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August 15, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Video Overview Games
As you may know, I often write about the remake and remaster – and almost always kick them for everything, for which it is only possible. But the transfer of games with Wii U on Switch (and more popular systems) – a separate moment. After all, past console Nintendo although it turned out to be unpopular, but there was so many original hits on it that they just need to promote them. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – of such.

Zoo for adults only

Although originality here is probably not the strongest side. “Tropical freezing” – a classic two-dimensional platformer from the SUPER Nintendo times with monkeys in high roles. Dunka Kong and his shaggy Tusovka perfectly remember gamers with experience, all games with the participation of these macak (or gorillas?) were excellent, and secrets filled them to the top. In 2010, the series was revived at the Wii, in 2014 already at Wii U, this very Tropical Freeze, Collecting a very decent cashier and evaluation. Therefore, the release on SWITCH is completely acquitted.

For those who have not seen the original, I will tell the basics of the basics. We have a side view, stylized under the cartoon graphics, three monkeys to help at Danka Kong, the music of the ingenious composer David Wayza (David Wise), tons of hidden prizes with locations and six thematic islands that need to run, run, drive and fly to return to the primates of their native home frozen wiking shit. Not that it all was very unusual, but the platformers are approximately so created. The only thing that bothered fans is difficult.

Yet Donkey Kong Country Returns I remember my hardcore. Western colleagues have such a rule of bad tone – to compare something complicated with Dark Souls. Here Tropical Freeze – is not “Dark Souls from the world of platformers “. Vice versa. Dark Souls – this Donkey Kong from the world of RPG-militants. Milny and seemingly family platformer with monkeys makes one and the same moments of tens of times, so it is impossible to plant children for it (especially in cooperative mode, where accuracy of jumps and focate). Although specially for “casuals” in reprint there is a new regime where the heroes on a third of the vital force are more, the items in the store are cheaper, and in general you can take a Funky Kong Cheat Character, who knows everything at the same time as Julius Caesar.Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Video Overview GamesAs a confirmation of complexity – an example of a level (albeit secret) from just the second world. I could not pass it, of course.

Rolling without shelters and make barrel

If you choose Dank, then comrades can join it. Diddi Kong, small marty in a cap, jumps further with the help of a jet. Dixie girl increases not only long, but also the height of the jump with the help of their hair propeller. And the old man of Cranki Kong is repelled from the earth with his cane, so he is not terrible platforms with spikes. Some tasks are “sharpened” at a particular friend. Of course, Dixie is a preferred partner, but the rest of the rest will receive their starry hour.

With new partners in the usual gameplay there were more diversity, but even without them Tropical Freeze – one of the most inventive platformers in history. A new mechanic appears at almost every stage. Conventional, “Jumping” Sections alternate with underwater areas, trips on trolleys (Super Nintendo owners begin to cry), flights on barrels and rhino and ride travel. The zones themselves are simply woven from moving objects – burning trees, broken aircraft, giant lianas, “Wings” of alpine mills and ancient aquedies will receive as a support under the monkey’s legs. Only a few areas do not impress. Most of them want to go back to find all hidden things.

There are quite a lot of them here. First, two zones in any world are optional, it is necessary to get through the standard stages of teleport somewhere in the finges of the standard. Secondly, four letters of Kong, collected on each of the levels, will open the secret level of increased complexity. And if you go through all these levels, then an additional island will appear. Well, thirdly, you can find pieces of puzzles, opening galleries with sketches and concept arts. Therefore, the run for 8-10 hours can easily stretch for all 40. If you have enough patience.Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Video Overview GamesOnce at Danka will even become a giant snowball and will demolish everything on his way.
Fortunately, the total complexity is compensated by how easy the game gives additional lives and coins to purchase objects. By the end of the second world, you will easily gain 99 spare attempts and can not worry about the screen Game Over.

Complete satisfaction

Separately, you need to tell about local “bosses”. These are pretty, but tricky reptiles with phenomenal battle tactics. Before you to launch their “patterns”, you will spend a dozen or another minutes, but when the enemy is defeated, get the very feeling of satisfaction that cultivates Nintendo in their key projects.

Satisfaction brings and contemplation of what happens on the screen. Already beautiful appearance Tropical Freeze pulled up to 1080p in TV mode, and looks like a platformer as a real cartoon (though rather from zero). Here is an excellent animation, many small parts, gorgeous lighting. All together creates the impression of the joyful carnival. Especially good those moments when the camera suddenly changes the angle and we see the scene of the span or “propray” of the heroes in length in a few seconds. At the same time, there is no supreme germ in the spirit of exclusive children’s games – no one speaks here, there is no morality and in general the plot is in the background.Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Video Overview GamesSome of the most amazing places – levels where the Danka appears as a sort of shade.
In portable format, too, everything is not bad. Sometimes sends the frame rate, but it happens only on the stages in transport and in those moments when there are many special effects around. Ends every segment quickly, almost always there are control points – for travel comes excellent. I made one and a half passing, and the main thing without a TV, and literally two times it was prevented by a small size of characters relative to the common scene. Otherwise everything is fine.

At times, there are small difficulties with the control: that Kong will not grab the Lian, then the jump with a rebound from the enemy will not work. It can clarify, but it happens not so often to throw passage. Here you need really good “skills” in jumps and calculation of pressing – and in 95 percent cases the game will not insert sticks in the wheels. By the way, you can manage with each of the JOY-CON, so that the controller will not need to be purchased for cooperative passage.

Probably the main thing that Tropical Freeze makes you do not reach the end of the stages – this is music. David Wiz, Composer Original Donkey Kong Country, Together with a pair of Japanese comrades made a soundtrack that will make you stay and listen. Cheerful jazz from the Busted Bayou level, remix for “Yezhin from Baiga”, meditative underwater theme and exhausting melodies from classic parts is a rare example of a platformer where music is simply necessary for full immersion.Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Video Overview GamesIf you look closely, you can find cool parts in almost every scenery, and the animations of the heroes are simply wonderful.***
So, we have a real triumph of creativity, verified design and audiovisual beauty in one small cartridge. Love platformers and skip Tropical Freeze – a crime. In reprinting, the game became even deeper, friendly to beginners, even more prettier – and it is great for a portable system. There is only one objective reason not to drive monkeys on the islands – frankly high cost. If she does not embarrass you, then I assure one of the best arcades of the last five-year plan will completely select the invested funds. Also famously like her heroes beat off bananas at walrus.

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