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October 12, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

From my detailed preview you already know that Disciples: Liberation is not a complete continuation of the cult series and its great second part, but rather, spin-off, variation on the topic. The topic sounds like this: “What would King’s Bounty look like in the world Disciples“. In the beta version, she looked beautiful, quite right in terms of the atmosphere and the world – let even gothic became smaller and more sex appeared, it still felt that it is a cruel and uncomfortable world Disciples. But there were questions about the gameplay – boring, prolonged battles, no call, a sea of extra equipment and a bunch of skills that are improving something there and add 2-3 percent. What has changed (or not) in the full version?

Vrezhima God

Briefly remind you that Disciples: Liberation It is clearly equal to the third part (not the most, let’s say, popular among fans), but at the same time it looks even more like an adventure RPG in the spirit King’s Bounty – The strategy almost disappeared, the individual cities and the capitals of different fractions that need to be protected. Instead, a single megapolis Illyan appeared, the base for the main character of the Avianna and its satellites – they are allowed to build the barracks of any faction (plus the market and forge for pumping equipment), and at any time, in the presence of the desired drawing and a sufficient level of reputation, you can change the building by building a buildingThe location of the imperial barracks elven. And then return everything back.

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

In Illyan at any time, you can get through a pocket teleport.

But here there are a lot of quests, dialogues, traveling on the map and battles. The latter became larger (now there are also the rear fighters in them, something sorcerer from Gallery to their turn) and remind the final version of the battle from Disciples II9. And just like there, in “Beta” they seemed frankly tightened and boring.

In fights, I will say right away, little has changed. Yes, the authors, as promised, added the ability to accelerate the animation of units, and also to miss not too important battles – for example, with armies guarding mines and other sources of resources. If you wish, you will immediately show the result. And it will almost always be victorious – even the total number of health glasses and mana will not be born either on the iota, none of your fighters will receive neither scratching. That is, apparently, there is no invisible eye of the work of the algorithm and a hidden counting of the results – the game is simply an automatic puts victory in all battles with more or less equal in the level of rivals.

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

If opponents are less than somewhat less, then they generally need not to climb into battle, but to run away from us.

A real challenge can only be obtained in battles with opponents much stronger in terms of level. For example, with a crowd of units of the 20th level, I barely coped with the only magician of the 35th, guarding the chest. Then he saw the Dragon of the 45th and even a group of the elves of the 65th level – with his archaarians, the 32nd did not even decide to climb into a fight. But this is usually optional “Chelylands”.

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

To this dragon, it is better for the time being not to take time, yes in the plot and do not need. An interesting side quest is connected with it.

And in the main story where there is no real resistance (for three days I did not lose a single battle, the maximum lost a couple of wards), battles even though they became a bit more dynamic (and some can be skipped), start taking. And their inadequate amount in the end causes the desire to “trunk” all the fights, and not just separate.

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

But the battles look spectacular.

Abalance where?

The reasons for such an imbalance of complexity in Disciples: Liberation several. First, many enemies and quests, enemy AI, at the same time, as did not go to the “Beta” on the map and did not attack our sources of resources, and in the full version it does not go. As a result – one-sided, fast and not much contained pumping: our fasteners are stronger and grow as on yeast. In addition, they can be strengthened by special crystals, and powerful satellites of the main character – also equipped with a weapon that is allowed to pump. For the very same Avia prepared a whole set of equipment improved in the blacksmith – here there is a lot of extra rubbish, which immediately process on the resources, but cool things come across.

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

The forge too needs to be improved to carry out even more steep upgrades.

Secondly, the authors from the time of “beta” so really and did not telete at least some of the many powerful skills in the arsenal and ordinary units and even more so the satellites of Avanna. In the release version, I basically tried to play another composition, not in what was in the “Beta”, and began a campaign in other, more complex regions, but the result turned out to be about the same. For example, at the very beginning I got satellite-necromancer, which is not enough that both abilities cause a strong damage in the area, so they still revive the dead enemies, which are already on our side.

In addition, the elven dark caster (Shadow Caster) and former nuns were held almost the whole game with me, and now the dead, dedicated memory dedicated (Initiate) from Horde Nezhdi – and those other people seem to be units from the first stage of development, but their skills (Naturally, combining treatment and mass damage) are too powerful and useful.

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

This blow has necromancer and kills everyone on the line, and raises from the dead.

It is necessary to say that it is not necessary to take care of how they are with a martial spirit, in particular because of a combination in one detachment of different races, especially Liberation it is not enough for what affects. Yes, and especially bother about the upgrade of the barracks of a particular faction to hire the units of a higher rank, also do not have. That is, yes, of course, it is better to pump something from time to time (or to hire more powerful fighters in the market) and try not to take into the army of the fighters of those factions with which you have bad relationships. But due to the imbalance of complexity, it is most likely in the background, which does not require special analysis. I also did not experience much money and resource deficit. And at the end and on the upgrades in the forge, essentially spat.

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

The number of fighters in the army depends on the level of leadership, which grows as Avianna.

I wonder how it will end

Nevertheless, here is a paradox! – play Disciples: Liberation it is possible, and in places it is even interesting. First of all, thanks to good history, characters with their personal problems and many nonlinear quests, where all our decisions, for whom to meet, who will give along the cap and so on, are reflected in relations with factions.

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

And the game knows how to be very atmospheric.

We and negotiations with the leaders of all races of the Nevendaar are conducting to conclude an alliance with them, and from the dungeon we run several times, and you fight with dragons, and participate in the gladiator fights in the arena, and we are trying to save the emperor, deceiving the halves of his elves (although there is a version of steeringor hand over His Majesty). At some point, we get on the card, where all the factions are fighting among themselves – you need to take turns with the leaders of each and decide with whom to be, so our choice in numerous quests is immediately reflected in reputation.

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

Avianna is very loving and tolerant in choosing partners.

But to ensure that due to our decisions, the detachment left at least some satellites (in the second half of the game, the colorful demoners and red-haired vampire join us, I did not work – we do not agree, asking to do differently (support, for example,Empire, not rebel), but still remain with us.

Disciples: Liberation: Video Video Overview

Each satellites have their own skill that needs to be used during peace research.

The apogee on the aforementioned map goes the battle with a huge dead angel (no, she is not final), after which Avianna learns the secret of his origin (here there is a direct reference to the events of Disciples II9). It is a pity that the battle with this boss turned out to be extremely tightened and tedious: Know remove your fighters with highlighted red cells, according to which Arthudar Boss and his minions will have to attack him, gradually stepping up a huge supply of health, – and so 40 minutes, in a circleand yawning.

Lord when he already dwells?!

Yes, and all Disciples: Liberation seems tightened. From her very tired, already when I scored the 30-33th level, and after all, the coolest chests in the throne hall of the capital are opened only at the 50th. And when it will end? The reason for this reaction is clear – the authors know how the good, modern adventure RPG should look like, what the plot, quests and characters do, which should be mechanics, but they did not have enough experience, craftsmanship and feelings to competely combine everythingand work in terms of game design and balance. But to update, develop or at least repeat the mechanics of the cult Disciples II, they did not even think.

Pros: good story;interesting characters with their quests;the abundance of nonlinear tasks affecting relations with fractions;Cute picture;excellent card design;There are expressive music and voice acting.

Minuses: The game is more like King’s Bounty than on the very Disciples;There is no challenge, normal balance and adequate AI on the map – passage, especially battles, seems prolonged and boring;a lot of excess among skills, equipment and spells;problems with optimization;There is no Russian language on release.

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