Rocket Arena: Video Game Overview

Take a noticeable place in a popular genre focused on multiplayer – the task for any publisher is so desirable as far as complex. It’s one thing – to continue the well-known series, having a solid foundation in the form of a large fan base, quite another – come up with and implement a new project from scratch. EA It is not shy to engage in both those and others, rightly consider what to focus on one franchise. Raising success Apex Legends and gradual sunset Battlefield It is suggested that such an approach itself fully justifies: it is not worth staring in one place, despite the loudest achievements of the past.

Rocket Arena from Final Strike Games, EA Originals’s partner program – the next attempt to fight for the place under the sun in the densely populated genre of competitive militants. Last such an application from “Electronics”, Royal Battle Apex Legends, The minimum test of time has passed and actively develops, going to conquer new platforms. And what fate is prepared by the “Rocket Shutter”?

Quake for the smallest

The name of the game speaks for itself: rockets here – an indispensable attribute of each element, from the plot to the appearance and design of locations. Similar commitment to rocket fetishism – Home “Chip” Shooter: All models of weapons are exclusively missing. This does not mean that we have a remake of once popular modes from Quake, where rivals used only Rocket Launcher, – in fact, some weapons to call rocket can only be conditionally. It is understandable – the issuance of the same for all equipment is not in fashion now, so each of the characters has a unique set of characteristics and weapons, which allows you to diversify the gameplay and choose a suitable game style for yourself.

From the “kvaock” in the inheritance, the game went except that the famous Rocket Jump – shooting from the rocket travelers to his feet in order to jump higher. But externally, it is rather the exact opposite of a very bloodthirsty shooter from ID Software. Before peaceful funny competition, not a cruel battle: R do not kill anyone, but only pushed out of the limits of the arena with the help of tagging hits, after which the loser peacefully levitizes the place of “Renaissance”. Rivalry between characters pure sports, no fatal battle here and does not smell – in general everything looks like a typical “game for children”.

Each of the heroes is a bright personality: there is a retired military TopNotch, a researcher of the underwater world Amphora, the fighter from the jungle islel – the whole characters ten, as well as locations. Each of the heroes – its missile with two shooting modes and a unique ability. Someone includes acceleration, someone almost instantly moves to another point of the map, and someone puts a shield reflecting rockets, or causes a massive rocket blow to a large area.

Rocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena Overview

Some types of weapons, as already mentioned, are only called rocket – in practice you realize that in fact the fat-pirate blastbard in the hands of an ordinary gun shooting a canopy, and a bun hunter and a sniper at all (albeit with the charges that are repelled from the walls when shootingvex. There is no usual division into classes here, and the difference between the characters is rather in the distance of the battle and the speed of moving on the map.

To become acting persons and levels: designers managed to create unique, memorable locations, which attract not only licked appearance, but also the fact that the gameplay on each card differs from what is happening on others. In the end, it is just beautiful: underwater city, aircraft, snow-covered castle or an ancient city in the jungle – despite the “Cartoon” design, a pretty serious approach of artists and designers is visible.

Rocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena OverviewRocket Arena Overview

Shooting – not the main thing

If you drop toward tinsel, then Rocket Arena – This is a typical competitive shooter, albeit a few unusual three-three format. In addition to the training arena and the boring cooperative against brainless bots there are several basic game modes. The most simple is “bouncers”, where you need to “typhore” more than rivals, and “megarakta”, which is the capture mode and keeping the key point in the form of the megarakta itself, from time to time falling from heaven at a random place at the level.

“Treasure hunting” consists of two types of rounds: one glasses gets the team, whose player pulls a chest with coins with him, and in the other at the level there are the same coins that need to be collected as quickly as possible, not forgetting to ride from enemy shots. The team wins, which is faster than another accumulate the required amount.

Rocketball, as it is clear from the title, turns rivalry in the arena in the likeness of a football match. At the beginning of each round in the center of the level, the ball appears, which is necessary by all the truths and inconsistencies to give up to the “gate” of rivals and “score goals”. Perhaps this is the most demanding mode to the command interaction mode – the ability to type “frags” may be useless if you skip the jerk to your goal, and you can win without a single shot.Rocket Arena OverviewNot without skins for characters – an integral attribute of any modern network shooter.

Supbar and Chaos

Many scold Rocket Arena for an overwhelmed price, but this is not the most important problem. Much worse the fact that very small arenas, on which closely even a guy, and quick matches (up to five minutes each) leave no chance for a team game. It would be interesting to look at the “Everyone for myself” mode, but there is no such thing here. Purchase for realization of his tactical ideas is not enough in the literal sense, the meaningful picture of the battle is not observed – only the mining and jumping with shooting without stopping.

As otherwise, if the “rollback” of the skills is meager, recharging the main weapons occupies a resulting moments, and close locations face rivals nose to the nose every few seconds? To all of the time, the characters are unnecessarily jumped – you can do as much as three jumps in a row, pushing out from the air (and this is not counting “Rockyjampa”), so most of the shootouts occur between soaring over the earth. Establishment of management This does not add: to run, all the time I joining the camera, or, on the contrary, jump like a ball, looking only down, is not the most interesting occupation, moreover, this state of affairs practically excludes guessing the opponent’s route and shooting a relatively slow rocketpoint where it will be in a few moments.Rocket Arena Overview“Vanshotov” is not there – in order to knock the opponent, you will have to get into it several times even from the most powerful weapons.
Think, and not only a missing missiles have to do not have anything in the “rocketball”, but you will not be filled with one game mode, especially since these modes are chosen randomly. If, of course, not to launch a closed match only for your own – it remains to find five more friends who are ready to fork on the new shooter. This task, judging by the indicators of online, is not simple.

Another consequence of low attendance, seeking all the hopes for an interesting pastime, is a bad matchmaking. Be prepared for the fact that you will throw you into battle against high-level players who will bring your team without options. I do not even know what is better – wait several dozen minutes of the selection of rivals in terms of level (my record is almost half an hour) or lose without a single typed point. Calculation of fans of fast sessions With such a long selection of players does not justify anything.

There are other problems: for example, not everything is good in terms of the perception of what is happening. Where do you come from and where your rockets fly, it is sometimes difficult to disassemble – I want to see a brighter track from the projectile. And those who do not guess to increase the angle of review in the settings, risk and not to understand anything at all during the ease.

At some levels, you can fall into the abyss, inserting a shootout.
I will not be original and express the opinion that R There is a single chance to save – dramatically change the price policy. All signs of the F2P project are obvious here: ranks, seasons, currency in exchange for real money, in-game store with “cosmetics” – so what this huge price (in Russia, for example, is asked for action two thousand rubles)? If Rocket Arena It will be conditionally free, then, perhaps, the audience will not pay for it, on which, judging by the “childish”, bloodless style and rapid sessions, the developers were focused.

Pros: Quality of characters and locations;Original gameplay using only rocket weapons.

Minuses: high price;Small levels and too fast matches;few opportunities for team game.

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