Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: Video Game Overview

For many Monster Hunter: World became the first opportunity to get acquainted with the series about which they once heard, but did not know which side to approach her. The game has become much friendlier to beginners than past parts, offered several high-quality changes, and also appeared on home consoles and PC, fully passed by “portatives”. And here Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – its full opposite. This released on the Switch reprinting with 3DS is devoid of all innovations and simplifications that made World so understandable for a new audience.

Beware, Monsters

The first difference rushes into the eyes at the very beginning – in Generations There is no plot. You just put in front of the fact that the guild of hunters sent a protagonist to work on the Vicaderia – an organization that deals with the study of monsters. Some residents give you simple orders, like hunting for a certain mound or fishing of several fish, but the player gets access to the overwhelming majority of tasks, coming to the girl in any of the settlements and choosing the desired mission.

The beginning of the game is very hard, since the time of 3DS, dreary starting tasks did not change. With a pair of large monsters to meet, but outside these missions you will spend more than two hours on battles with helpless animals, collecting herbs and other not the most interesting entertainment. On the other hand, the player here is gradually trained to all the subtleties to which they play only in World We’ll have to get used to. Saccs for fishing and kirk for the extraction of ore break after a few uses, and the stock of the grinding stones should be constantly replenished. IN World About this, at all, it was not necessary to think about this, even the place in the inventory did not occupy this trash.

Green midges showing the path to the monster, in Generations Will not help. Taking the task and going to the right place, the player must independently search for a monster, and then take a ball with paint and throw him into the enemy – only in this case will be marked on the map. If in World The locations were large and running from one corner to another was able to do without unnecessary downloads, then in this game they are divided into several small parts, and when moving from one to another you have to observe the boot screens.Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Game ReviewGraphics is not the coolest, but the monsters turned out excellent, even terrible.
After World It seems to be at least unusual – the monster can hit you so much that you fly to the next zone, and even these transitions are constantly occurring during the battle with the monster on the border between the two regions. But all this there are advantages – for example, you can move away from the enemy yourself and in a relaxed atmosphere to drink a potion or sweep the weapon, without worrying that, because of the prolonged animation, you will not have anything and die.

Finally scold Generations stands for not quite understandable progress system. In a few hours, the player was filled with many quests and do not indicate which tasks are necessary to obtain a higher rank and unlocking the following missions. Of course, it is very useful to fulfill everything – you will earn money, and the sources of the materials necessary in the future will find. But those who want to resign themselves to part with the tasks for a low-level character, have to go to Google and seek the corresponding guides.

Although this is not the only case when without tips can not do. Combinations of items also remain secret until you try to combine them for the first time, and some resources and materials are extremely unusual ways. One of them can be paid only if you hit the harmless monster, while he drinks water or hurts herb. You can easily understand without a search engine, but it will take too much time – if something is incomprehensible, it is better to immediately ask for help.Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Game ReviewAs always, it is important for achieving success to learn the habits of each monster.

Do not spare anyone

Otherwise, this Monster Hunter offers the same gameplay as World, And in many ways it is even better and larger. Monsters here are almost three times more – as you pass, we will meet about a hundred unique creatures, and it is not necessary to re-fight one and the same, if you do not need to “farm” materials for equipment. When porting the game with 3DS to the version for Switch, grades g were added to the version – are even more difficult battles with monsters with an increased margin of health and aggressive artificial intelligence. If in normal Generations You have already spent hundreds of hours, you can move saving and more likely to study the new content.

Compared with World The design of weapons and armor is much more interesting and more diverse. IN World All new swords and axes were the same swords and axes with which you started passing, they just looked a little different depending on the dead monsters. IN Generations Their appearance can vary in vain, and what sometimes funny helmets can be created … After the murder of every new monster, I caught myself thinking that I want to immediately go to the blacksmith and see what an unusual thing he could weld this time.

The hunt for monsters passes through the same scenario: they took the task on the base, plucked in beings and other useful things, went to the cat chef for the fortificest spirit dinner – and forward. It is pre-deciding to determine the desired type of weapons, which in the game 14, and go to the training platform to study all existing techniques. The balance is still almost perfect, and no one, besides you, will definitely not say, with which equipment it is desirable to pass the game – it is better to try everything yourself.Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Game ReviewIn the cooperative, any Monster Hunter will bring a lot of pleasure.
One of the distinguishing features Generations Hunting Arts (Hunter Arts) and Hunting Styles (Hunter Styles). On 3ds styles were four, here are their six. Among the added, there is an alchemist style, with whom you can create useful items, and the style of the braveman – after committing several blows on the enemy, you will be able to use more crushing combinations of receptions. Style must be selected at the very beginning of the passage, but later it will be allowed to change it at any time.

Hunting arts are spectacular techniques whose scales are filled with monsters beating. There are a lot of them, and all of them depend on the selected type of weapons: one will come in handy for applying reinforced natural damage, with the other you wage all the surrounding creatures. The amount of arts that can be taken with them depends on the style – with a new style of the brave, it will be only one reception, and among older there are those that allow you to go hunting with two or even three, and in the latter case the scale will be fired faster.

Doing all this Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate unfriendly but exciting and diverse. Most of the time, the player is engaged in hunting on monsters for the sake of creating better equipment, and due to the huge number of all sorts of subtleties, the project does not bother. Version for Switch is especially convenient – you wanted to execute a couple of tasks, took the console, I turned on everything quickly (even on the road) and postponed to the side. Such “endless” games to pass in a portable format very convenient, but try to try Generations On TV I do not recommend – the game is ported with 3DS, so it looks like a big screen so-so.

On the other hand, beyond the house, it is rare to launch a multiplayer, and the cooperative mode in Monster Hunter Always he was always fun. Unlike World, Where the “single” and the multiplayer merged very conveniently, here to pass with other people you need to watch a list of open groups and boot into their server or open your own “party”. The system is not the most convenient, and during a difficult battle it is impossible to submit the SOS signal – if someone fell off, you will have to suffer to a victorious end or go out. But after the murder or capture of the monsters, everyone does not scatter as in World, and often remain and prepared on the basis of the next sealing.Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Game ReviewIt is always pleasant to settle the monster and sow it to the ground.***
Fanam Monster Hunter: World, who got a switch and want to buy another “monkhan” to another platform, recommend Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate it’ll be hard. Game is excellent – it combines all the best that was in the series in recent years – but it completely lacks many positive qualities World. Still, the 3DS version came out for a long time, and in reprinting no significant changes did not happen. If you are ready to consult with guides and are not afraid of an uncomfortable interface and places of outdated mechanic, you are waiting for a huge amount of diverse content. Here even for a balco you can play – is it not a weighty plus?

Pros: almost a hundred monsters unlike each other;Excellent design of weapons and armor;The sea of quests with the most varied conditions and awards;spectacular and diverse combat system;Not bad additional content for playing to version for 3DS.

Minuses: Many details, such as needed to increase quests, are poorly explained;Some mechanics seem outdated on the background World;Cards are divided into zones with download screens between them;bad graphics in fixed mode.

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