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November 16, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Anno 2205: Video Review Games
Developers from Ubisoft Blue Byte, Famous more The Settlers, Take constancy. With purely German perseverance, they issue strategies with different numbers in the title, but similar to. Cozy world-archipelago, constantly growing demands of settlers and the need to expand the sake of them a trading network, establishing links and laying new facts on remote islands. We start in the holey portraits and with fish on a clay dish, and end in silks and gold, when it is allowed to buy everyone and everything. In other words, having tried any game of the series, in the rest you will feel like in our plate. Only this time the plate turned out to be flying, and she takes away away – right to the moon.Anno 2205: Video Review GamesThe number of construction sites on the shore is limited. Do not rush to occupy their pumps – in this region without tidal hydropower, there will be tight.
Need more minerals!

Unlike Anno 2070, a new game Blue Byte shifts accent from political parties to corporation. The previous part of the series was abounded by gloomy tones: the world survived the apocalypse, because of the molding of the polar ice from Sushi, only the ridge of islets on the surface of the ocean remained, and the concern for ecology turned to humanity in itself. However, by the XXIII century of hysteria around the pollution of the environment, the circulation was slowed down: climatic installations in the Arctic have tamed the element, so the industry in moderate Volina latitudes to challenge and produce fossils on the whole coil. It is in such a place that gives full freedom of action, we start the game. Here Anno 2205 It differs little from the classics of 1998, only instead of the colonists ashore are workers who do not have vegetables from the beds, but noodles from fast food.

Once, our corporation is young and only to deal with the matures of the business, the requests of the first settlers are simple – placing the streets and residential areas, it is enough to apply for them to feed from a wind power station, plug in the pairs of publications, logistics and building materials, and then letTo the city of water from the pump on the shore. But the population is never satisfied with small: barely having stomach, people will request the Internet, and then, evolving from workers in operators, will want security, health and fresh juices. Top managers, the top of the urban population, do not live without wine, steaks and medical implants. Not only is the growth of requests create new production and triggers the expansion of the city, it also coordinates the expansion. Yes, and put into operation the cosmoport for the efforts of one colony will not work. We gathered on the moon?

As in the previous parts of the series, resources are distributed here in different geographical zones. But if B Anno 1404 Everyone felt in one location and Silk with spices were within the reach of the fleet, now for the deficient raw materials, it is necessary to develop a separate biome from scratch – the Arctic. Without polarkers, the inhabitants of warm edges will not receive high technologies, including computers or the same implants, and the development of a snow branch will stall without vitamins from starting location. Space program without parcels from the north. Only life in the Polarish is great from the urban: the dwellings are pumped to sources of heat like plants or gas power plants, behind the exhaust factories and mines are watching the Guardians of the Arctic – the analogue of environmentalists from Anno 2070, And the population consists of only two layers – defenders and scientists. It is vividly resembles a division into conditionally western and environmental colonies in Anno 1404, up to different gameplay.

Finally, accumulating enough resources and bringing the port to mind, you can drill a space elevator to the stratosphere and with a transfer at Stanislav Lem station to send the first settlers to the lifeless satellite of the Earth. Although the development of the moon is the main intrigue Anno 2205, Immediately go there it will not work there – first you need to spend a few hours on development, break out of the dirt in the prince and fatten your corporation to such a level so that support for such a remote colony has become on the shoulder and, more importantly, on the pocket. After all, everything is here, from the barracks to the solar panels, it is shtidoga. In addition, it will also have to cover the construction of power shields, because meteorites are able to disseminate any building in a pinch.Anno 2205: Video Review GamesAnd on the moon as on the moon: Titanium and air, drugs in price ..
All three regions: moderate, arctic and lunar – not boil in their own juice, let it be for the transition between them on the global map and should tolerate loads. In addition to sharing useful goods, they are associated with a common resource umbilical cord. You can turn the database among permafrost to paradise on Earth, consistently bringing profit and gadgets, but it is worth dealing with the development of the lunar colony, how the growth of the entire corporation will slow down.

