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This year, players who are thirsting to ripped their nerves, got three excellent gift on Halloween – The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, Amnesia: Rebirth and addition / continuation of the cult in narrow circles Remothered: Tormented Fathers, Received subtitle Broken Porcelain. Pro Little Hope I can not say anything yet, but the new “amnesia” and Broken Porcelain not everyone was satisfied. And if in the first case you can and need to be discovered, then in the second problem, it would seem, much more obvious. What’s wrong with her and why I still passed this game to the end?

Terrible past

Remothered: Tormented Fathers Released in 2018 and by that time for the period of early access already acquired a small, but faithful army of fans. For the indie team it was a truly powerful project, with large ambitions, steep director, exciting and frightening, nasty history. And also – with a variety of gameplay (in any case, until the middle of the game), interfering with riddles and stealth. All this noticeably allocated Tormented Fathers from the crowd of unspoic independent horror.

History told about how the rosemary journalist Reed was investigated by the disappearance of Celestites, Dr. Felton’s daughter. Having come to him in the mansion under the guise of the former nurse, Rosemary got into a trap and plunged into the real nightmare. In history, of course, typical horror fetishi: terrible experiments, incest, turbidity of the mind. But all this is so tightly intertwined and accompanied by such terrible moments and an excellent feeding that the game I wanted to pass to the end.Remothered: Broken Porcelain Game ReviewTormented Fathers was also distinguished by high-quality picture and detailed surroundings.

They will not catch up

Remothered: Broken Porcelain I also want to go through, but not because of the game itself and how it is implemented, but contrary. I just want because otherwise you never know what ended what began in the original. The action unfolds at the same time before the events Tormented Fathers, And during, and after. That is, here you are in one bottle and prequel, and continued, and addition, expanding the original story.

This time we mainly act as a teenage girl Jennifer, whose name was periodically pop up in the original. Remothered: Broken Porcelain Game ReviewIn the history there are many actors, and we will play not only for Jen.
She works at the Stefano Esman Hotel, one of the heroes of the first part, which financed the experiments of Dr. Felton. We do not know how Jen got here, but gradually it turns out that it has the most direct attitude to the disappearance of selesties and all this terrible story. Like her girlfriend, the same young Lynn, with which Jennifer had a friendship, quickly transferred to the passion and even love. Girls dream together escape from a nightmarish hotel and go to a music competition.Remothered: Broken Porcelain Game Review“Without you, I’m not me. I `m nothing without you. And they say, they say, it’s nonsense “.
Yes, B Remothered: Broken Porcelain there is a notorious “pink agenda”, but in the spirit THE LAST OF US PART II, A, rather, Life Is Strange – Here we have teenage love and attempt to hide in your world from the outside horror, and not a conscious desire to make a family and live together.Remothered: Broken Porcelain Game ReviewAt times it becomes not.

Ambitions against reality

And this dissonance between romance and nightmare, in which the girls were locked up, represents the main reason why this story want to hear.

Add confused plot zigzags here, really strong finals (there is even a choice of two endings, although they differ little from each other), cinema production and explicit vulification of the director Broken Porcelain Chris Darryla (Chris Darril) and you will understand why it is so waiting to say that he misses herself Dramann Neil Neil Druckmann).Remothered: Broken Porcelain Game ReviewHugging Jennifer, unfortunately, more often with such a frozen uncle, and not with Lynn.
But the leader Naughty Dog There are not only directorial ambitions, the ability to provoke and tell excellent stories, but also talent (and funds for it, of course, too) do closed to the brilliance, brought to the mind of the game. But Chris and his small team, unfortunately, with this problem. Therefore, criticize Remothered: Broken Porcelain not for the notorious agenda.Remothered: Broken Porcelain Game ReviewJen is able to stand up for himself.

Cheap and crooked

Certain roughness and technical, and in the gameplay parts were in the original, but the addition in this sense is headed below. And ok, it would be only a matter of strange animation, not too convenient management and as inconvenient inventory – these are typical and largely excreasing sores of ind-projects.

Much worse what’s in Broken Porcelain often do not work scripts. For example, once Lynn simply blocked the passage to the right floor – got up as the inserted and did not react to anything. After loading the saving, it turned out that at the level all the characters simply disappeared, – I had to roll back to an even earlier “save”. And such examples a lot.Remothered: Broken Porcelain Game ReviewBy the way, it is possible to maintain (and there to restore health) only in such a mirror.
In addition, the authors decided to focus even more on Stels, so there are practically no interesting mysteries this time, but we all hurt from enemies, try to distract them, lure and sometimes even kill a table knife, a spatula or something else.Remothered: Broken Porcelain Game ReviewMost of the time we spend in such a pose.
However, this is also implemented somehow cheaply, or what. AI constantly fails;Sharp music begins to bother;Interactive door opening icons / closing can suddenly abyss;QTE when you need to break out of the lapse monster, too uncomfortable. And control moths that periodically be produced jen to distract opponents, sometimes it is almost impossible.

Well, that’s what it is called?

Gradually, of course, you get used to, but still looks like a gameplay too budget, ridiculous and not brought to mind. For example, when Jen runs around the car, periodically shooting up in a monster from a naughty, or tries to cut it out, lumbering under the jet of fire.Remothered: Broken Porcelain Game ReviewHere, too, everything is very crooked – the Eshman’s emphasis in the girl cannot for some reason can not.
There is still pumping of passive heroine skills (for example, a decrease in noise when walking or accelerating running), as well as kraft to improve knives, baits and auxiliary items that can be thrown into enemies. But by and large, all this is not particularly necessary – they say, “Yes, we promised it and implemented”.Remothered: Broken Porcelain Game ReviewThat’s really, a rare bright spot in all this story.***
The authors Remothered: Broken Porcelain overestimated their forces and were too fascinated by additional mechanics – as a result, the game turned from a terrible horror in a non-zeal stealth action, which is more annoying than frightens. The situation is saved only interesting (although in places and very confusing) story, good director and the unconditional ability of the authors to put pressure on emotions. All this is the more hurt that the potential of the developers is really big, and their ambitions, let’s say, are not unsuccessful. I really want them to get a valuable lesson from failure.

Pros: The story is interesting, confusing and tense;Characters are well spelled out;at times here is really scary;Well-chosen music (although some melodies gradually begin to annoy).

Minuses: The gameplay looks like a curve and not brought to mind;Some mechanics are frankly fastened for a tick;a lot of technical flams;places seem to be confused and the scenarios themselves.

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