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November 30, 2022
11 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Atomicrops: Video Game Overview
Independent developers love to turn their games in Rogali and punish players in case of death. But sometimes it happens that this feature is not the only lack of one or another project, without which he would only better. For example, in RAD from Double Fine There is an interesting idea with mutations, but all spoil a tiny health and rare first-aid kits, which is often dying and you start again. The same can be said about The Swords of Ditto, The authors of which eventually thought and shreddolized almost the whole game. So S Atomicrops Similar situation – I like everything here, except for fear lose everything accumulated over the past couple of hours.

Fun farmer

We take on the role of a farmer whose task is to grow all kinds of plants and collect a crop to make money, buy improvements and acquire new features. In the afternoon, our site does not threaten anything – if monsters and shoot our side, they will not harm plants. After a couple of minutes, the sunset begins, and after a moment he moves into the night, and here the most unpleasant creatures come out. In the first stages, these are worms that crawl into the site and trying to die out your cabbage and radish, as well as a strange view of rabbits with guns. The more pass on the “plot”, the more often there are new opponents, such as insects and exploding at the first opportunity of tomatoes. Each attack is divided into several waves, but everything is not necessary – as soon as the time has expired on the timer and the dawn will come, the monster will disappear.

Before the start of the main game, a small study is launched, in which the genuine is intelligible. First we cultivate the earth, then we plant the seeds, after that we water them, wait until they grow, and ends with all harvest – the plants are fun dancing and make funny sounds when this moment comes. At first, the affordable area is very small, but it can be expanded if you find the hoes and remove the grass from the selected squares with it. And if some block of land is idle for too long, weeding grows on it, for the emerging of which will be required for a few seconds.Atomicrops: Video Game OverviewThe more water sources, the sooner it will grow.
At the same time, you have to deal with a bunch of affairs, but the main character Atomicrops Multitasky. To water the plants, it is enough to approach them, and the water jet will aim where it is necessary. Armediary from weapons is carried out by one button, crackling oblique and planting seeds – the other, harvest – the third. No need to think, whether to spend the remaining day to polish or remove weeds, – you can also do the same in parallel with monsters. Therefore, the time is not losing.

When the night ends and the dawn occurs, the helicopter is flown to the site, which forcibly takes the protagonist to the base. Fortunately, it is not necessary to sell the harvest yourself – when collecting, everything is automatically converted into the currency (here is cashew). On the basis you can buy all sorts of useful things. There are seeds if there is not enough. There are hoes to expand the plot for sowing. There are additional types of weapons – the base gun is not so strong as a powerful shotgun or rapid rifle, and with a “sniper” and it can not. True, weapons break the next day. When a player decides to return, he comes to a helicopter and continues to do farming.Atomicrops: Video Game OverviewBased on the basis of creatures that give improvements in exchange for roses. Resource is rare – it’s better not to spend it.

Faster, higher, stronger

If you do not want to care for the site, there is nothing to be planted, you can go to explore the world. Some areas are open immediately, to others not to get access without a renovated bridge. Each such area includes several zones in which you need to kill opponents, for which they will give something useful. In addition to ordinary seeds, falling out most often, here are full of other bonuses – they are always different, but are able to change the gameplay. Some of the most useful gifts – animals automatically carrying on your site and helping to care for it. Pigs dig up the land, cows watered sprouts, the bees increase the yield – the more living creatures, the faster processes go.

But this is only a small part of what can fall. Here are full of passive skills: with one bees will start to water the land, with another character around the character will fly blocking damage zucchini (or damage of spike), the speed of movement will increase with the third. Can crash drone, the following hero and shooting in monsters, or just a set of hoe. Chickens periodically demolish eggs, for collecting cashew, and with one of the upgrades from these eggs will also begin to fall out fertilizers. Often, the player allows you to make a choice between two improvements, so that frankly bad rashes almost never happens.

Mostly the choice between two improvements is obvious.

There are still a scroll, from which there are also huge benefits. One causes an earthquake, due to which the plots suitable for sowing (and no moth are not necessary), and the other creates a rainy cloud or at all covers the seeds each available land block. It is a pity, if you have several scrolls in the inventory, it’s hard to understand which one is doing – they have no names, only tiny “pixel” badges should convey this information.

Finally, a gift can be a gift. When filling in the corresponding scale, the player presses the stick, selects the direction, and something happens – or the opponents are automatically grinding into fertilizers, or all weeds are instantiated and turned into seeds. The coolest sample of equipment is the “megaram”, which also kills enemies, and weeds destroys, and the earth cultivates, and the plot is watering.

