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September 28, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Bugsnax: Overview Video Games
Bugsnax Announcement was still a day for jokes. On the debut game of games for the PlayStation 5 viewers borrowed with steep graphics trailers, starting with SPIDER-MAN: Miles Morales And finishing Horizon Forbidden West. But there was a place for a strange game with running strawberry with glued eyes and a lifestyle character. The developers are not for the first time attracting such attention to their game – about their OctOdad At the beginning of the last generation, also tirelessly joked. The main thing is that Bugsnax As a result, it was possible. But it’s not worth passing it on PS4.

Beautiful distant

Main character Bugsnax – journalist, writing articles about mysterious incidents and unexplored anomalies. He received a video illustration from Lizbert MegaFruct (the very much of the Morzha from the trailer – here this race is called Gumbam9) – with comrades she began to build a settlement on the delicious island to learn more. Half the beetles, half the food – no one has seen anything like that, and the journalist will tell the world, who will come to interview the Lizbert.

Upon arrival at the isooy, the hero meets the film, a good-natured diverse, who at first does not want to tell the unpleasant news – while the journalist traveled to the God of the Forgotten Island, Lizbert disappeared without a trace. After that, the settlement left the rest of the 3rd. We need to quickly rally this team, make friends with everyone and try to find a missing researcher.Bugsnax: Overview Video GamesAll you need to know about this creature is written during its scanning.

Catch everyone even if not given

What ultimately turned out Bugsnax? You can describe it as a mixture Pokemon and recent Journey to the Savage Planet. Instead of Pokhsex, a magazine in which scanned individuals is entered, and there is a check mark next to the trap. However, if in “Pokemones” it is often enough to weaken the opponent and, in the extreme case, put it on or paralyze it, then here the conditions for catching a little more. Well, C Jttsp The game is related to a large location for the study, divided into regions, and gradually obtaining useful tools.

From the first minutes, the player receives a namcoscope – a scanner that allows you to study the surroundings and learn more about Zhukonaymk9. These are really strange, but charming. What do you think, who is such an eskioskit? Correctly flying insect similar to ice cream. And the glaze – snail with a shelter from the glaze. Well, hot worm and can be imagined without looking at the screenshots. There are dozens of such creatures, and throughout the game have to be caught by the ages, coarsekers, candy and motylpitz (the latter – a moth with pizza instead of wings). Translators – great well done, perfectly adapted the names of creatures, dialogues and everything else.Bugsnax: Overview Video GamesInventory small, but it can be increased by performing some side tasks.
With the help of a namcoscope, you can read a short description of each crawler, in which there may be a hint – for example, fiery creatures will be offered to pre-put. It is also important that the device shows the favorite sauces of creatures, which the player shoots with a slingshot. Someone is ready to land for the sake of Ketchup, someone will run in the right direction, if you pour the land with a cheese or sharp sauce, it is not necessary to guess and experiment that the time saves.

Putting assistants in a backpack, using only the trap, it is possible only at first – you scan the creature with a namcoscope, it shows the path that it does, put a trap, move away (otherwise I swallow the goal), click on the button and run for prey. Then it will become a little more difficult: you will begin to appear as crawls, destroying your tools (they are restored after a couple of seconds), some will not fall into the trap, some must be stunned. It happens that different creatures have to be hidden on each other.

Sometimes tools need to be combined.

Bugsnax more and more becomes like a puzzle with simple riddles – you see a new creature, look at it, read the description, inspect the surroundings and think how to catch it. Later, more and more opportunities are unlocked, including remotely managed Zhukschar and a firing something like a vanza, with whom it becomes easier to hunt. The goal is difficult to catch up? Let it turn into and cut off for a while. Someone freezes the player when approaching? You should find fire and do something with it.

New acquaintances

You need to catch crawls, but to perform tasks. As I mentioned the world in Bugsnax divided into several regions – to visit both the snowy peak of the mountain and the hot desert with the pyramid and covered with sand ruins. Everywhere live not only unique creatures (which are sometimes repeated, only the color change), but also who left the settlement of the Khrumbb. We talk with them and get assignments from them, after the execution of which they still agree to join the team.Bugsnax: Overview Video GamesThe settlement is becoming more and more lively when the Khrumba is returned to it.
Khrumba is completely different: there is a singer who turns each phrase into the song, there is a jack-basketball player, there is a farmer who is passionate about his garden, trying to figure out how the cramps are breeding and whether to grow them, planting to the ground. Without a supporter of the theories of the conspiracy, he also did not cost – he does not come out of the house, and in his room there are schemes for which he is trying to understand the purpose of detected creatures. There are a lot of dialogs here, thanks to which they start to attach to the crumbam, especially when in the camp passing by and they stop say hello. Everything is voiced by excellent actors – including those who hear Peter Parker’s voices from Marvel’s Spider-Man and soldier-76 of Overwatch.

In addition, arriving in the settlement appear their own problems and unfinished cases. BEFFFA Girl wants to know what her neighbors do at night, Triffani is studying excavations and ancient buildings, and Floufty is trying to understand the nature of the assholes and asks to change all its limbs to food – in this universe, when you eat the crawl, you are changing outer. If you wish, you can modify the bodies of all the inhabitants of the camp, bringing the necessary beings and choosing which parts of their body to turn into something else. Side tasks to do optionally, but they are no worse than the main.

In the plot, replace parts of the body will have almost all characters.

Scene B Bugsnax paid more attention than it could be imagined. The unfortunate filuit, which Lisbert before leaving for some reason prescribed the main thing, is trying to rally comrades – and the parties arranges, and it helps them, but he does not work. Characters quarrel and lay down, and we take from each interview, we see the development of their relationships, we look at their reaction when the appearance of old friends, and at the same time we study old films with Lizbert, learning more about her activities before disappearance.

I passed the game in seven hours by completing almost all the side tasks, so wishing to run only the plot enough of five or six – and the ending is in fact it is worth seeing. Although the game warns about the point of no return closer to the final, after the titers you can roll back in time and complete unfinished. And they, especially those who want to knock all the trophies, will be a lot of: and hundreds of assholes to collect, and the appearance of all heroes change, and find all the legendary creatures.Bugsnax: Overview Video GamesChange noses, of course, more fun.
The game turned out to be excellent, but here the PS4 version is very badly optimized. Personnel frequency regularly jumps in the range from 15 to 60 – on the top of the mountain I began to remember Fallout 76, which worked about the same. Most likely, on PC and PS5, the situation will be significantly better, and on PS4 the game can still get updates that improve stability. But the downloads on the old console, I think, will not change – the transition from one region to another takes 10, and even 15 seconds, which is a little annoying due to the lack of rapid movement. If SSD works as we promise, in such a game download will not be at all.***
In the rest Bugsnax – A wonderful gift to the schedule PlayStation Plus on the release of the new console. Creators OctOdad did not invent a bike and invent the next game with uncomfortable management and funny physics. This is a cheerful adventure for a couple of evenings, which can be stretched if you like to catch charming creatures. It’s a shame only for the version for PS4 – it is unlikely that it is badly optimized specifically that you will run to the store for PS5, but the reasons for such an unstable work are completely incomprehensible.

Pros: a variety of assholes, for the capture of which you need to show a mixture;several unique regions that differ in appearance and fauna;Cute characters, who are quickly tied, performing their orders and listening to the dialogues;Dozens of minor tasks allow you to be happy to spend more time in the game;Excellent voiced heroes and pleasant music.

Minuses: PS4 Bad Optimization.

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