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September 26, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Children Of Morta: Video Review
W Children of Morta There are all signs of a typical modern “Roganic”: procedural generation, the need to clean the catacombs from different uncleani, as well as the heroes of different classes, which once over time they make bars in these most catacombs and fight evil. That’s just all these heroes – members of one cohesive family. So this is not just a “Rogali”, but a whole family chronicle, where grandma and uncle are answered for pumping heroic skills.


Bergson’s family – hereditary defenders of the sacred mountain Mort, which is not just a center of the world for residents of the surrounding villages and lands – this is a real symbol and source of life, health and prosperity. It is her who is considered the keeper of history, legends and magic.

Therefore, when a certain firm has become soaked and infecting the mountain, Bergson makes exactly what everyone’s expected from them – they begin to look for her source and fight with different monsters flying around. And we choose a specific area on the Mountain map, then – someone from family members and make a combat breakdown.

If you play a cooperative, you can take someone else – for example, to Papasha Bergson add his daughter. If you are able in this region, divided into several large areas, overcome the final boss, the new one will open, and the story moves further.

Fathers and Sons

In addition to the older daughter, the father’s father also has a younger and eldest sons, younger daughter and other relatives who can be sent to battle. All of them – fighters of different classes and different styles. Father John must not only with a sword, but also a shield that is able to repel the attack, as well as (if you learn the corresponding skill) beat on the ground and stun the nearest enemies. Linda’s daughter famously shoots all of the onions, and, for example, the son of Kevin very quickly and deadly wielding daggers.

Each, in addition to the main attack, there is a special active skill like a hail of arrows, which collapses on the opponents of Linda. But this is far, not all. Children of Morta Thus, it is allocated that here in each picking randomly appears a huge number of opportunities for the destruction of enemies.Children Of Morta: Video ReviewYou can return to the already covered areas for Grinda experience and money.


In each area there are special locations where you can find, deserve in battle or get a special gain in a reward for the solution of simple puzzle. There is also a chance that they will fall out of a carcass of a particularly strong enemy or the chest, which we will open for the following gems. So, the amplification gives different properties. This can be another active combat skill, allowing, for example, to call on swords that attack enemies. Or something with a constant action – around you will be all the time spinning fireballs or near the drone will be running, shooting reptiles.

In addition, the gain is capable of providing additional effects to attacks – for example, expand the range of arrows of arrows or, on the contrary, to narrow it, but in return to strengthen damage. Or the main attack will add poison, stunning, chance to restore health when killing the enemy, the ability to discard opponents and so on. There are still runes, which also open additional effects, but they act only for some time, and then break.

Neskual “Random”

Think, on this all? No matter how. Specials are often found, which give us temporary effects, strengthening protection, good luck, attack or speed. And can and fully restore health. All – by chance. Therefore, it’s never boring during the babble – it is unknown, how everything will go, what strengthening, items and sanctoes will find.

In one case, health will often fall out, powerful strengthening and you will confirm on a date to the boss. And in another – you will stay in an honest word and on one wing. After all, in contrast to all the richness of strengthening for heroes, opponents always attack crowds, they are very much, they hurt, and health itself is not restored. Plus, especially malicious creatures come across (this is in addition to bosses), which are calling for something, etching and convert.Children Of Morta: Video ReviewThe range of goods is determined by “Randomno”.

Gifts from grandmother

But completely depends on the pumping. It is clear that all heroes grow in levels and improve their skills. That is, if you often play for my father, then he will increase everything faster. Another thing is that after some time he gets tired and get a fine of health – have to use others. This is also plus Children of Morta – The game stimulates to try different characters and, accordingly, new tactics.

In addition, you can pump common skills for the whole family. Grandmother Margaret finds in the mountain Runic lettering and studying them, which allows you to improve such parameters, as, say, wisdom (increases the amount of experience received) or homecase (more gold drops from the enemies). There is also a skill, thanks to which the runes will be stronger, and the sanctuary is more effective, and the gems will fall out more often, and even the second active skill will appear.

And Uncle Ben in his workshop for the assembled Zolotishko makes that all members of the Bergson family increases health stocks, they start moving faster, it is more painful to beat, more often apply critical damage and so on.

But this is not all. As even one of the heroes becomes stronger and gaining new levels, the common features are opening for all, giving different pleasant bonuses – for example, a chance that with a low character health for him to help someone from relatives will come to his aid. And such options – a huge amount.

Family chronicle

But even with all the above described, Children of Morta Would remain the usual “balcker”, simply with a large number of opportunities in battles and in pumping. However, this is really a family chronicle. Almost after each seal, even unsuccessful, we tell us any story from the life of the Bergson family – about being, for example, like a little Kevin, thanks to Uncle Ben, he studied the art of combat with the daggers, and then a mother bought them for it. Or how helped each other and in joy and in sadness John and his wife. Or do you learn that Uncle Ben before drinking a lot ..Children Of Morta: Video ReviewIn fights with bosses, especially regret the absence of partner.
After some time we will see how the mother will still allow Kevin to fight, only asks to be careful. And in the library, the business appears new records from the life of Bergson. This is a truly solid family story, which is also served by a very pleasant voice of an invisible story.

In addition, random events occur during stripping of dungeons in special locations. And it may not only be a meeting with some kind of merchant or salvation of a child who needs to be accompanied to a refugee mother, but something else associated with Bergsons. For example, you will find the killed Wolf and whirlpooling next to her. If you kill surrounding his enemies, then take the animal with you. And then we will show us how the beasts first treated, as he became a real family member and how John’s younger daughter played with him.

By the way, the player’s database – the house of Bergson in the interruptions between the colleagues, we are shown from a bird’s eye view. And we always see who and what is busy: how reads books in the Linda library or how her younger sister throws her whole ball that we found during one of the random events.

Yes what to say, even if such banalities, as the opening of access to the new hero, are furnished in a family! For example, at some point, descending into the dungeon, you will see a scene, as relatives bless and send with you to the trip of the younger daughter, which all this time not only with a wolfboard played, but also learned to throw fie balls in enemies.

Stand on another plate, we wouldn’t find anything useful.
That in the end? Of course, one of the best in his class, original and something even a brilliant “Rogali”, in which there are practically no vulnerable places. I have not yet said about how wonderful the game looks and sounds and how interesting things can fight in a cooperative. Someone writes that the locations are too short, but it did not seem like that – they are balanced to be and not too much when you get rid of enemies and developments, and not too little. The authors Children of Morta managed to find their own, unique approach in the genre, where it would seem, everything is already invented. And I do not exclude (and even hope) that this game will become a role model for others.

Pros: The unique concept of the family of protector heroes;The plot that develops and is served as an emotional and touching family chronicle;the mass of opportunities in combat and role-playing systems;Interesting heroes with their fighting technicians;fascinating cooperative;Beautiful visual row;Fabulous music.

Minuses: Perhaps someone will consider bosses too easy, and locations are short;Some heroes may seem weaker than others.

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