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December 15, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Devil’S Hunt: Video Overview Games
Polish Game Industry – Pretty Different Stud. In this country, both real masterpieces are being developed (for example, it is not necessary to go far – which only work is CD Projekt Red) and base projects that popularly called Polish shooters in the people. IN Devil’s Hunt, Debut game of the Warsaw Studio Layopi Games, there is no firearms and fight there are mostly fists, so it is unlikely to be threatened. But the common style and the word “devil” in the title opens the space for other comparisons. Language and itchies itching to paint the novelty from Layopi Games Polish Devil May Cry! However, the deeper you begin to dive into the game, the less and less explicit become parallels between her and the adventures of Dante.

Manuscripts do not burn

Devil’s Hunt Based on the debut novel of the Polish writer Pavel Lesnaya (Pawel Lesniak) Rownowaga, or our Equilibium (not to be confused with the eponymous film with Christian Bale [Christian Bale] in the title). This book was published in 2012 and even received recognition of local critics, however, judging by small and low estimates on literary sites, she did not use popularity and recognition from readers. The young author (now he is only 30 years old) released several more novels who continue the story of the first, but then decided to try himself in another sphere and founded the studio Layopi Games. Probably he wanted to do something more interactive than just a book. As you can see, not all Poles writers are abundant video game industry.

Pan Lesnik, unfold in our time. Main character Devil’s Hunt – Desmond Pierce, a successful young man living in Miami in his own mansion. He has a girl who is going to marry, and a prestigious work in a cool company, which fills his father. The last, however, does not really complain my son and one day just dismisses him. The annoyed Desmond finds a consolation with a girlfriend, after which it goes to fight in underground battle, where he is not lucky again. The black stripe in the Hero’s life does not think to end: Returning home, Dismonda caresses the bride in bed with his best friend. So, almost overnight, the whole world of the guy was destroyed.

Instead of taking yourself to hand or contact the psychotherapist, our hero sits into the car and at full speed goes through Night Miam9. He breaks to death, and on this sad story could end, but you know these fantasy writers! After death, Dezmond is in hell, meets Lucifer and agrees to fulfill his instructions. Devil’S Hunt: Video Overview GamesThe main trouble is Dezmonda, as for me, is that he is the most non-chrismic character. He does not rush in witty phrasecakes, always walks with a stone face and, frankly, does not cause sympathy at all.
Having gained new forces, the hero becomes a executioner: it is also sent to our world to deal with objections and punished. And Dzmondand is all the time called the Savior and the Destroyer, hinting that he should play a key role in the battle between demons and angels. The game is constantly a musolithic theme of choice – they say, you must decide on whose party you are, and only you are able to change the alignment of forces. Even the description Devil’s Hunt Steam Patusly declares: “From what kind of side you will choose, the fate of the universe depends”.

That’s just a player in no choice. Never in the whole story, we will not offer something to solve yourself and show your will. But sometimes from the dendand actions wanted to shout in the whole throat – they are so illogical. Let’s say, he tells him another sacrifice: “You all misunderstood, wait, I will explain!»But the newly new executioner deaf to the requests, and we, the players, accordingly, there is only one option – to press the button, which has a poor fellow with a knife.

By and large, I have nothing against linear stories (the main thing is that they are well written), but I have big questions to all these loud speeches about the opportunity to choose the side. Because in the case of creation Layopi Games We are as if we read the finished novel, in which events develop in the will of the author, and the player can only observe them.

Book past Devil’s Hunt Feels in detail. So, the game is broken down to the chapter, the plot of each of which is briefly described in a special menu – everything will have such a screening of events to have! True, I did not have to rejoice for a long time: after the ninth list, for some reason I stopped updated. I hope this is a temporary bug and correct it, like other small flaws – for example, too long lines of text, because of which part of the subtitles is simply not visible.Devil’S Hunt: Video Overview GamesThere are in the game and a small gesture in the game with key characters descriptions.

Angels and Demons

IN Devil’s Hunt Lineen is not only the plot, but also the passage of chapters. There is no open world, but small branches with secrets come across. Sometimes it is even not clear which path leads to an optional place, and what a story moves. And this is a problem, because by passing forward in the plot, Dismond refuses to return: the “jump” or “booze” the button is simply not highlighted. Well, or for the hero, the door is tritely closed, and we can only mentally wave your hands behind the secret.

Hidden things are usually the souls that can be spent on pumping, and a variety of leaflets, which desmond occasionally comments on phrases like “Oh, postcard!”. Oh which talkative hero! Interestingly, after reading such a note, the protagonist puts it back and the active point does not disappear. At first I even had the feeling that with these finds you need to do something else, somehow a certain way to see them, but no, no additional interactivity with papers does not appear. All these flyers, letters, excerpts about monsters and other notes simply can be read several times. Sorry not in inventory.

Active points are highlighted at a short distance, so there is no need to “curse” all tables in search of additional content.

Devils are also crying

During progress in terms of the level, it is often seen from afar, as the enemies are patiently waiting until we go to them into the territory. The battlefield always represents the arena with which you can not get out until you kill all opponents. At first, Dismonda prefers simply fight fists, enhanced demonic flame, but in the future it offers more and more opportunities for reprisals.

