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September 6, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Action Taimanin: Video Overview Games
Our steering Dmitry Kungurov Only in a terrible dream could imagine that someday we will write a review on any game from the series Taimanin. After all, in them, and in the anime series with the figure semi-digit heroines of the enemies, when they take them in captivity, it is often sold out such that even a rating of 18+ will seem little. However, B Action Taimanin opponents maximize them cripples, beat and kill. Because it is much more decent, designed for a wide AVC / RPG audience in the format of “Gacha”, which immediately after the exit took off into tops to the popularity of the role section Steam. But whether she is actually? Let’s understand.

Hunters or slaves?

Yes, you all understood everything: Taimanin – This is a series of legendary hentai visual novels that have had a great influence on the genre. They talk about a special division of busty ninja hunting, which fight against demons on the streets of Tokyo (and not only), build relationships, the love. And periodically get to the enemies in captivity, where those fiercely revenge girls, turning into sexy slaves … well, in general, you understood.

First game in the series, Taimanin Asagi, Reached back in 2005, then a bunch of continuations, spin-offs and several anime series in OVA format appeared (intended for home viewing only and are not shown in the movies or on TV), where more and more frankly and hard than in visual novels. Action Taimanin: Video Overview GamesPractically each of the hunters (well, perhaps, in addition to Mizuki Yukikaze) there are its weighty arguments.
And last year Studio Lilith Soft was going to release improved, broken on episodes version Taimanin Asagi in Steam. But eventually allowed only a free prologue. Although in fact the game of this series is not only hentai, but also quite interesting fiction, history, characters, relationships and even if you want, romance. There is a place for betrayal, and for self-sacrifice, and for politics, and for personal dramas.Action Taimanin: Video Overview GamesYes, and one of the antagonists of the series, the traitor to the turn, nature did not fit ..
But for Action Taimanin “Steam” doors in this fall opened with the same readiness and breadth, with which heroine is usually … Well, you understood. And it is not surprising, especially against the background of noise around another conditionally free Gacha-RPG – Genshin Impact. However, to put two of these projects is completely wrong.

Typical gacha

No, the mechanics itself and the principles of the game process, of course, are similar. Download the client for free, choose your favorite chan and go to perform missions, fight, pump out, and earn different types of resources and in-game currency.Action Taimanin: Video Overview GamesMizuki Yukikazhe you immediately recognize.
Scene tasks are told in five chapters (I, in any case, saw so much) about how our demons hunters face regular terrorists and traitors (the aforementioned turns, too, in place), which blew up biological weapons and turned the inhabitants of one major island in monstersand zombies.Action Taimanin: Video Overview GamesRollers always demonstrate the most correct angles and poses.
In addition to plot tasks, there are still daily orders;Events that reveal the stories of one of the important characters of the Universe;and special tests where you need to reflash plot missions for a while and beat other people’s records. Plus Special Mode, where it is possible in the role of the main character, Igaves Assagi, rush on the bike, passing away from obstacles, and earn money for a successful finish different awards.Action Taimanin: Video Overview GamesRacing are quite primitive, but at least somehow dilute the gameplay.
On all activity we spend special energy – points of action that are replenished by special consumables. In theory, everything will not work immediately, but at first we, naturally, generously hurt to attract and, so to speak, to put on this absor. Crystals and special tickets for use in the local girk-machine at the first launch there are also quite a lot.

So here it looks like this sacred process.

Therefore, you can quickly get good weapons and strong support girls. Each of them gives its passive bonuses of your heroine, and the one that the main “support” will also open access to its unique skill. This may be, for example, treatment during a fight or a temporary decline in protection for mechanical enemies.Action Taimanin: Video Overview GamesHere we use the ability of our main “Sapporta”.
Support fighters, their characteristics and skills need to pump. Well, naturally, we develop our main wif. Moreover, as it turns out, not only its individual level is increasing, but also the total rank of the account, and the higher it is higher, the more opportunities opens.

In addition, we pump up for different resources the main and additional weapons, modules with passive bonuses for equipment, upgrades are unique for every sword or gentle gun. And, as in G, In some cases, it is necessary to spend exactly the same second subject or (if we want to improve the support ability) of a similar character.

Also in Action Taimanin Allow crafting resources and create new slots for modules on weapons – True, for this, a gun or a sword must be maximally pumping.Action Taimanin: Video Overview GamesThe effectiveness of the craft depends on the one of the support fighters you have been appointed for the manufacture.
Also for a separate currency, the passive characteristics of our hunters on demons (like maximum health or protection, damage from attacks and so on). Plus, there are training halls, private rooms for demonstration (and photographing) available characters, as well as mechanics of interaction with friends, allowing you to get another type of currency – Friendship glasses. They need to exchange for different desired “buns”.

In general, everything is “sharpened” here for pumping, knocking out resources and obtaining crystals, so that the main mystery is for them – buy new player girls and sexual costumes for them.

The main thing is that the suit sat and pleased the eye.

Girls boring. And boys too

Everything seems to be in place, but the gameplay itself does not delay, unlike the same Genshin Impact. First, the combat system here is primitive – just encourage enemies, periodically use the skills that work under certain conditions (the attack button will surely confrete at the last moment, make a sharp jerk and immediately …), yes, we are waiting for the energy for “Ultie ».

“Utal”, as in all JRPG, is shown in a separate roller. And it naturally can also be pumped.

At the initially affordable complexity level, the game frankly rushes under you and asks to punish it with the same zeal, with what heroine Taimanin Yukikaze Stretched to be sexy slaves. Then open “normal” and “hardcore”, where everything becomes more difficult, forcing us, finally, not just yawning and clamp one button, but really do something during the battle. However, all the same “Boing” looks like primitive – special intelligent mechanics, such as the system of interaction of elements from the same G, in Action Taimanin Not imported.Action Taimanin: Video Overview GamesEven in battles with such bosses on the light level of complexity, the game is completely uttering.
In addition, both on the lung, and at the normal levels, opponents often get up like inserted and do not respond to our attacks. This is what, reference to the sadomasochist theme of the original series?

“Break me completely”?

Secondly, the levels of corridor and not too diverse. Yes, and the plot, the content is generally not enough.Action Taimanin: Video Overview GamesNo open world here and we are talking.
Finally, donat in Action Taimanin tough than in Genshin Impact, – crystals generously pour only at the very beginning, and prices for costumes and new characters bite. This is despite the fact that every sih, as it should be, we give out all sorts of awards.Action Taimanin: Video Overview GamesTypical set of proposals in the store for such a game.***
As a result, we can say that Action Taimanin – Fanvish product mainly for fans of the most busty anime girls in history. Hentai they will not see here, but they will be able to learn something new about favorite heroes and the very setting of this specific series. But for everyone else, it’s rather just another GRINDINK, which looked at PC from mobile platforms. If you are in principle love anime, you can try, but do not count on a lot.

Pros: Many half-naked busty wifu;Mass for pumping capacity;The plot is able to reveal interesting details for the fans of the series;Music and voice acting are extremely pleasing (especially in Japanese);Colorful special effects.

Minuses: little content;monotonous, corridor levels;a simple combat system;Donat is tougher than in other gum games like Genshin Impact.

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