Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil: Video Game Overview

No game series is on site. If the number of games of any franchise translates the number, allowing us to talk about its success, then in the following parts are quite expected to be. This is normal, as well as the fact that the complete change of the concept of the series often does not satisfy old fans, but it comes to the taste of novice. So here, Overlord: Felship of Evil – a unique bird, the result of an experiment that can not please any1.Overlord: Felship of Evil Game ReviewApproximately so you will look, seemingly for Felship of Evil about half an hour.
IT’s Not Good to Be Bad

It would seem what a wonderful idea underlies Overlord – Stop darkness and head the whole army of minions. To recoup the role of the villain is always nice, and this topic is not yet beaten. The developers FELLOWSHIP OF EVIL There was a huge scope for creativity and a rather strong foundation in the form of two previous parts. And during the introductory plot roller, you really hope that they managed to use a maximum resource.

A pleasant voice-over voice, which is accompanying a rather stylish video, tells the story of unfortunate minions, who do not want to put up with the good and justice reigning in the world. Green grass, bright sun and semi-alone, satisfied with the peasants life – boring! Deciding to bring a pinch of evil and chaos to this world, minions go to search for a leader who headed them. And here we, anticipating how fun will command the army of evil and build plans for the seizure of the world, choose one of the four heroes, the Lord of Darkness and Horror ..

The plot roller ends, and with it all the best end in the game. Or almost everything: places funny plot scenes and good dialogues written Rihana Pratchett (Rhianna Pratchett) still will hint on the fact that, probably, in one of the parallel universes FELLOWSHIP OF EVIL It turned out good game.Overlord: Felship of Evil Game ReviewThe main dish today is “CopyPasta”. Hooray!
To fall asleep faster, kill sheep

In essence, the choice of the hero turns out to be pure formality. All characters have an ordinary attack, a strong attack and a very strong attack. However, only the second is always enough to effectively stripping the terrain, and our god of horror innergul who could have dozens of “pumped” abilities, in fact, turns out to be a “single-pool” creature. The gameplay itself turns into a monotonous, gray, infinitely repeated procedure. Imagine Diablo without “skills” – how interesting there would be differences between the heroes and how much in this case would be fun to parse with monsters?

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that FELLOWSHIP OF EVIL The enemies do not possess military abilities: “heavy” knights wade a sword of a second of three, and the shootings of magicians come to us with the speed of the turtle – only a man without fingers will not have time to avoid attacks. Battles are extremely simple and primitive: causing blue minions treated with you, yes click the same button. Cleared the location – go to the next and do the same. Single Campaign is terrible in its monotony. Under the pretext of some stupid task (it seems to “beat all the peasant sheep”) we must destroy dozens of dozens of people who appear once again. Boring? And how. But the developers clearly wanted to call users even more negative feelings.

Computer intelligence is not just bad – it is not there at all. Opponents freeze in place, without reacting to the actions of the player, constantly run up in different directions. No tactics here and speak. Two huge trolls that I destroyed about five minutes (because of the long headband), for all the time I never tried to strike a hero or minion!Overlord: Felship of Evil Game ReviewPerhaps the most “terrible” moment in the game.
Wholesmight in the village

Another “amazing” find of game designers – episodes in which the protagonist should run a certain distance for the allotted time. Why and why should we do this – not explained. One thing when in some beautiful Assassin’s Creed We run away from the destroying building, and another – just run for a minute by monotonous locations. Probably, according to developers, it was supposed to diversify the gameplay.

Because of all these stupid blunders, flaws and the complete absence of game-designer professionalism, you absolutely do not feel like an evil guy. We will be given several times to arrange an apocalypse in the village, but because of the low intelligence of peaceful inhabitants, driving the peasant-somnambul and the sermost effects of the effects of the peasants and sermus.

All this “sweetened” in yesterday’s schedule. It is clear that the budget of the game is small, but to put off the challenges of the characters, placed at the level Gothic 2, Now it’s just indecent. Residents of local villages scare you stronger than our minions. When people have a slow step with a pitchfork in the hands of the horror of the story, you begin to feel like the main hero of the “walking dead”. Local sheep, occurring here almost in each location, resemble sweet wool pyramids. And minions who forgot to make facial animations, with a frozen smile of Cheshire Cat run to slaughter.

What authors really succeeded, so it is in the bugs. Here they are for every taste: opponents hanging in the air, moving in the “Slow-Mo” of the goblins, not opening the passage to the next location ..

Mignon from a slum

And what about minions – the main “chip” Overlord? Developers managed to naggle even here. Earlier, we could really feel at the head of the whole army of small Gremlinov, and only for this feeling I wanted to play in Overlord. In the new part, the presence of a whiff is simply not felt. We can not command our wards, and their independent behavior they show no more intelligence than opponents. The creatures designed at all are not trying to preserve their lives and, like headed toys, rush into the fire, run on the spikes, run through the death of them.Overlord: Felship of Evil Game ReviewLike a holiday, but for some reason not at all fun.
Fully changed the mechanics recruiting creatures. Now our small friends are called up with the help of cubes drop down from special generators. They are four colors, which corresponds to the types of minions: brown are designed for the frontal attack, red – exploding kamikadze, green beat the enemy from behind, and blue are always ready to treat you. In addition to the last, everything is completely useless in battle. Damage they apply very little, and independently deal with opponents, as we have already said, it is not difficult.

With minions are connected and simple puzzles designed to diversify the gameplay. Nothing really original and standing craftsmen from Codemasters have not suggested. All puzzles are built equally: there is a closed door, and you need to send one of the servants to press the button opening it. Sometimes the task is complicated: for example, the path is blocking the spikes, and they must be removed in a timely manner with the lever.

Initially, we can call on two minions of each type. Subsequently, their number can be increased. Also, it is allowed to put on the heads of small hats on the heads that do not give absolutely no effect.

In general, the creators failed to do a more or less sane even the pumping system. At the end of each passion on the map, resources of four types are scattered (why so much?). Need to rush – after a couple of seconds, the jewels are famped and disappeared. What is this attraction – incomprehensible. On the resources we can strengthen the hero, buy new weapons, improve minions and get caps. Everything happens quite linearly – no unique “customization” is not in mom. It is still annoying that all four points of improvements are located in different points of our fortress, so, producing “upgrades”, you need to kill some time to reach from one of them to another. But it was possible to connect all the possibilities in one point ..Overlord: Felship of Evil Game ReviewWar with sheep – the most suitable lesson for the Lord of Darkness.***
Developers, justifying the fans due to the change of concept, argued that the new Overlord – This is an experiment. Only here is not fully clear, what he put. If the authors wanted to know what happens, if you create hundreds of bugs, and then pour them with a mixture of a dull gameplay, yesterday’s graphics and disgusting artificial intelligence, then it was not necessary to involve users in this experiment. We would suggest that: it turns out garbage.

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