Heroines Of Swords & Spells: Video Game Overview

JRPG on RPG Maker – No, it’s not a patter from your speech therapist, but a very popular and very niche genre that covers interest 70 all role-playing games in Steam store. Therefore, it is difficult to stand out in it. Our compatriot Cyril Pestryaku With his debut Heroines of Swords & Spells This is to some extent succeeded. Well, first of all because it is very Russian JRPG on RPG Maker.

Pure Russian history

No, it is impossible to say that Heroines of Swords & Spells continues the traditions of oldcual Russian quests, meaningless and merciless, but some calls to that here really have. This is a humorous RPG, in which one of the main characters, the strongest and respected warrior named Anastasia, becomes such a bold, only when thumps and sticks to the men in the tavern with shouts in the spirit “Well, you gathered the girls here?!”.

Even children are drinking here – and one of the quests is just due to finding someone sells alcohol. The kids spy up for our bare heroines, washed in the bath. And then the girls meet a whiteobry hunter on monsters, who dreams of overparing all the magicians (he, we must pay tribute, uses the verb to “wind”) – Well, we didn’t expect a Russian game of a different parody of the Witcher Gerasta. Another heroine, piety (like) a nun in the service of light, constantly relevant as a loader. And merchants here sell “shoves-shoves”. Well, often come across the words and turnover, relevant just in Russian quests, and not in Japanese RPG.

Banda Outsiders

But the author, thank God, did not cross the thin face, and Heroines of Swords & Spells Does not fall into frank trash, toilet humor and sodomy. On the contrary, in general, it is quite a slight and funny adventure with worked and ridiculous characters. In addition to the plowing warrior (in a sober state, they are just the cowardive of the whole company) and the labeled nun there is another honest thief, which was kicked out of the guild, because she was ashamed to steal, and the wizard, who has a single spell in the magical book.

The will of the fate met these faults and decided to kill goblin threatening lands to assert and prove something and all around. But at first they will have to solve their problems: the wizard – to learn spells, thief – return your guild amulet to again open the castles and find traps, the nun – pray for the holy relics, so that its healing prayer restores not one health point, and at least a little more. Well, the cowardly warper must stop afraid and undergo a course in the guild of warriors.Heroines of Swords & Spells Game ReviewThe author also plans to improve graphics and animation.

Many beeches

In the process with them constantly something funny. That is the aforementioned concerned “Geralta” will meet, then you will have to convince members of the Guild of Warriors to choose to choose, it is better to train on some novice – on large rats or on frire frogs. It is necessary to drag the potatoes and clean the fish so that we helpers with magic stones, the lady’s nun in the gusting of anger so light up in the church, which will accidentally cause a powerful ghost, and a whole quest will open for the passage of the next big “Dunza”.

The problem here is in fact, that all this is nonsense is not funny. Yes, dreaming to terminate all the wizard “Witcher”, a wizard, who does not know how to conjure, or loosening the potatoes of the heroine, who gathered on battle with goblines, is funny, but hardly ridiculous.

In addition, in the game, obvious bust with graphoman texts. There are no dialogues in a couple of replicas – and if for Planescape: Torment This is not a problem, then for Heroines of Swords & Spells, On the contrary, the sentence. Because everything is described in detail in detail the sheets of good, but in little informative and often frankly text. For example, the nun Svetlana and the thiefs of Diana are constantly quarreling because the first wants to steal something from good, and the second forbids it (this is exactly the way, and not the other way around) – and each of these situations is served as a tenth of long replicaswhose essence is reduced to the fact that one hates another. As a result, my hand is tired of “chaining” such dialogues.Heroines of Swords & Spells Game ReviewOne of the rare funny moments.

Somehow not in Japanese

Nevertheless, play in Heroines of Swords & Spells Really interesting. Even despite the fact that she is very simple for mechanics: the characters automatically receive levels and pump the characteristics;As a result of various plot events, they are learning new skills and spells. And battles go to such a classic scenario for JRPG, which is not worth describing.

However, first, heroes here, as you noticed, unusual, with their cockroaches, and they (girls, not cockroaches) constantly fall into non-trivial situations. Quests are many, including side, and not all of them are related to what you need to find something and bring or remove some1.

Some tasks can be done in different ways. For example, when you need to get through the tunnels in the old church, where the books we need are lying, there are such options: to pump the skill of hacking and go through the house headlights, which will first be distracted;to dive into one of the wells, getting the potion of breathing under water (in another brawl well, but with a developed perception skill you can find a very valuable thing);climb into the tunnel through the house of the insane old woman, hiding there through the garden.

Such nonlinearity is rarely characteristic of JRPG, but the author of the game is a fan Baldur’s Gate And Pillars of Eternity. There are riddles, and even a whole “dange”, full of traps, not please in which it turns out only if you solve a puzzle for attentiveness.Heroines of Swords & Spells Game ReviewQuite typical text for this game.

Need to fight like that! Or do not touch ..

Secondly, at the very beginning there is enough strong enemies, and the money, on the contrary, is not enough – the equipment is expensive, the rest in hotels is expensive, therapeutic potions are also not cheap, not to mention other consumables. And for each entrance to the main city or the way out of it takes 100 coins. It is necessary to spin, avoid meetings with many enemies (including on a global map, where there is a random meeting system), as well as explore each angle of each location in search of coins, “Terechilok” and other useful items. And it is always interesting.

Yes, the game allows you to skip many battles, running past monsters. Therefore B Heroines of Swords & Spells In principle, there is no tedious for many JRPG Grinda – enemies are not even reborn at the new location. There is another situation: the game gives a choice – sweat, try, to win, and then coming pumped into the location, where yesterday’s offenders will no longer be able to repulse;or run cowardly, skip;Or at all turn on the storyline, where opponents initially become chil9.

As the developer says, there is no universal council, everyone should find their tactics and the procedure for passing. And this principle works. Faced with the first actually strong boss, I did not decide to reduce the complexity or at all forget about it – the villain was not mandatory, plot, but optional. I just decided to return later when I become anger and stronger.

There are many cunning bosses and enemies with their tactics.
As a result, it turns out good and sometimes even a tightening game, rather funny than funny. And besides, its author simply did not have enough feeling measures when writing texts. Through the grafoman period, everyone who tried to write something stern – and fortunately, and to some extent inevitable. And awareness that the main thing is not the quantity, but quality comes with experience. W Kirill Pestryakova There is time until next year, to accumulate and embody the experience in Sicvel Heroines of Swords & Spells. In total, three parts are planned. It remains to hope that every new will be better than the previous 1.

Pros: In general, an interesting and non-trivial plot;funny heroines;simple but tightening gameplay;All is well with music.

Minuses: The game seems to be humorous, but in fact it is rarely really funny here;a lot of frankly texts;picture even for the game on RPG Maker is not too successful.

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