Urtuk: The Desolation: Video Game Overview

URTUK: The Desolation – This is a step-by-step tactical RPG, something even reminiscent of “heroes”. In it, a wounded member of the detachment can be sent for treatment to a lazaret or … to “recycle” to make medicine for other characters from his flesh and blood. Interested? Then read on.

And again about inhuman experiments

So inhuman and radical relationships are explained by the setting – this is the world of gloomy fantasy, in which, however, there are no elves, dwarves and very strong magicians (although there are vampires and monsters). At one time there was a fierce war between people and giants. Humanity won, and after a while scientists found a way to pull the life essence from the giants bones, hoping that she would help heal many diseases and even defeat old age.

Naturally, everything went wrong – experiments with the essence of giants, on the contrary, caused mutations and massive pads of experimental simplides. One of them, our title Hero named ultra, managed to escape from the sanatorium, where they put their experiments “Botany”. And now he (and together with him) travels around the world in search of medication from a heavy mutation, which in the end is capable of killing him.UrTUK: The Desolation Game ReviewArtists immediately ask the overall mood game.
We travel around the map, moving the gradually expanding detachment of the main character from one point to another. Each such movement equals one day. And this is important – no, not because the time ticks the remaining Urrtak before the mutation coats him, but because they soon begin to run hunters sent from the sanatorium. And by the time you need to have time to slow down a detachment, and it is also advisable to find and capture the fortress and to equip there. Well, or you have time to find a village in which there is a transition to the zone with the right urtaka medicine – there will be other tests there.UrTUK: The Desolation Game ReviewI got over to defeat hunters outside the walls of the fortress – it was just nowhere to go!

House in the village

Ability to pump. Map Pedit points, where someone needs help – someone brought local raiders (garbered), try to devour vampires or other monsters. Another thing is that the complexity and composition of enemies are always different, so you need to correctly evaluate your strength.

It happens that it is necessary to help in the fame of famous mercenaries or even head hunters (but not for ours). And there is a chance that in gratitude they will join our detachment. I even had so that at the beginning of the battle one of the enemies suddenly shouted to us that he, they say, are not happy to be among the garbage and if we defeat them, he will gladly join.UrTUK: The Desolation Game ReviewOn the map you can find a black market.
Some enemy squads, like us, move around the map – sometimes looking for meetings with us, and sometimes run away. You can gain on the gangster lair, where the leader, by rumors, is the legendary subject. But the most important thing is the villages that can be captured so that they start bringing income. The latter is calculated in the trilium – this is a local single currency for which the black market we buy equipment and mercenaries. She goes to pay a salary to our fighters, which is written off weekly – this is another reason why you need to follow the time, and not carelessly travel on the map.UrTUK: The Desolation Game ReviewIncome in the villages gradually falls, so you need to capture new.

Gene, well, you and Mutagen!

There are other resources. First of all, this is a life essence that we collect after each fight. For she, from the corpses of the defeated enemies, you can remove hearts, bones, even cut off the feet, gland and so on. All this is used as mutagens, which, if equipped, give new features character, in fact – new skills.

For example, sliced feet give the skill “light legs”, which allows the character several times for the course of circulation, that is, to change places with allies. And the skull opens the “sharp eye” line, which, when critical hit, gives almost a 50 percent chance of breaking armor. In addition to the organs themselves there are still extracts and items based on them. UrTUK: The Desolation Game ReviewGame translated into Russian.
Instead of mutagens reduce health. If the fighter uses the same mutagen for a very long time, then he grows with him, improving the selected skill, but losing even more health. However, we ourselves decide whether it is worth absorbing Mutagen or not.

Some mutations seem if not unnecessary, then at least strange. For example, they increase by 15-25% of health stocks, but with each new level of development of mutation is the same health and falls. But unnecessary Mutagen can always be removed and disposed by obtaining a life essence. UrTUK: The Desolation Game ReviewAbsorbing or not absorb – that’s what is the question!

