The Long Dark: Video Game Overview

I have repeatedly wrote about all sorts of survival simulators and always emphasized that against the background of an incredible abundance of entertainment such such a game, it is necessary to stand out something. What is remarkable for many frosty The Long Dark, Still before the official release of one of the most notable and expected projects in this genre? And why after the release of the brass of the Canadian Studio Hinterland even stronger fixed on Survival Olympus?Long Dark game reviewThe remaining three episodes of campaigns should go out during this and next years.

According to the laws of the genre

Pro The Long Dark, Probably not heard only in the deaf Siberia (although the game is just the closest), and the previews we wrote a detailed. Poet immediately to business, more precisely, to the search for an answer to the question.

At first glance, on the contrary, everything is quite familiar and standard for the genre. Lonely, forever freezing and starving William McCenzie, who crashed over the Canadian forest, wanders in the snow through the blizzard and blizzard, feeds on the feed, collects sticks, branches, bark, berries, throws stones into the hares, scares wolves with torches, cuts the carcasses of deer on meatand skins, periodically breed a fire, heats up with him, so as not to die from supercooling, prepares food and drink, draws clothes, marster traps, onions and arrows for hunting.

The meat is not roasted on the fire, it can be understood, can lead to poisoning, drop from the hillock or bite of the wolf – to the injury, and sleep on an empty stomach – to death, for calories in which health is calculated there, and during sleep. Torches go out, matches end, the list of available drawings and recipes for the “craft” gradually expands, we are taking everything badly in a backpack, and we are learning to rummet in boxes, wardrobes, cars and pockets is better than any homeless and housenik.

There is also a simple role-playing system. Basic skills – in repair, cutting carcain, cooking, campfire, fishing, using a gun or onion – train as you successfully engage in appropriate affairs, that is, fresh carcasses, cook, fish, bust the fire, shoot and so on. All this is understandable, familiar and more than once seen in other survival games.

The truth of life

But, as you know, the devil lies in the details and to The Long Dark This applies to full. First, here it is really a lot of details, the details that give the game is very accurate, the faithful degree of realism. Clothes wakes, causing even more to blame and root, the backpack is heavy, why do we go slower and we will spend more endurance while running – and you need to run, for example, to quickly leave with thin ice and do not fail.Long Dark game reviewDrawn here everything is very stylish and pretty, but it is no longer to admire the species -.
Clothes There are generally a lot – different types and practically all parts of the body: all things differ in their parameters (including the conservation of heat and protection from the wind), and the authors directly advise to wear a few layers to be warmer and reliable, – True,It will be harder to run, because even the weight of socks is taken into account.

In the dark one can not do almost nothing – to make, repair equipment and engage in other affairs. The fire is not automatically divorced, but with a certain chance that increases greatly if adding some fuel liquid. In the wind, it is practically useless to try, and he will fool quickly. Sleep better by the fire, in sleeping bedrooms or in warm, and even just closed, premises, getting a bonus for heating and health restoration.

The gun needs to be cleaned so as not to give off, the water is required to boil or disinfection, the jar with food will have to first open, and then cook the contents, and the trunk of the machine can only be a loom or nail. And on all this – and for breeding a fire, and on collecting, hacking, boiling, making, even on the ignition of simple matches, – spend and calories, and precious time, with the current you want to eat and drink and freeze more.


Therefore, you need to act quickly, exactly, optimally, existing and planning your actions, as in any strategies – what exactly needs it, whether it is worth chasing the hare, whether you need to spend ten minutes to chop out the chair, there isDoes it make sense to load a backpack and try to refreshing the carcass in addition to the moose, if somewhere she wanders and growls the wolf, and the wind is already darker and the wind increases. Or better run to the house and swell there, hoping that hunger would not have time to kill you in a dream?

It is clear that in the game a lot is invented – and the abnormal geomagnetic storm itself, which has formed the basis of all the setting The Long Dark, and the behavior of the same wolves who actually do not really attack people (here they are so aggressive because of the anomalies). And the authors honestly warn about it, not advising to consider the game as an instruction on survival and repeat all this in real life.Long Dark game reviewOften you have to offend the corpses, sleep, warm and eat next to them.
Nevertheless, because of these exact details and details in The Long Dark There is some very member truth of life – and the first-person appearance only enhances this feeling. There are no very fantastic things like zombies or alien flora and fauna, so everything is perceived as a real life situation, like the one that happened to the hero Leonardo di Caprio (Leonardo Dicaprio) in the “survivor” – this often lacks many isometric “survival”.

Feat in snow

Secondly, in The Long Dark Amazingly a lot for these content games. In addition to the free survival regime, which in early access was the main (there you choose the complexity and find yourself on the expanses of the created “manually” of the world), there are still different test scenarios: in one, for example, you need to survive in conditions when a wild bear hunts you, in the other – to hold out three days in marked locations.

For achievements in free mode and tests give out the so-called “feats” and “badges”, which here are equal to “peppers”. Held a hundred days in open area – now you are resistant to cold and get a permanent bonus +2 degrees to the temperature per feeling. Fifty kilometers ran – now the jogging is burning at 25% less calories.

With a full release, the story campaign appeared in the game, more precisely, the first two episodes. And this is not just something background, but a completely interesting story about how Will Mackenzie is being taken to his former wife Astrid somewhere on the island of a bear, but suffered an accident and now goes on her trail, trying to survive and find out what happened. Directory at height, beautifully removed rollers intriguity, and in relations between Will and Astrid felt nerve, some kind of hidden history.

At the same time, in his path, the hero will meet other people, and even some sectarian ecologists. Communicating with the characters and fulfilling their tasks, we increase our reputation, learn something new on science survival, about other people, what happened and where to go on. If you try to clean someone else’s house or belongings – the reputation will deteriorate.Long Dark game reviewThe fire, fire and matches – your best friends, and the wind and frost – the main enemies!
Finally, B The Long Dark In all, it feels the hand of real professionals, because it was done by people who worked in Relic, Ubisoft Montreal, worked out Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, Company of Heroes, Far Cry 3, Mass Effect. Accordingly, technically everything is almost perfect here, there are no problems with control or inventory, everything is done very intelligibly and convenient. It does not reduce the complexity (and the game, in fact, hardcore), but makes the process clearer and more comfortable.***
The Long Dark – Almost the perfect “survival”. Realistic, complicated, but at the same time quite understandable and not cumbersome, efficient, licked to shine, beautiful, atmospheric, with an abundance of content, interesting plot mode and correct sound decoration. The authors go further are going to develop it by adding new opportunities and plot episodes – and we urge everyone to be equal.

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