Operencia: The Stolen Sun: Video Game Overview

Dungeon Crawler overlooking the first person in the spirit Wizardry – Real dinosaur of the role genre, born in the early 80s of the last century. But he stubbornly refuses to die. And no catastrophe and sales drop THE BARD’S TALE IV He does not interfere. The Japanese continue to swing him with their specific experiments, not leaving without the work of the censors of the whole world, – take a look at at least quite fresh Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, where you can not only under the skirts “mortal sins” look, but also fighting goats – literally.

A more classic segment also gives signs of life – about the same days on the PlayStation 4 came out Vaporum, about which we already wrote. And in the Epic Games Store, very ambitious, supported by Microsoft a game Operencia: The Stolen Sun. Do not rush to throw authors with rotten tomatoes – they got a wonderful game. Next year, you yourself make sure of your favorite Steam. In the meantime, read about it here and now.

No chance without options

From the first seconds in Operencia: The Stolen Sun It becomes clear why this “Oldskaya” is at its essence RPG from the authors Pinball FX3 Rose into one row with other starry exclusions from Epic Games Store. The first 20 minutes contain everything so that you love this game as the same THE BARD’S TALE IV And it did not dream: the kings and queens are waiting for you, the three-headed dragons, pretty sukkuby, betraying their masters with goat heads instead of a helmet, large-scale puzzles, spectacular mass battles, where participants bombard each other fireworks of special effects ..

All this – under the accompaniment of well-written and expressively voiced replicas, in which they even want to listen, and in the frame is not even beautiful, but almost photorealistic graphics. And such beauty, most importantly, is ideally optimized – nor FPS awards, no departures.

Tale – lie, yes in it hid ..

It was only a prologue in which we are given to play immediately as much as possible characters. Further, the kings and the queen are inferior to the less cool, beginning (seemingly) heroes, but this does not mean that there is a lot of routine and routine with the extermination of the unfortunate rats in the basements for the flap of gold.

Operencia: The Stolen Sun – This is a concentrated tale of a fairy tale. The first mission is to pass through the broken waters of the lake and save the nine widow-captives from the flooded tower of the king, turned into a tremendous curse in a huge. Second – Find the Stolen Sun.Operencia: The Stolen Sun game reviewBoil without kisses?
And there are also march throws to the top of the tree of the world, and battles with dead guards in the tombs of kings, and walks through the enchanted forest, where you need to feed something hungry toothy bridge so that he allowed to pass, as well as communicate with a huge tree, helpinghe will free his roots. Yes, dungeons and catacombs our adventures are not limited at all.

And this tale is inspired by historical realities. And if the king of Attila has a very indirect attitude towards the real leader of the Huns, the stories about seven local clan leaders are clearly sent to the famous history about seven Magyar leaders. And we will also visit several real Romanian and Hungarian fortresses.

And talk?

All this delicious plot vinaigrette only wins from what is served under sauce THE BARD’S TALE. The fact is that the first character who joins our personally created hero (or heroine), becomes a fun and somewhat cynical thief. He constantly calls, tells the bikes on the privals and leads a diary, which – and this is a rare case in my memory – really interesting to read.

Here, his sense of humor takes new heights, and the descriptions of the characters are trying to be funny and seeded with thin observations. For example, in the section about nine widowers there is such: “Yes, every captive, which we saved, was a widen skeleton of a warrior. As far as terribly? And I feel scoundrel for the assumption that they were all virgins. I give honors to the creator of a curse for what he escaped the cliché “.Operencia: The Stolen Sun game reviewDrawn inserts here are also wonderful.
IN Operencia: The Stolen Sun Many perfectly voiced dialogs and replicas – actually, rarity for this Spartan in general, the genre, which also gives the desire of the authors to make the highest level game. Here all the characters are interesting in their own way, everyone can let go of a barn comment and do not mind to give out something interesting. And there is also an invisible narrator, who also periodically inserts his five kopecks.

According to GOST

Against this background, the gameplay itself in Operencia: The Stolen Sun It may seem too banal. There is no big world with cities, temples, shops, NPC and their side quests, as in series Wizardry And Might & Magic, – And this would be the most real highest level. There are no interesting experiments with mechanics of battles, as in THE BARD’S TALE IV.

We are part of the party from four characters of different classes overlooking the first person, we go through the cells (visible or invisible – you decide in the settings), we study the map, fight, we are looking for treasures, open the chests, we decide the riddles, earn money, equipment and experience. The latter and make our heroes even more heroic – more precisely, correctly distributed glasses of talents and attributes issued to each at the new level.

Gradually, all new and new characters are joined to the party, and we have a choice who of them to take into battle. And there everything is also quite familiar: I choose who and what to beat, whom to treat, which aura on his or strangers to impose and so on. But for some reason they do not allow to escape from the battle. Yes, and none of our can move around the field. However, truly complex fights begin only in the second half. And here it is already really necessary to take into account the vulnerability and immunity of enemies to different elements and engage in full-fledged energy management in each warrior.Operencia: The Stolen Sun game reviewFight and solve puzzles under water – quite normal for this game.
After the fight you can get to get and relax by the fire – if you found it, of course, and if there is firewood in stock. This necessity always look for firewood – actually the only sign of survival mechanics, which many other Dungeon Crawler representatives, on the contrary, pay special attention. In a prival, the potion is also allowed to engage (well, or bomb-) jar, to stretch and shuffle the composition of the detachment.

Magic in detail

But here there is attention to detail. For example, when creating a character, you need to choose its origin – this affects the characteristics. It seems the standard is already, but in fact, not everywhere it occurs. In battles, using the skills and spells of the desired element, it is possible to charge the corresponding particularly powerful ability – it makes it not to “spam” in a row, but think.

During the study levels, we are allowed to use a magic shovel, filled with honest battle at Goblin-Giant – she most suggests how many meters to the nearest buried treasure. And when solving some riddles, you need to charge the magic lantern with the magic light and, while he says, look at and memorize the runes seen on the walls. It is pretty reviving the usual search for keys and come with levers. And the further, the more often and without a lantern there are really interesting and varied puzzles – even manipulation over time.

Coo special effects here everything is exactly fine.
Yes, the magic lantern and the magic shovel – this is exactly what you need Operencia: The Stolen Sun. Broken in the pitch darkness of the cave, praying for a fading torch and pressing to the breast the last slice of bread and the fuel of the water, which still feed and steal semi-lead heroes – it’s not about it. This is a fairy tale game, a holiday game. Bright, diverse, ironic, magic. And very – it is necessary to emphasize separately, – very high quality. But at the same time, not so simple, as it may seem at first. For the experts, I will say this: this is not the Legend of Grimrock II (there is not enough of the same sharpness, the variety of enemies, mysteries and traps), but already somewhere nearby. And in terms of filing history and study of characters (not to mention technical performance) – definitely better.

Pros: Interesting fabulous story;bright adventures;Coloric characters;Levels are interested in examining in search of treasures and secrets;amazing beauty picture;Cool soundtrack;Great game Aktörov.

Minuses: Combat mechanics are quite banal;There are flaws in controlling the hero when moving the free method.

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