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August 17, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Bloodlust Shadowhunter: Video Game Overview
Surprisingly, for many years, past after the exit Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines In 2004, none of the major developers and publishers so really tried to make a classic RPG about the clan wars of vampires in a modern megalopolis. And here William Fisher (William R. Fisher), man and steamer, owner and actually the only employee Wrf Studios, tried. And it Bloodlust Shadowhunter – Attempt even in something successful. Although far from everything.Bloodlust Shadowhunter: Video Game OverviewYour character here always looks like a rheumatologist patient.
Bikes from the crypt

IN Bloodlust Shadowhunter All right with the atmosphere. You wake up in a coffin in some gloomy dungeon, hear the uterine voice and understand with horror – now you are a converted vampire (or vampire), and you need to get to the city to find out who is to blame and what to do next.

There, in the city, you will have to work for different vampire clans (there are only five of them), to make a reputation, to then decide who you, and oppose their local emperor – he spoils life and gibbons, and ordinary mortals. The beauty is that at the very fact you are a hunter on monsters, which was killed, and then resurrected in the form of a Vurdalaka by an unknown “patron”. And at the end, being already a mattress, you will decide whether something human remains in you to destroy the great evil, or you are already completely on the dark side.

Names and bottoms

As in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, Vampires arrange their masquerade here: place secret shelters in basements under Chinese restaurants and armory shops, negotiate in cinemas and organize closed parties in nightclubs for their two-year-old daughters. Dark gateway and neimed streets, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and massage salons, which have cute girls with sharp teeth – in Bloodlust Shadowhunter Stylistics and atmosphere, characteristic of the World of Darkness Universe, is guessed unmistakable.

But at the same time no one bothers at any time to descend into the dungeon and turn the game into the gloomy Dungeon Crawler. There, in the catacombs, the levels each time they are randomly generated, you go down deeper and deeper, meet all the stronger enemies, overcome traps, looking for keys to doors, tryten to detect secret rooms and caches, crack the chests and painfully guess what to throw out from the inventoryto take this rare crossbow or dagger.Bloodlust Shadowhunter: Video Game OverviewAfter death, the hero can be revived in a safe z1.
In the dungeons, at the same time, there is really no zgi without a flashlight, and the batteries have an unpleasant property to discharge. In addition, it is very difficult to find a way out, so you have to learn the skill of teleportation and carry special teleporting crystals with you.

Vampire Kiss

However, the main thing is that you should always have at hand and in the catacombs, and in the city – these are bottles with blood: without it stopped regenerated endurance (it is needed for special blows in the near battle), health and mana. This is especially true for Earth, where it is difficult to meet a living mortal soul – completely some zombies, golems, snakes, spiders and other abominations.

But in the city you can always attack someone in the dark corner and fall to the gentle neck. If the appropriate skill is developed enough, bite will become a member of your own vampire family. He can give orders: run near and guard the owner, collect “Lut” on the location or search, bite and make you new “relatives”. That is, over time, it turns out to be braked your squad.

Role-playing games with vampires

However, your assistants in Bloodlust Shadowhunter not minions, but characteristics, talents and skills. The role-playing system is simple, but effective. At the start, select the floor and, oddly enough, the race of the character: you can be a pure bloodstray or the dumpier – receiving it, which is weaker than the first, but also less depends on the need to constantly drink blood. Plus the dumpier above the resistance of fire and light.

Then choose the class class – this is conditionally, warrior, Magician (Witch) or Thief (Criminal). The choice affects the starting characteristics: the warrior is understandable, originally stronger, at the magician above the charisma and the skill of conviction, and the thief uses the increased reserves of agility to successfully solve from long-range weapons and crack the locks. The basic parameters, in turn, affect not only the level of health or mana, damage in the near battle and the like things, but also on the effectiveness of the use of skills.Bloodlust Shadowhunter: Video Game OverviewVampires, as usual, love painting.
Skilles are active, allowing you to call for spiders or rats in battle, throw “fireballs” and zippers, “Custom” protective auras and so on, and passive, defining a chance to open the lock or deactivate the trap. There are still many talents that give different pleasant bonuses like increasing the strength or speed of your minions.

In place and some other things from the mandatory program for each respective RPG: Alchemy, repair of wear equipment, the ability to improve it with different precious pebbles, identification of items ..

Dark past

Someone is surprised that all this is done a very small group of developers, but William Fisher accumulated great experience in such conditions. Your first game, “horror” THE LAST HALF OF DARKNESS, He did in the 80s, and in zero actually alone released horror, such as The Last Half of Darkness: Society Of The Serpent Moon. It was really gloomy capable of scaring games. That is why B Bloodlust Shadowhunter everything is also very gloomy, atmospheric and generally as it should.

Another thing is that the technical performance remains at the level of the long-lasting years – terrible graphics, spoiling animation and the overall feeling of budget. Well, it is clear that in general until Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines The game, of course, does not reach: not that scale, not so good dialogues, the quests are more primitive, the moral choice and the opportunity to somehow influence the interlocutor the only conversational skill meets much less often ..Bloodlust Shadowhunter: Video Game OverviewTo use some skills and even weapons need a certain level of reputation in one or another clan.
Freedom to die

And yet Bloodlust Shadowhunter There is a charm and their arguments forcing again and come back here again. Here, for example, a lot of closed doors and chests, secret rooms, secret walls and opening their levers that can be found only using special skills. Favoric computer systems are found. Search all this, get the keys, crack, open and open really interesting. In addition, there are puzzles when, for example, you need to penetrate into an inaccessible place with the help of a special managed sphere and activate some lever.

There are freedom: you can accept the quest from any faction and immediately try to penetrate the forbidden zones of her asylum using the ability of temporary invisibility. There are amusing details in the outside world. For example, a local gunsmith will give the key so that you are painted something for him. The author of these lines decided to engage in this quest later and often visited the gunsmith just to stretch. He asked every time, how, they say, successes. And then decided that he was inflated, and refused to have a business with me.

Finally, the game challenges – it’s really not easy to survive here, there is not enough money, the batteries for the flashlight and blood bottles are quickly ended, many enemies are frankly stronger than you, and when hunger begins, and at least climb back to the coffin.Bloodlust Shadowhunter: Video Game OverviewSewerage here works as a quick move system between different points on the map.***
Should you play in Bloodlust Shadowhunter, largely depends on your sense of beautiful. Outdated graphics and terrible animation can scare those who are accustomed to modern spectacular hits. But those who appreciate primarily the gameplay will find here things capable of passing for a long time. All fans of gothic, vampires and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines This game is obligatory to familiarize.

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