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September 7, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Armikrog: Video Game Overview
When it comes to crowdfunding, it often finds out that developers are not at all be sure to tell the public how cool the game they are going to do. It is enough to miserable and cheerfully inform: “Hey, people, and remember, in a thousand nine hundred and a terrain year we bought something cool? So – ready to repeat!”- and joyful fans will immediately begin to begging to pick up their money.

Armikrog – One of the projects, firm and cracked Kickstarter audience. Developers from Pencil Test Studios From the go managed to get a giant credibility credit: how, because Douglas Ten Napl (Douglas Tennapel) stands at the head of the team! It was this man who created Earthworm Jim And, more importantly, the legendary Adventor THE NEVERHOOD, included in Annala, Golden Fund, Classic, Pantheon and where there is still it should be included in good quests.

About the continuation of wonderful plasticine THE NEVERHOOD Fans were dreaming for almost twenty years – the original game was published in 1996. So the announcement “As it were, almost the” Nevershihudo “from Maestro himself caused a storm of emotions and a lot of expectations.Armikrog: Video Game Overview“Vazmi Mandarina, Daragoy! Lucches, juice!”
All thing in nutrition. Or in pythony?

At first, while we show a cute and a little absurd hand-drawn roller screensaver;While the song sounds, briefly explains how the main character got there, where he fell, – it seems that emotions and expectations were not in vain. Here it is – a real insane plasticine Adventor, as in the good old days!

On a distant planet, which we tell a little less than anything, the catastrophe happened: a certain “pythony”, necessary by the aborigines for survival. Three heroic brothers go to space in search of this element. One dies, the other disappears, and only the young Tommanistt, the youngest, survive after the crash of his ship to be in the center of our attention. Once on the surface of the Spiro-5 planet, the plasticine traveler, together with his light-free dog, the beak-beak miracle saves from a very voracious mousse and falls into the fortress of Armorrog – to put it mildly, a strange place.

At about this point, the plot with us says. Further adventures of Tumminnavta – a set of scattered puzzles and poorly intelligent movements according to the principle of “go at least somewhere forward”. No, we have, of course, a chance in the course of the work. But in general, the script is so lubricated, so insignificant and torn away from passing, which is about it, right, and nothing to say.

Teddy cube with eyes

Not too informative seems and dialogues. Actually, and the participants of the conversation are usually only two: from time to time Tommanist is talking with the beak-beak. As a rule, we are presented to us the next flat, social joke, which does not even cause a smile shadow. Mimica, grinding, movement – all that was the charm of Claimen in THE NEVERHOOD, here in the infancy. Animation of heroes – terrible. The plasticine nature of the world is almost at all beaten, not counting, perhaps, the ability of the old Tommy to stuff items actually in the breast without any harm to health.Armikrog: Video Game OverviewThe dog has no eye, but it does not prevent her from seeing the world around and fifty shades of gray in it.
Local monsters and locations, however, are funny in your absurdity: an orange plush cube with eyes that can be moving there, like the furniture, really looks funny and creatively. But the absence of any system in which local creatures are included, the lack of reference to anything clear and habitual makes the existence of aborigines slightly meaningless. Ants resembling Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln) and Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson), it seems to somehow have to parody American presidents, but in fact they look like an anecdote, told not until the end. The topic is not disclosed, Fakir was drunk, in what focus is incomprehensible.

IN THE NEVERHOOD We were waiting for a surprisingly lively plasticine world with a charismatic main character who did not need words to be expressive. Armikrog – Dead, exhausted matter with a semide-eyed universe and cardboard – or rather, plasticine – a blank in the role of the main character. At half the walls in this performance, nothing is hanging at all, and the second half is thickly hurt by guns, which, obviously, was intended shot in some kind of initial concept.

And again “spots”

So we got to the gameplay, which, as if about puzzles. Classic Point-and-Click scheme, the classic “pixel-hunting” without hints on the backlight and tons, tons of puzzles – this is what the passage looks like Armikrog. Sounds not so bad to spit immediately? Believe me, reasons for the spit pleading here.

First, most of the tasks are incredibly simple. No, in fact, the developers are seriously trying to surprise us analogue of the game in “Snacks”? Wait, they liked this idea so much that they repeat it several times!Armikrog: Video Game OverviewEverything you wanted to know about poisonous-pink scheat, but were afraid to ask.
Secondly, very often the solution requires mass of frankly tedious actions that replace the actual work of the brain. For example, to calm the crying child, you need to hang on the musical toy of the Monsters figurines. Wait until the children’s song is played from beginning to end. Discover that the figures fell. Change them in places. Wait for the next playback. And so – to the victorious end. Is it worth a “puzzle” some kind of concept? Not. It is interesting to decide? Not. Is it possible to skip and go further? You understood correctly – no. Moreover, this idea to the authors also seemed very fruitful, so you will have to console the crying baby as much as three times. In the same way, of course.

Does this mean that there is somehow interesting to play for the collection and application of objects between stupid and shamelessly repeated puzzles? Night in life. There is no inventory at Tomminjanovta, so things in the game – the cat is applied. We are mainly invited to interact with a slightly interactive environment and walk, walk, go from the location to the location again, hanging on each next loadable screen. The logic in the sequence of actions is often no. Logic in the “division of labor” between the main character and the dog is also useful, too, it is useless: why only tommalt can press the button on the button, and in the other – on exactly the same button! – Only his pet? Obviously, a special religion does not allow astronauts to overvolt the index finger.Armikrog: Video Game OverviewExcellent children’s toys! Develop imagination, courage and … neurosis seem?
Spoon of nostalgia in a bench

Played Armikrog From the hands of Von badly. Screens often look as if you forget to add details there. At the same time, in Advenchur, you can find several locations and creatures that help to feel nostalgia, recognition and other pleasant emotions from the same series. Bright multi-eyed monster, octopus-elevator, pink room with “amusing” Lincoln – all this is done with a fantasy and really pleases the eye with original stylistics. Soundtrack, let him and not so memorable as in THE NEVERHOOD, Sounds also quite stylish and nice. In a word, there is a high-quality content in Advenchure, but it is not enough to the offensive little – as if the authors halfway threw their brainchild on the mercy of fate and instructed the final refinement to the Hindus hired for the bowl of praise. Maybe therefore the game was created for almost two years, therefore was transferred many times that at a certain point there was a need for a global change of team composition? To the question “Where almost a million dollars collected on Kickstarter?»This hypothesis, however, does not respond.Armikrog: Video Game OverviewThis puzzle can make the brain collapse! Brain Preschooler.***
Armikrog – This is a failure. Unconditional and indisputable. Believe that the project did the same people who were responsible for THE NEVERHOOD, – impossible. Believe in the target use of the fabulous, actually, for such a short adventurous amount of money is also difficult. A drop of nostalgia, a couple of bright beings and a decent soundtrack are not able to compensate for the extremely weak gameplay, an empty world, crumpled plot and learned jokes, which even and humor something name is not rotated.

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