the heroine almost to the maximum, but in most cases it is not required and you can easily earn a lot of crystals to improve skills.

In addition to the main game on PlayStation 4, three additions were transferred, each of which includes two side mission and two tests. In one of them, Kat joins a special detachment and performs orders of his commander, he is trying to conquer the confidence of local hooligans in the other, and in the third it is arranged the maid in the house of the rich. All DLCs take place no less interesting than that Gravity Rush, and additional bonuses serve three funny costumes, which can be used anywhere.Gravity Rush Remastered Game ReviewDo not notice the weak points of enemies is very difficult.***
Gravity Rush – Very fascinating, beautiful and unusual adventure. If you missed it on PlayStation Vita, you can now catch uploaded on PlayStation 4. The game did not lose his charm, manage gravity on the gamepad was easier, but it looks quite worthy of today’s standards. It remains only to wait GRAVITY RUSH 2, which, judging by the gameplay rollers, will develop all the ideas of the original.

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