With the islands (in the case of the moon – with craters) inside individual zones the same: they resemble the system of communicating vessels. You can, carrying a building from place to place, generally divided landcloths on the profile: on one all the residential neighborhoods, on the other – the industry, and on the third to focus energy;From change of places of the terms, the amount will not change. Moreover, the developers have reduced manual control to a minimum. It is enough to replenish the shortage of certain goods or raw materials and squeeze the logistics with new trucks so that the archipelago worked as if the well-established mechanism. Thanks to this, your possessions in Anno 2205 Feel like a single whole and truly comparable to the corporation, where to stop the entire enterprise is quite a financial hole in any of the branches. And the money in the game is not a reason to lose: after landing on the moon, they may need for the buying of the lands of competitors, and here the score goes to millions.

Break at war

Military fleet B Anno 2205 There is not for beauty, but they will have to go away from private regions, and enemies here are peculiar. If before the weather spilled Indian shamans or witches, now the terrorists from the orbital watch are engaged in this. They intend to free the moon from earthly influence, for which with enviable constancy, the fleet in the “hot spots” of the planet, avoiding, however, attacks on the cities of corporations. Then the convoy will be intercepted, then climatic installations will blocked in a word, bad people. To combat them and the fleet is appreciated. At first it consists of four ships, but with increasing in the level increases to eight. Anti-terrorist tasks themselves can not boast a diversity and serve to relax from the management of the colonies.

Raida in the conflict zone resemble RTS, which took away nine-tenths of common sense: we will supply the court by the frame and send them to the enemy, not forgetting the repair buttons in time, undermining mines or call support. It is important that such operations bring resources generously scattered throughout the water area, and they will remain with you, even if you are returned, not finished. Whether it is graphene or barrels with petroleum products – everything is impressed in improving enterprises or build buildings on the moon. For the sake of this, it is worth making breaks for war. That is, for some 10 – 15 minutes you can choose funds for doubling the development of a good ten mines – than not the benefit?Anno 2205: Video Review GamesElections here differ here from real: candidates do not pursue personal benefits, but give useful bonuses.
Anno 2205 gives to get tool in own regions where enemy vessels never enjoy. Maintain a lost merchant to the edge of the card, find in the ice of the polar shoes or renovate the hydroelectric power station over the waterfall – for which neither take, from each secondary task you can get a weight gain. For example, for the restoration of the same dam will give half the energy coming from her, which will have to be in the situation when there is no way to put windmills. Few of these remuneration? Participate in big politics – vote for heads of corporations in local elections to lobby your interests. In fact, it is difficult to suffer here for Fiasco – and this is the main problem.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Developers greatly simplified strategy. No wonder chains of production – who built a copy of the Cologne Cathedral in the campaign Anno 1404, He will understand. Trade comes down to the simplest action on a global map, where the turnover is adjusted on the go. In the regions, without anything, the surplus and deficit are displayed in one chart, on which it is immediately seen that selling, which is not enough and what to build enough. Logistics functions on a machine, for rare raw materials, it is not necessary to send caravans – the order from the neighbor’s warehouse will ship in the blink of an eye. Yes what is there, putting a tick, you can save yourself from improving specialists by hand. So from time to time there is a feeling that the player is not needed here at all.

Revenue curve struck the bottom and lay there sleep? Not trouble – neighbors will throw off and will be offered help. At the same time, they will be imbued with your regions only to issue a task, and you can not even count on the invasion of the fleet of the orbital dose. Such greenhouse conditions when the volatile is digging in the coarse from external threats and competition Mirka, is notepins for the series. No wonder the old fans Anno taken away from the proposed simplification developers. However, hint Ubisoft Obvious – a new strategy will attract the widest audience, and not alone “Old Beloviers”, which tastes according to strategies in 2D. Therefore, if you still have not met with products Blue Byte, That is no better option to do it than Anno 2205. The threshold of entry here is such that it turns out except that blind.Anno 2205: Video Review GamesIn the Arctic, too, you can live, let only fish canned from food.***
Despite such wide shims, the strategy does not at all please all in a row. Before us is not a monster, stitched from ideas of competitors to the public. The series still stores the individual handwriting of developers, noticeable in everything, from the basics of the gameplay and square-nesting buildings of cities to an ideally verified tempo. That is, if you want to speed up or slow down the process, it means that you don’t do something like that, either, having lost all interest in what is happening, yawning in front of the screen, or run ahead of the locomotive. But by entering the rhythm of the game, you will get boggle in it for a long time and so it is thorough that the Council should be interrupted for a couple of hours.

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