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October 12, 2022
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In recent days, we often remember about XCOM – then in relation to the ambiguous XCOM: Chimera Squad, then in relation to K Gears Tactics. Against this background, the release of another game was almost unnoticed, where there are very familiar (but with her highlight) tactical battles. However, speaking about Fort Triumph, No less often have to remember another iconic name – “Heroes of Might and Magic”.

Fort for heroes

Yes, B Fort Triumph fans HEROES OF MIGHT & MAGIC Immediately feel at home. There are four races here – people, goblins, undead and (unexpectedly) trolls. In Skirmish, we choose any of them, hire the first heroes in our castle, create a detachment and go to explore the card with a lonely figure. And there – familiar all persons. There are well protected sources of resources (money and mana), there are neutral enemies that protect treasures (chests and all sorts of useful artifacts like a necklace instantly restoring the deceased). Sometimes you can beat off the cage where the new hero is sharpened. Somewhere just lying wives with gold. In place and altari, which, when visiting, prolong the moves or give bonuses to strength / speed in the next battle.

Resources go to the castle detuning – there we will build a citadel that increases the number of hired heroes and giving bonuses during the defense of the fortress;Town Hall (and then the capital), which increases the weekly gold growth;University, which opens access to other advanced buildings and at the same time raising the number of experience gained for victory in battles. Well, and so on – useful buildings many more.

My castle

There is also an analogue of studies that we open for the valor’s glasses earned in battles. They are oriented exclusively for pumping heroes – raise them damage, speed or protection, give special properties (for example, the ability to apply a retaliatory strike), open new cells in inventory, increase the maximum detachment size and everything in such a spirit.Fort Triumph Game ReviewGetting close to archers or magicians, enemies will not allow them to use arrows and spells.
Naturally, after a while on the map they begin to sink and enemy heroes, which will capture your mines and mana sources and attack your castles. Therefore, it is necessary to create several detachments and one of them always keep closer to your borders so that in the case of what to whisk in the castle and increase its defense. Or you can just keep a few fighters right there – although it is better, of course, to remove them and pump on neutral monsters. In general, the scheme is extremely familiar.

They are not so different

Yes, B Fort Triumph There is no level of study of the strategy and economy as in HEROES OF MIGHT & MAGIC, – some advanced mechanics (like caravans) are simply missing. The difference between races is also not too noticeable – all the same classes of heroes are available (paladin, barbarian, magician and arrows), which are pumped and learned about the same skills. Research is also identical for every1.

The difference literally literally in the pair of parts. Trolls, for example, after the construction of the desired building will learn how to grow thick skin to constantly get the effect of partial shelter;The undead is able to fall into rage, and people – to apply retaliatory strikes in battle. In addition, the skeletons, it is clear that neither blindness nor bleeding. But the authors, on the other hand, did not promise a 100 percent clone of “Heroes”, and talked about the study of the map in style HEROES OF MIGHT & MAGIC – And in this sense, their promises almost restrained. Unless to hire beings (including neutral) can not be on the map. But this is already due to the peculiarities of the local combat system.Fort Triumph Game ReviewIn addition to the story campaign there is also a multiplayer.

Keep along the old scheme?

IN Fort Triumph The rate is made on pumping and tactical battles. The last familiar is no longer Hom & M (although they are also step by step), but just on XCOM. Here the heroes of different classes go in turn, using action points for moving, attack, the use of magic and special skills. There is even a “Watch” mode (our favorite “overvotch”), affordable, is understandable, only archers and magicians.

Just like in the last releases XCOM, All characters can occupy shelter, and many of their actions and attacks are demonstrated by a separate chamber in Rapid. On site and corporate “Ikskomsky” rand when calculating the chance to get into the goal. So get ready: the fighter when your fighter will wake with probabilities of 96%, here too.

Now – with advanced physics

The main “chip” of the local tactical system is connected with shelters, which immediately charges Fort Triumph A decent dose of identity. In the game, a chic physical engine that allows you to destroy almost any obstacle, followed by units. At the same time, shelters fall on characters, stun them and repel. And if the warrior is another stone pillar or fighter, the first will push the second, and the second – the third. And so on the chain you can drop, impass and stun several enemies at once.Fort Triumph Game ReviewArchitecture of many levels deserves only praise.
Magages are able to collapse obstacles using the “whirlwind” spell, and the Middle Fight Fighters – with the help of pins. The archers use throwing arrows or hooks that can be picked up and push the enemy with the same stone post. Or even with another opponent, found out on the way. The direction in which we discard and repel, it happens different – it depends on the position of the fighter that produces this action.

It is often better not to beat even, but to kick enemies, confronting them with each other and the objects of the environment, which on the principle of domino will have someone else and wrap something else. Moreover, so you can push the enemy right under the oncoming, non-speaking glasses actions of the attack (Attack of Opportunity) of another of our hero standing nearby. Or under the shot of the archer fallen in the “dosor”. With the same purpose, the ability to “rise” is used available to everyone, recking the opponent for neighboring cells. And this is especially useful when the points of action remained very little – and the “kick”, and the “lifting” spend only 1 od. With such a battle physicist seem funny, unpredictable and unique.

All go to battle!

True, after some time, ordinary fights begin to arrive. The fact is that there is no function of the auto, so every time you have to fight even with obviously more weak opponents – immediately surrender or escape they do not want. And this is downloaded each time (optimized Fort Triumph Not that bad, but not perfect) and the routine repetition of the same actions. You have to maximize the speed of battles.Fort Triumph Game ReviewSummocked here is an unassuming, but in general works for the atmosphere.
Really unique looks of key battles in the story campaign, which is still available only for the kingdom of people. There and conditions are different, and the battle themselves are broken into several stages. But in the campaign there is another problem – imbalance between heroes.

The fact is that there is a breakdown in the side of the paladins, which are drunk more, and move on all. But fill with them all the detachment in the plot missions will not work – the game necessarily calls the team of the strongest representatives of each class. And if you preferred to download only paladins, then in the end, one such hero of the twelfth level will be in the detachment, and the archer, the barbarian and the magician will be the first.

On the one hand, it is good: so the game forcibly aligns its own imbalance and makes it pump different classes. And if you have a favorite barbarian in battle, you will have to take another and improve it, so that in the plot mission does not get a salage. On the other hand, in principle, it is not very correct that we put restrictions on the class composition of the party. Work the authors over the “heroic” balance is better – and there would be no need.

But, anyway, plot and key battles in Fort Triumph really keep in voltage and challenge your tactical skill: some missions I have replayed for hours so that no one is killed, to lose pumped fighters, as you already understood, I don’t want at all.

That’s where the wind really might!
So, despite the simplified strategic part and the imperfect balance, Fort Triumph In general, it was possible. Formula itselfXCOM Meets “Heroes of Might and Magic” and gives them pink, dropping on the stones and columns “looks very fresh and interesting. In addition, the game looks great and sounds, and the plot campaign constantly throws up unexpected turns and is successfully joking – humor, of course, not at the level Terry Pratchetta (Terry Pratchett), but it is able to make smile. The game can tighten for many hours, that’s just if the authors have added to the hobs, this time would turn out to cut without losses to fascinating the gameplay.

Pros: quite intriguing plot campaign;places not bad humor;Fascinating Card Study Style “Heroes of Might and Magic”;Stress battles in the spirit XCOM, But with the possibility of destroying and creatively use the environment;nice cartoon picture;Epic, True Fantasy Music.

Minuses: Someone may not have enough depth on the strategic map, although the authors did not really promise her;classes balance is impaired impaired;Artificial restrictions on the batch in the plot missions;As long as the campaign is available for people.

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