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September 29, 2022
8 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Apotheon: Video Overview Games
Based on the myths of ancient Greece rarely make really good games. Most likely, if you try to remember the last qualitative project on the topic, it turns out that he came out a couple of years ago. Recently, the ranks replenished with newcomers – arcade Apotheon. And let it be the first “ancient Greek” platformer, he definitely claims to be one of the most original and interesting. For many reasons.Apotheon: Video Overview GamesOne day swan, cancer, pike, octopus, boar, bull ..
Greek rode across the river

First of all, a look, of course, clings for a visual style. The whole game is made as a drawing on ancient Greek amphore, with characteristic thin lines, multi-layered and ascetic color scheme. The plot is chosen appropriate: about the confrontation of man and pantheon of Greek deities.

The situation is quite typical, repeatedly traveled both in the cinema and in video games. Olympus rulers turned away from the inhabitants of the Earth. Zeus was completely disappointed in mortals and forbade all his relatives to share grace with people: fish in the seas, a change of seasons and even the sun. Gera, realizing that some kind of unhealthy non-rigid nerd begins, decides to bring order. Right from the battlefield, she snatches the best human warrior and attracts to Olympus. With an indiscreet request – clean Pantheon from his extra representatives.

It turns out that the place of residence of the gods is not too different from the usual city, with shops, houses and attractions. There are a guards, the locals gloomy and rejoice that the land will soon be engaged in. At first, you can explore the streets where the doors are located in Personal apartments Apollo, Demeters and Artemis. Then it will be available for visiting Athena, Ares and Poseidon. Zeus himself will remain for a snack.

In what order to visit – it does not matter. The main thing is that not everyone will take a hero with open arms. Silent protagonist, entering the new door, is sure to be involved in some story, every time a new 1. It is difficult to call it a plot in the usual sense, but it is every time an interesting experience: Apollo, for example, recognizes you insignificant and quit to the dungeon, from which to escape. And then prepare his murder, in several ways to simplify the upcoming battle.

But Demeter willingly agree that Zeus is in vain fear of people. And will indicate a new goal: go to Aida for Perseph1. Attention and respect for Artemis will first have to conquer, waging in her personal forest, hunting for unique animals. Direct participant in specific myths, the main character never becomes, but will remember what: one way or another, the game appears a huge number of heroes and legends.

Visual series, by the way, constantly adjusts to the circumstances. “Amfortune” Stylistics persists, but changes color, illumination and some effects. Although after a while it becomes clear that the elected style quickly borps, strongly limits and simplifies the game. What creates the impression of a simple platformer, it turns out to be quite intense adventure.Apotheon: Video Overview GamesIt would be better to evil dog ..
Greek stuffing

The first thing you need to get used to it for a long time after launching is a specific combat system. Instead of a classic “blow – block – blow” The authors offer a comprehensive fencing with the mass of rules and nuances.

Inventory, several types of weapons are always lying: swords, spears, browse, secrets. More different types of arrows, variants of stones for the patrity, grenades (“Greek fire” in local). In the left hand – shield or torch. All this breaks very quickly, so long to run with one type of weapon will not work, and reserves are regularly shaped and replenished with new copies. In all this there is its own zone of action – a small loop, staying after impact. Combining direction and attack buttons, the player gets different techniques. Sword, for example, can chop down or top, and can prick. Spears getate with much less success, and it does not work to prick.

It is very important to take into account the area of the “work surface”. A wide blade describes a smooth semicircle and it turns out to be equally effective and on a slight distance. On the contrary, the ax on long handle does not injure approached close enemies. Scope and blow require time, and the more massive blade, the harder the attack is carried out. But throw everything you wish, you can instantly.

The damage is calculated depending on the inertia and the field of entering. “Headshot”, alas, no, but there are attacks on the legs that are easily filled. The speed is taken into account if the hero fled. Or height if throwing stones on top.

Some inertness is felt in management – the character needs time to disperse, it slows down, moving along the steps. Of this, sufficiently intense battles are obtained: on the arenas with a huge number of enemies there is not enough just to press one button – you have to constantly worry about the state of weapons, to get at least some1. Opponents obey exactly the same rules, and therefore they often donate, put the shield and rush to everyone that falls under hand. At high levels of difficulty, where the enemy attack interrupts your, literally every fight requires planned, conscious actions.Apotheon: Video Overview Games“I don’t know who you are, but I will find you, kill and break your statue”.
Powerful gameplay base is combined with magnificent gamedizayn. The game confesses some openness of the world. Each task is a spacious multi-storey-labyenist with task markers. As a rule, the level is additionally populated by enemies and peaceful beings, which imitate any living world: Satira hunt rabbits, gladiators chopped each other, the dead are lingering without.

Locations are built in such a way that there is always space to search for secrets and additional areas. For example, you can not notice that on a small lake in the possessions of Artemis, the sailors mention the “bathing old woman”. Starting research, find out that at the bottom there is really a passage to the sorcerer, which trades unique spells by calling on its side of magical animals.

Gaming situations are multifaceted and never repeated. Sometimes it is a battle one on one with a giant. Sometimes – level in complete darkness. Once it will have to stand for a long time on the “button”, knocking off from the wave of enemies. Another time God will turn you into a deer, and there will have to run a few “checkpoints” before the opportunity to attack. List of stories can be continued for a long time: each of the seven gods implies three additional tasks.

At any time, the mission can be interrupted and return to the city. Here, too, everything is not easy: there is a nominal “police” that will stop all the looting on your part. There are locked houses and warehouses. But there is no karma system, and you can safely reverse. Find, for example, in a dirty basement Key from the door and break down to the head of protection for a unique weapon, having interrupted everyone on the way.

You can go to the blacksmith and spend money on improving equipment (the role-playing system is exhausted by buying and searching for new armor), you can go to doctors for recipes for “craft” (in stock aid kits, repair kits and separate types of grenades). It is not very necessary, but it is useful. Finally, no one forbids just throwing the missions earlier and go to the door to another task if the old one is tired or not given.

The only problem is that the game is very difficult for understanding and is accelerated for a long time. The first few hours of fight are so simple that the complexity of the combat system is not disclosed. A variety of situations and scenery can only be assessed with time. And a very confused system of “police” generally introduces into a stupor. To deal with where at Olympus you are just like that, and where – only for the looting, it is difficult even by the end of the passage.

An individual disadvantage should be called optimization and the number of critical errors that greatly spoil the game: “Platina” on the PS4 cannot be obtained, it takes out the game for about once a hour, and sometimes it is not afraid to break the saving. In addition, there is no multiplayer, once the claimed. He seems to be shorter later. The question solved by patches, of course, but how much can the unfinished games can be released?Apotheon: Video Overview Games“And still she spins”.***
Apotheon does not justify expectations because from the side seems simple and concise platformer. The player who launched him for five minutes, will not understand anything and will pass on. But, having spent on the passage of an hour or two, you understand that it is practically Castlevania – with a huge territory for research, excellent material feed and serious duration. From the highest marking, the game is separated by some roughness and, oddly enough, a visual series, which is nothing but originality, can not boast.

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