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December 5, 2022
10 minutes

Pro Divinity: ORIGINAL SIN II, In principle, it was known in advance that it will be cool, hit and in general the game of the year – at least role-playing. Long stay in “early access” convinced us that Sven Winken (SWEN VINCKE) with comrades follow the right road, expanding, complementing and improving the already excellent mechanic of the first part. It remained only to see the full version, write a review and put a well-deserved “amazing”. What to do, however, it turned out hard purely physically – from Original Sin II really almost impossible to break away!Divinity: Original SIN II Game ReviewCells of memory for spells are limited, so you have to think and choose what to use in battles.

The joy of nonlinearity

If in the first Divinity: Original Sin We took on the role of sorcerer hunters, which use the prohibited magic of the source, and the game itself was a prequel to the events of the original Divine Divinity, then B Original Sin II All the opposite. We act as the role of these very cigaretteners of the source, which were exiled to an island-prison with the mockery name of the Fort Joy. They need to escape from there, along the way, removing the collars blocking magic, and stop the next evil, imagining the rivelon.

Where other developers have the first plot task would be an expanded quest with learning elements, Larian Studios Plays a real great adventure for many hours, which immediately demonstrates all the main arguments Divinity: ORIGINAL SIN II. And above all speech, of course, about total nonlinearity, the variability of what is happening.

The plot, with all his intrigues, is not even so important. The whole game is actually a large outdoor polygon, the sandbox, where you are thrown out after shipwreck and offer themselves to lay your way, choosing how to solve numerous problems, how to behave with whom and how to communicate.

Get the cherished key from the door of the fort and can be escaped by many different ways – to become a champion in the local arena, to trust one of the prisoners and take it to the gloves of teleportation, find the father of one of the master’s masters, help the captive elf, receiving a tint on the underground tunnel, play hide and seekwith a child who will lead you to the talkative spirit, ready to prompt the way to freedom for eternal rest, and so on. Or maybe if the strength and courage is enough, just to kill all the guards? Or try to challenge them imperceptibly, wash the keys with the help of teleportation skills, paint them out of pocket?

Non-stop adventure

But in addition to important plot tasks, there are many other cases. We freely explore the territory, teleporting to the chests, which simply do not get it, or teleport them to ourselves, tear the treasies, we collect some of the strange magical armor, we solve the riddles, we are looking for a way to get rid of the curse imposed by a trophy ring, we answer the trophyIssues of statues and even save the dragon from the princess, more precisely, from the evil, but seductive witches.Divinity: Original SIN II Game ReviewThis adventure is also because the game looks very juicy.
You can gain a labyrinth with ridges, on the ruins with treasures, where they play necromancers, or on strange burning pigs who are asked to put out them. To communicate with animals, you need to learn the appropriate skill, but it is worth it and again, as in the first part, opens up a lot of new opportunities and funny situations. And then we will be allowed to visit the world of spirits and talk to ghosts.

Yes, with a company humor in Original Sin II everything is fine. This is especially promoted by the ability to understand the language of our smaller brothers, but it’s not just in this. Here you can, for example, stumble upon a speaking skull and fun to make fun on it, offering that shut down the ears with your fingers and shake hands on farewell.

They are so different, but still they together

In general, the head of the abundance of quests goes around. And I have not yet spoke about the partners, with which many adventures are also associated with. In the first minutes of the game, we meet six prisoners, for which unique stories, motifs, own skeletons in the closet and personal orders are prescribed.

Lizard Red Prince, for example, looking for how to take possession of the throne in his empire, where he was expelled from. Bard and musician Lohsa wants to drive out a certain demon from his own head. Ehlf Sebilla is eager to take revenge on that which she fell into slavery and hunted towing. There is also a gnome on his nickname, who served once the captain of the ship, and an extremely smart skeleton Faine, the last representative of the ancient race of eternal, who is trying to find out what happened to his people.Divinity: Original SIN II Game ReviewThe environment in the game is very interactive – almost everything is broken, including many closed doors and chests, which is especially important if there is no key or laundr.
And it is a pity that only four of them can be at a time in the party. After all, the story of everyone in his own way is fascinating and tatt a lot of surprises – especially if their interests intersect. For example, Sebilla wants to interrogate and kill a dream lizard, and he really needs a living red prince to resolve his personal quest. Depending on how you do, it (like many other other activities) will affect relationships with partners – if they are not collapsed with someone, the character can even get away from the detachment.