In general, in terms of variety of opportunities Atomicrops It is beautiful and not inferior to other representatives of the genre. In some passing of hoes and the increasing section of the scrolls will often fall out and free space will be more than seeds. Will be able to spend money on high-quality weapons to clean the neighboring locations and search for animals. In another case, the territory will have problems and there will have to buy hoes, but there will be some other bonuses.

Sometimes a quick transition to its site is available on locations – suddenly tighten at night.

The structure in any case will remain the same: the game is divided into seasons, and each of them lasts for three days. At the end of the third, there will be a meeting with the boss, and after the victory over him and the flight on the base opens the road to the mayor. He evaluates how many cashews you earned the sale of plants, and gives a prize depending on success – repair kits for building bridges in new locations, all sorts of improvements, “life”, roses for buying animals and upgrades in a special store … The main prize can be considered the hornsabundance – they are needed to acquire modifications affecting all further passages. Either health will be enlarged forever, or the parameters will change, or the daytime will last, or the speed will increase.

At the broken Cherdy

Rogs with each time needed more and more, and in any case it is not the most pleasant compensation for the loss of everything you have managed to do for the passage. When you have a big plot, you visited a few locations, killed a bunch of monsters and accumulated a lot of money, more and more start to be nervous due to the fact that I am not ready for the next meeting with the boss. And what if this day does not sell a good weapon in the store? And what if health remains little and fill it fails? You can try to run away from the boss, but the exposed turners are not enough to fight off from all mandes. Light all your seedlings, and this is also a little good.

Most of all I am annoyed by the boss, which is found at the end of winter (here is the fourth season), – Flying rabbit, calling for the crowd of minions. They run so quickly that even with a good accuracy to fight off from them. And now you lose one after another “life”, you realize that the boss did not even have a hurt, and die, having lost everything. The only bonus is an enlarged speed for a pack of thoroughly, and you still don’t even feel that I started running faster. Return to your site 3 x 3 with a miserable pistol in hand and zero in your pocket and start everything in a new 1.Atomicrops: Video Game OverviewIn addition to protecting their territory, monsters are full of other aggressive creatures – once again.
After meeting with this rabbit, I started to approach how to develop a plot. On the first day they do not even work at all – if there is nothing grows there, nothing will deteriorate. Run on locations, you kill everyone, collect seeds. Then they raise them as soon as possible, sometimes distracted by research, copy as much money as possible. The more often I tried to go through the game, the faster I tried to do everything: to meet the deadlines, to find as many improvements as possible, collect all the scrolls, remember the order in which they took, earn hundreds and thousands of cashew ..

Probably, such developers were calculated, but this need to rush and associated with her “nerde” do not make the game better. Because of this, only constantly thinking how much everything would be more fun if the day lasted at least a couple of minutes longer, and the seasons would continue for about a week. Yes, and in general, if the permanent death was removed from here, the fines somehow, or would give the opportunity to rise for a certain amount of cashew. The rest of the game is wonderful, even amazing, – and the visual style is funny, and the music of fun, and the gameplay does not let go. But the developers seemed to be a little wrong with the genre. Either the balance has not been harboring.Atomicrops: Video Game OverviewAfter death, it is offered not only to buy modifications for the gifts, but also change the character. If the starting girl starts with two bees, then another hero has a weapon for the day longer. There are three options here, but with updates, the number will surely increase.***
Despite the fact that I have already lost all the accumulated and often staring because of parting with the same section, in Atomicrops I wanted to return even after the survey. Grow plants, collect seeds and think what to spend money next time, does not bother, and when the bonuses bonuses fall out for each season, the more you want to perform as much as possible.

But, if you remove all the hurry, associated with short days, and to correct the balance of bosses, the game will not lose anything, and it can be estimated even above. It is a pity that the sake of stretching the gameplay the developers sometimes introduce permanent death. Although in this case it is easier to come to terms with such a decision – almost to the rest of the rest here it is difficult to complain.

Pros: an unusual idea with a good realization;Thanks to the multitasking, the hero at the same time performs several cases, which saves time;explore the neighboring locations fascinatingly due to the diversity of bonuses;Many impact on gameplay improvements, scrolls, tractors and animals;dozens of types of opponents scattered along different locations;There are at least some gifts for the race in case of death.

Minuses: Daytime day ending too quickly, because of which it constantly has to rush;Not exactly successful balance of bosses – the fourth of them requires serious training;Icons on the scrolls poorly describe what it will happen when using them.

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