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August 4, 2022
8 minutes

A little unusual to observe how the game is such an eminent office as Ubisoft, It turns out without a hype and a large-scale advertising campaign. The next part The Settlers, canceled due to hopelessness after a closed beta test, managed to change the name, the genre and turned into a completely different game – Champions of Anteria. The case is not to say that it is typical for the industry, but about the fate of “settlers” and the release of a new strategy on their basis knew, probably, only big fans of the series. Deserve Lie “Champions of Anteria” more close attention or such a modest release fully justifies?Champions of Anteria Game ReviewAt first, our capital is the village of Village. But very soon there will be a whole city.
In the trident kingdom

Roots The Settlers Seen with a naked eye. This is a graphic style that resembles the previous games of the city planning series, and some gameplay elements inherent in the genre, and a fairly non-test plot and setting. In general, we are trying to configure us on a fun way: an introductory video makes it clear that there will be no pathos saviors in the world, and our heroes are ordinary raznolbai, suddenly found at the right time in the right place. Exemption of Anteriii from bandits and the expansion of the borders of the kingdom for them are akin to ordinary fight in the kabaska, except that opponents will be ridiculously drunk. Yes, and the antera herself – then another place. For example, here the terrible robbers are afraid of any suspicious rustle, and local vikings, snow-borodged, fight more with green serpent, rather than with enemies around.

Here is this funny world, we have to conquer. On the global map, Antechie is divided into numerous areas. At first, under our control only the capital, and the rest of the locations are engaged by one of the three other fractions or belong to neutrals. With each move (the strategic part of the game occurs in step-by-step mode) The situation changes slightly: some areas can move from hand to hand, and sometimes the enemies encroach on our villages. In this case, you can go on the protection of the native land or provide local residents with the opportunity to defend themselves. Finally, you can and need to attack yourself, expanding our own possessions. Choice for a player – Linear passage is not here, any area is available for attack, bordering already captured.

Each territory under control brings income in the form of gold or glory – with the first one is clear, and the second serves as an analogue of experience points, with which our castle and heroes grow in the level. In addition, it is necessary to fight in order to capture the main cities of other fractions, and not just for the sake of resources.

Best city on Earth

However, the main source of income will still be the capital. The settlement screen is a separate mode in which something remains from The Settlers. Here you can build various buildings for resource mining, settlers huts, finally, specialized buildings like a forge or pharmacistist shop.Champions of Anteria Game ReviewDevelopment tree. If at first there is at least some kind of variety, the higher the level, the more often there are banal schemes for creating a new gear.
The capital is also divided into areas, each of which has its own characteristics that give a bonus to the growth of a particular resource. It is not worth thoughtlessly in a row – every building can work more efficiently or, on the contrary, worse, if there is a construction of a certain type in the same area. For example, the neighborhood of brewery and farm will allow first to be performed almost twice as much as resources.

In general, the similarity with the classical “settlers” upon closer is only an external. Much more parallels with numerous urban-planning “browser”: once a move went to the capital, spent accessible resources to build buildings – everything, there is almost nothing more. Even the opportunity to “admire the surroundings” (the game itself advises himself) does not strongly attract. Beautiful, especially at night, but it is not The Settlers: You can even build only in the designated place, and all urban life – scenery. It remains only to sigh, representing what a new part of the series could be, not to abolish it at one time. But what happened in the end is still not about creating, but about the destruction.

Colek for memory

Tactical battles are paid much more attention – COA represents a tactical strategy with RPG elements. The whole capital works only to ensure that our heroes can be equipped as possible before the next battle. All five of them (and in DLC promise to add another couple), but at the same time in battle only three can participate. Who exactly choose for the next raid on the enemy lands or to protect their own possessions – to solve the player. Each hero has its own characteristics: for example, the “rewards” enemies by special labels, which can be used to use skills.

In general, the combat system here resembles the usual Moba standard: restored over time of the ability on the same buttons, various flashes with therapeutic and reinforcing potions and the like attributes of the genre. Not without reservations, of course, it is necessary to manage three heroes at once, so there is an active pause mode. Honestly, without him, it will not do without it – almost any collision with the enemy will be interrupted by a constant stop of the game for distribution of new instructions. There is a queue of orders, thanks to which you can set up to four consistent actions for each character, be it movement, attack or application of the ability.Champions of Anteria Game ReviewBefore the fight, choose the composition of the detachment. It is worth paying attention to the belonging of the enemy forces to one or another element and make a choice taking into account this information.
Another key feature, quite strongly affecting the gameplay, is the “Wheel of the Elements”. Alteria has five magic elements: fire, metal, nature, zipper and water (exactly in this order, it is important!). Each elements are strong against the following and weak compared to the previous one – and so in a circle. Any of the opponents encountered, like each of our hero, refers to one or another element. You can learn about the accessories by the icon next to the health indicator, and remember the procedure for the influence of the elements to each other will help the elements ring in the corner of the screen – it is always in sight.

Underestimate the impact of elements on the course of the battle is not worth – if you attack without a disaster, you will not stretch for a long time. All the same mode of active pause comes to the rescue. Stop the game, to see which opponent is more vulnerable to distribute orders, wait for their execution, put on a pause again … As a result, the battles sometimes happen hardly in step-by-step mode, especially with sufficiently strong enemies, because otherwise it’s just not to defeat.

Unfortunately, the main complexity in the fights will be a large number of health glasses from opponents. Neither some cunning techniques during the battle, nor tactical movements on the map they are not in a state. The enemy patrols the surroundings in a strictly specified route, or stands on the spot, or appears because of the edge of the location at the field of the script and stupidly runs to the attack.

Fights with “bosses” make at least some kind of variety in a rapid routine battle. Here it is necessary to strain with all my might, but there are too few such battles, and they do not do the weather – in general, battles in “Champions of Anteria” Lack of depth and variability.Champions of Anteria Game ReviewAntechia is not such a big country, but the conquest of all available territories will take a lot of time.***
Apparently, marketers Ubisoft And they themselves did not really hoped for at least some success of their new game. Lack of proper advertisement, product budget (but the price tag “like adults”) – apparently before Blue Byte There was a challenge as soon as possible to release at least something on the basis of the resources left after the cancellation Kingdoms of Anteria. With their task, they coped with a frank failure COA won’t call, but could and better. Play for once – go through and forget.

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