And if in solitary mode it all turns out somehow to settle peacefully, just trying different options by downloading the preservation and deciding who you will bet, then in the brand cooperative, for which many played in Original SIN, And now they play the sequel, there is no such possibility. It gives him a special perch, especially since now the joint passage is not for two, but on four.

Tell me what race you are ..

Traveling with such prescribed characters, constantly communicating with them (sometimes even flirting), arguing and solving their personal problems, of course, more interesting, but no one forbids playing in proud loneliness and create their own, unique hero. Especially since the options in the updated role-playing system.

Now when generating at the start, we choose different races – it may be not only people, but also elves, gnomes, lizards, undead. Each race is available to their skills – elves, for example, there may be parts of the corpses of corpses, thus consistent and receiving useful information, and representatives of undead, which is logical, ready to pretend to pretend to pretend.Divinity: Original SIN II Game ReviewPlayers can fight each other in the arena.
In addition, there are many different classes in stock: there are archers, thieves, and paladins, and inquisitors, and martial magicians, and knights, and metamorphs and many who else. Also, in addition to starting talents and skills, you need to choose the origin of the character. He can be a barbarian, a nobleman, a criminal, mystic, scientist, soldier or joker – and all this affects the attitude towards you surrounding, and on the dialogues, without which the game would not be such a variable.

In almost every conversation, in addition to conventional replicas there are options available to representatives of a particular race and origin. Add here the opportunity to convince or intimidate, read the thoughts of animals and properly use the partners ..

Depending on who leads the conversation, the situation can turn around the most unexpected way. Suppose when you meet with the strange queen of fiery slugs, you can simply pass by and without realizing what they want from you, pour it out and fight. But if there are someone who knows how to communicate with a local fauna, he learns that this is no caterpillar, but a princess that was given a curse. And if the lizard of the Red Prince speaks with her, then it may even get to play a wedding ..

Victory at any cost

To pass only the first chapter in Original Sin II It will take a lot of time, and the reason for this not only the amazing variability, freedom and abundance of different secrets and interesting places – you will often have to fight. Each fight, especially at high levels of difficulty, will be like the last – heavy and long. And when the enemies are regularly overwhelmed against our squad, which are superior to it and the number and thickness of the armor, even it seems that the authors bend a stick: well, how to cope with them?

You have to get out, experiment, invent something, go for tricks and again try different options – not to move, for example, alive, and to lure opponents into traps, to teleport them to one another, correctly put their fighters and so on.Divinity: Original SIN II Game ReviewIn Game Master mode, one of the players himself creates a campaign and invites others to participate in it under its ready leadership.
And, of course, you need to competently “pump” and form a batch, correctly selecting and tasuza its composition. And here the great help is the possibility of very flexible development of characters. After all, there are no rigid class restrictions. And no one will be against if your gnome, the famous two-handed, wishes, will put on the Witchcraft Balahon, will master the necromancy or learn how to “crack” water spells pre-learned from books.

Element of Boy

The need to personally make the equipment and potions, enchant the runes weapons, as well as use the environment and various natural effects, fueling the spilled butter or, on the contrary, spilling water and freezing the earth – all these are also the most important conditions for survival in battles.

In the sequel, such interesting combinations of elements became even more. There was an opportunity to apply on the surface of a curse or, on the contrary, the blessing, adding new effects, weave the web, entangling enemies, and apply the powerful magic of the source. By the way, to replenish energy reserves, which is spent on such a unique witchcraft, sometimes you even have to devour the corpses or literally suck it out of enemies.

In addition, now the archers are more efficiently using heights, getting a bonus to the attack, and players can personally design spells. Also, all the characters appeared two types of armor at once – one blocks physical damage, the second absorbs magical, not allowing, as before, so simply take the enemies under control and put one’s enemies and impose.

Therefore, in general, fights have become even harder, more diverse and more interesting. What a feeling of deep satisfaction you get when you still turn out to overcome the initially superior to the strength and number of enemies! Original Sin II In general, a rare modern RPG, which so correctly broadcasts this feeling of its own gradual growth and development, forcing the search options, how else to “pump”, pick up the best equipment, learn new spells, experiment with the composition of the party and give, finally.Divinity: Original SIN II Game ReviewIf the shooter will appear below the enemy, then get a fine to the damage.***
The cons in such a situation I don’t even want to seek, yes, they are not almost. Someone may not like that in Sikvel immediately, we are forced to fight us more, someone will attend bugs. But all these are little things compared to the breakfast and many hours of adventures that gives Divinity: ORIGINAL SIN II. Today it is definitely the highest point in the development of the series, and maybe the whole genre of classical party RPG.

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