Blood and wine. And guts

In addition, after the victory in the battles, we also get blood and flesh – they go to the creation of drugs for fighters. Well, or, as I said at the very beginning, the same blood and flesh can be obtained, if you kill that of your wards, who seems to you. At the same time, the load on the wage foundation will decrease.

Although, of course, this feature is implemented rather for entourage and style. It is better to continue the “extra” fighters to explore the terrain, collect the same trilium (in the process they can also get wound or die) or train hard to get a new level – another resource is spent: alcohol is spent.UrTUK: The Desolation Game ReviewAnd how it is possible not to bloom during training in such a cruel world?

On self-study

Increased level means it is necessary to distribute three points between four basic parameters – this is the force, vitality, dexterity (determines the scene of the moves) and concentration. The latter is responsible for the effectiveness of particularly powerful focal skills. For example, my Urtaka became the “Last Fight” skill, which allows him to survive with two health glasses at the next fatal injury, and in the presence of a sword in his hand to embed the nearest enemy, kidding him a decent number of “lives”.

Some abilities (features) characters are trained right during the battle, depending on what they do. Urpt often looked down and eventually learned this ability. Other My Fighter often sent several enemies at once for one move and received the ability to “mass killer”, which gives +35 to speed after each murder. Well, so on – interesting abilities are many, and they are all useful in battles. UrTUK: The Desolation Game ReviewSome features are also pumped as they use.

Bay and look under the feet!

As you probably already understood, it is step-by-step battles – the main dish URTUK: The Desolation. The fighters of different classes are involved in them – archers, swordsmen, spearkers, barbarians with a huge ax, Infantrymen, hammer, monks and other comrades. Almost all of them wear different gear.

But the key is, of course, the unique class abilities and heap already mentioned traits, skills from mutagens, as well as focal skills, which or we, or the fighters themselves, depending on the situation, use in battles. After a certain time, the units who initially knew how to make an increased damage to certain types of opponents, repeated attacks at a critical damage, do not allow the enemy if he tries to slip through the neighboring cell, out of turn shells the enemies in the defeat zone, which the allies beat the allies, etc.UrTUK: The Desolation Game Review
From us in this situation it is required to competently arrange characters on cells – it is critical. Also because the landscape is interactive, and the cells are full of dangers – some slow down, others hurt and open bleeding. There are even pits where you can dump the enemy – he will immediately die.

Such situations need to be used to the maximum.

There are such types of opponents who, when receiving a common damage, on the contrary, begin to actively regenerate. Therefore, only with the help of the environment, pushing them into dangerous cells, and you can win. There is another option to throw enemies with boiling resin barrels. And it applies to the level, and they can also please in the resin. UrTUK: The Desolation Game ReviewFighters and themselves can scatter traps.
In some missions, they are allowed to engage in terramorphing and digging trenches so that resin spread over them, – so more effectively defend against superior enemy forces. And once I was informed that the world’s invasion began in the world – because of him in almost every fight for a week they appeared and shed subpophes that prevented and mine, and some1. Another time began the eruption of the volcano – Lava fused on the rolling field.

That is, in battles here and hard, and mischievously. This is not to mention that many missions are complicated by special conditions – somewhere you need to save the character to get a reward or fighter into the team;Somewhere here we are with a row of trenches or rushing barrels with a resin;Somewhere to capture the village you need to bring the characters to a certain area. UrTUK: The Desolation Game ReviewSome cells and positions are best suited for shooters.***
Certainly, URTUK: The Desolation There is not enough gloss, a full-fledged plot (he is still background), “Laura” and, possibly, things peculiar to projects that are created by more or less large studios. And this game almost completely developed one person – David Caleta (David Kaleta), which supported active communication with community and beta testers. I want to firmly to shake his hand, because we got the main thing – a fairly deep, unusual and diverse tactics, which fans of the genre simply do not have the right.

Pros: Fascinating gameplay;complex and varied step-by-step battles;Interesting mechanics of mutations;Stylish, atmospheric picture.

Minuses: The game lacks a full-fledged plot and “Laura”.

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