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August 17, 2022
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As you know, in three-dimensional Fallout The spirit of the original parts made Fallout: New Vegas. In the case of the fourth part, this recovery procedure partially completed Far Harbor, But it was necessary to fully complete the final additive – NUKA-WORLD. It was here that there are three gangster groups available for interaction. And it is here that you can not save the world and create good, but to do everything on the contrary. It is a pity that it turned out to be a very boring ..Fallout 4: NUKA-WORLD Game ReviewTo all this you can play and get prizes.
Fatal entertainment park

This supplement is specifically created for those who are so stable by the leader of Minitmen Preston Garvey and his constant requests to distribute the land to peasants and protect farms, which wanted to become a raider and shoot them all. To do this, you first need to go to the territory of the theme park of entertainment. Once, thanks to numerous attractions, it was very popular with boys and girls, as well as their parents. After the war, the park for a while became a kind of trading Mecca, but then raiders came here and literally enslaved the merchants – they put the collars on them (demolishing their heads when shooting, rightly as in the film “Deadly Union”) and began to mercilessly exploit.

And from boredom, their leader arranged a deadly show (here I already remember the “running person”). It was lured by spaces from the neighboring Commonwealth and forced them to pass the bar of obstacles, traps and enemies, so that in the end, to fight the final “boss” and constantly die. Nobody survived. Still. If you first succeed in staying alive (and it is very difficult to do it, because the addition is designed for very high-level characters in power armor), defeating the main organizer of the show very extraordinary, even a humorous, way, then you will become a new big boss of local raiders.

Nuclear idiots

It also turns out that in the “nuclear world” there are three colorful gangster groups. Adepts – sadists and maniacs, love to kill and torment the sake of pleasure. A pack is the same as their dogs, wild animals who warm themselves in every way and as a hobby arrange bats between animals. Operators are the most sane, which are not killed simply, and first of all want to “breed suckers on grandmother”.

As it turned out, there is a very fragile world between them. And everyone is waiting for a new leader of more decisive actions. It is necessary to maintain this union or stand on someone (what every grouping, of course, craves most of all), seize the remaining territory of the park, and then subjugate yourself and all the Commonwealth, bringing this gangster “Nuclear World” to dubious prosperity.Fallout 4: NUKA-WORLD Game ReviewThe design of the thematic zones of the park, of course, at the height.
You, of course, happily rub your hands, anticipating that women light behavior, casino, black jack, as well as numerous scandals, intrigues, investigations, poverty games, the need to share and rule … Whatever. Ahead of you awaits the quintessence of what is called “Typical quests from Bethesda“.

Big stripping

The “Big Boss” turns into a boy on blisters from the leaders of three gangster factions that talk to him as with a child suffering from Majesti: “I’m the main thing here, you will do what I say! – Well, only first drive there, kill the beer even capture. – Okay. So I will go? – Go, go, native, we have enough problems without you “.

Working on them, we perform mostly the same type of assignments in the spirit of “Kill the merchant, put on the collar of Von on that comrade, Razor Won then the settlement”. Plus, the tedious stripping of large parks with the subsequent distribution of a particular grouping.

There is no controversy, in the process there are more or less interesting situations when, for example, in a safari park you come across some kind of cave barbarian with a flock of girlfriend, and in the “dry gorge” you will spread the drinks to the dead visitors of the bar or arrange a cowboy duel with a robotin the scenery of the wild west. In the “Children’s Kingdom”, where many lollipops, roundabouts and evil gulles led by a crazy magician, and there is a rare version of a peaceful solution to the problem.

But all the swells of the screenwriters are reduced to no completely ax, exhausting the running with a shooting of everything that moves through the territory of the local huge planetarium (and without this, the quest for the seizure of the territories does not fulfill), where you need to find thirty four (!) Parts of something there. Thematic forums are drowning under the wave of questions in the spirit “Help, found thirty-three cores, where one more?”. And there are even additional quests, where you need to collect some medallions or “Mr. Cover Images”. Straight not RPG, and Hidden Object ..Fallout 4: NUKA-WORLD Game ReviewIf you wish, you can get the same helmet.
If at the very beginning you will want to get rid of these vile raiders (they are shown very unsightly!), then do not wait for some ingenious combinations with threats, convictions, provocations (it would be nice to put them on top of each other!) and search for elegant solutions. You, as a very kind feature, will be offered to arrange a real slaughter and kill all raiders led by their leaders. And after – everything, thanks, all are free, merchants themselves will understand how to remove collars. Yes, so will remain with them to all the remaining passage – this branch does not receive any development.

In the final of the supplement, to which it still needs to be quoted, there will also be a choice, conditionally, between good and evil – there he is furnished a little more interesting, but still in the end comes down (if you choose good) to the total shooting of gangsters.

Power without power

Need to admit NUKA-WORLD come across more interesting quests. About peace negotiations with a crazy magician I already said. In addition, it is possible to gain a house with ghosts or a community of sectarians, and help them fly into space (a kind of reference to Fallout 2). And give you to play your favorite slot machines from childhood. But all this rare exclusion from the rules.

In fact, with this setting the authors had every chance to come up with something much more unusual, interesting. Since we are a big boss, then give us the opportunity to give orders to raiders yourself, add more strategic elements, allowing, for example, to manage your own base with subordinates, as implemented in a variety of Games similar genre!

Instead, the authors offer a banal seizure of the territories of the park, and then the settlements of the Commonwealth, which you rebuilded before this months, Holly and cherished in the main game. Plus the construction of Rider Forts, which simply increases the already huge opportunities for the construction of everything and all. The only fade, which at least somehow justifies the title of a large boss – the need to competently distribute the territory by gangs, labby between different interests.Fallout 4: NUKA-WORLD Game ReviewIn essence, this monster is a variety of clawing death.***
Fallout 4: NUKA-WORLD – large-scale and largely revolutionary for the main game. In the sense that here you can first recoup the real evil, getting up at the head of the latal raiders and even subdue all the Commonwealth. As a bonus – a chic design, a bunch of colorful attractions and characters, new monsters (some fireflies, worms and even crocodyl!), new armor and weapons like the long-awaited automaton Kalashnikov. But under this shell hides multiplied by the routine for which Bethesda not criticized only the lazy. If you do not bother you, if you have long dreamed of carrying unreasonable, unfit and inevitable, taking a pink “Kalash” into his hands and taping a goat head as a helmet, then NUKA-WORLD – your choice. If, inspired Far Harbor, You have expected something more diverse here, it is even better to “nuclear-world”, even not to obey, so that it was not painfully painful for the aimlessly spent cartridges and aluminum for repair of force armor.

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