In total, in the game three skills branches, between which you can switch during the battle. Each of them has both passive abilities and active. Unlock them need for found or supracted from enemies. It is convenient that the skills are not selected forever – they can be activated and deactivated at any time, which gives the player the opportunity to experiment and select the skills under the battle style.

If you like Beat ‘Em Up, make a bet on complex combo. If you prefer to stay at a distance, magical abilities will come to the rescue: shots, attacks on the area and even magic turrets, shooting enemies. True, keep in mind that such skills have a tightened recharge and waiting for the readiness of the ability to wash their fists will still have to.Devil’S Hunt: Video Overview GamesNo one forbids you to combine “schools”, but personally, when opening each new branch, it was more convenient to switch to her with all the accumulated souls.
In the theory, everything sounds rather curious, but in practice it is not so exciting. The animations of the protagonist seem like a wooden one, it can not be rotated during the witchcraft, ridiculously runs down, strangely makes jerks. In his movements there is no smoothness and easy, but this is a fundamental thing for this kind of game.

Did not cost B Devil’s Hunt and without other annoying moments. For example, during Combo Dismond, it can easily turn around and, instead of finishing the enemy, start attacking another. Swing the fists and make quick jerks only in battle. Hero is still not always allowed to run: sometimes he has to walk slowly and tediously. Is it explained somehow? No, just authors so wanted.

There is no first-aid kits in the game: health is restored after the murder of the enemy, as well as with the help of a special ability that opens closer to the end of the game. In addition, you can try to suck someone else’s soul to become necessary – but the chance is great that other opponents in the arena will interrupt this process. Curious moment is that if before starting to pull out life, Desmond will successfully reflect his attack, then the rest will respectfully wait aside. See, demons and other sobs are not alien to the idea of honor! Devil’S Hunt: Video Overview GamesIf you look at the abyss for a long time, then you can see the throne of Lucifer and its approximated.


Demonic creatures can even be envied a little: they live in a beautiful 1. Underworld B Devil’s Hunt, with all his bloody-red landscapes, fascinates. But not adom one, as they say. In the game there are locations of the modern city: skyscrapers, construction, street. Even abandoned factory and a dilapidated motel, painted graffiti and a digestive motel, painted, which protects against uninvited baked guests.

Industrial species also look worthy and do not have time to get bored, because they often replace each other and alternate with return to hell. Locations are worked in detail, just almost non-interactive, and the decoration of Dismend comments rarely. Maximum what he can say by entering the office building: “Not bad! Pretty stylish “. Surely the countlessness of the hero will have to someone in his soul, but I would like the protagonist to tell more about the world in which he lives, and more often shared his thoughts. It would seem that the literary character would have to wait for such behavior.

I encountered when passing and more with one problem – perhaps the most unpleasant for me. Because of Devil’s Hunt It looks good and full of all sorts of visual effects, it is quite demanding to the gland, but it is very badly optimized – otherwise I can not explain all those drawdors of the FPS, which pursued me from the very start of the game. I continued to pass on a much more powerful car, but it turned out not enough: in other chapters, the number of frames in a second lowered to the funny seven-eight. And this is the minimum graphics settings! In system requirements, by the way, there is nothing extraordinary, and, in theory, the game should work without any problems not only on GeForce RTX 2080 T9. It remains to hope that the whole thing will be corrected by patches.

The more often the desmond attacks enemies, the faster the rage scale is copied, the filling of which gives the hero the opportunity to turn into a demon for a while.
The game leaves a strange aftertaste. On the one hand, it is felt by the scope and the desire of developers to do everything as in AAA, and the sources of inspiration in the face Devil May Cry, God of War And Dunteus Inferno Seen with a naked eye. But the implementation suffers. Plus from the game that declares that it is based on a literary work, expect greater development of the plot and characters. We see the template situations, uninteresting heroes and a bunch of logical inconsistencies. Say, demons and angels are looking for a certain object that is in hell. Desmond with the battle makes his ways to this subject, which lies on the pedestal of every1. The protagonist immediately understands that this is the most thing, returns to the Lucifer and shows the find. The ruler of hell is wondering where the Demmond has a thing that we all searched for. Dude, this is your kingdom, actually! This subject was even hidden. And such moments a lot.

Devil’s Hunt Ends suddenly, all forces hinting for continued. Judging by the reviews, the book sinned the same and readers it did not particularly like. I think the players smeared the final will not bring much pleasure. Especially since the last boss is not felt at all as the last boss (at least at the standard level of difficulty), and it seems that there will be a real battle ahead. But it, apparently, slipped for the sequel. However, wait for the continuation, to be honest, I do not want.

Pros: Many locations look spectacularly, and this applies to both urban and infernal landscapes.

Minuses: non-chrismic main hero;Topopic battles in which the clumsiness of the protagonist is felt;FPS drawdors even at minimum settings;The game constantly talks about the importance of choice, but does not give this choice to the player.

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