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August 18, 2022
8 minutes

Funny case: on the one hand, collective card games did not really need to Hearthstone. On the other – why do you need any other kki, if already appeared Hearthstone? Blizzard managed to simplify and hone the game mechanics to such an extent that it became clear and attracted those users who could never stand on Magic: The Gathering.

But on the forums, you can still hear a quiet hum: they say, Hearthstone too primitive and does not have any tactical depth, it is very dependent on accidents. Thought, of course, is crazy, but what if you can find “Pictures” better? Or at least more difficult and rich? In search of such a representative, they certainly bump into Infinity Wars.Infinity Wars - Animated Trading Card GameEspecially nice to fight with a goldfish – she just forgets to walk.
Horse Horse, Horse!

It should be understood that collectible card games are at least a genre. And therefore, it is not necessary to regard each new project in advance as “another clone Mtg or Xs“. Everywhere there are two fighting against each other player. Both on both on the table own deck of cards, each copy in which is obtained later, blood, risk or criminal acting. Maps always have attack indicators and the number of lives. They always differ in some modifiers and are divided according to the degree of value: ordinary, rare, unique. In this sense, it is difficult to confuse.

Interesting begins on when it comes to specific rules and mechanics. This is just the party, which, in common opinion, is not enough game from Blizzard.

At first glance on Infinity Wars Everything does not seem so simple. The game field here has a multilayer structure and is divided into sectors. For example, on each side there is an “attack zone” and “protection zone”: you have to separately highlight cards that beat or only take a blow to ourselves. At each move, you need to predict the actions of the enemy and, before rushing in the battle, rely on how many defensive power may be needed. Throw everything in defense, and the enemy did not attack? The fighters bred in “defense” will simply miss the action – and this is most likely a real catastrophe.

Brani field and hidden hand shares the “support zone”. And on the left there is a region of reserves, allowing to accidentally withdraw one of several characters. Some characters, by the way, the case is not limited to: there are spells, and heroes with unique abilities, and artifacts, and even “locations”, giving large-scale passive bonuses. At the player, in addition to the number of lives, there is a morality indicator, and the icon hangs in the right corner, which allows you to spend points of action on manipulation with a deck: pull out an extra map out of turn, shuffle a hand and the like.Infinity Wars - Animated Trading Card GameThe first move, as always, is distinguished by saturation and dynamics.
List specific parts within the review is useless: the abundance of opportunities is scared. In fact, after an hour of the game, the rules do not cause any questions. But tactical depth and diversity at the same time do not disappear anywhere. The ability to make cards between several zones and more actively work with a deck – this is a much larger space for maneuver and daring solutions.

The only thing that delivers some discomfort is an excessive amount of mathematics. At work, there is a stably about a dozen cards, the hand ends rarely, and the number of lives is kept about a hundred: a matter of habit, but the first couple of days the calculator is less than hand. This, however, works on the dynamics: every move requires multiple manipulations and shuffles. There are almost no reason to skip the move.

In addition, players are acting outside the order, at the same time. Disappears the habitual moment of a taking expectation, annoying in Hearthstone, But the balance does not collapse – the stepped gaming field leaves the time to accept countermeasures.

I would only spend the lady

Of course, it is impossible to understand and realize all the rules immediately. Therefore B Infinity Wars There is a training mode consisting of small missions that imply only one correct solution and involving different elements of the game.

In the menu, the “Academy” has been made in a separate button, which represents the same workout, but at a higher level. Works there for a couple of hours a maximum, but the potential of such puzzles is very good for extensions and additions in the future: the simulated situations are much more interesting than gaming. Leave you with one life and five cards against built enemy defense – Think, the situation is not hopeless!

Moreover, the game from the very beginning offers to warm up within almost a dozen plot campaigns. All available maps are conventionally belonging to different races, and each of them has its own set of missions – with any dialogues, an easy story. In the rest of the world, the game started a long time ago and already has a huge amount of content. And now Infinity Wars officially translated into Russian.Infinity Wars - Animated Trading Card GameAs part of short animations, some cards manage to tell the whole stories.
Campaigns should be held not only for pleasure and practice, but also for valuable awards: the system of rewards and prizes has gone further than the daily tasks and set of levels. It is understandable – a lot of cards, and therefore it is necessary to collect them more active than usual.

And it is no longer good: the threshold of entry for fighting with other people becomes impregnable. The “Match Makeking” system weakly differentiates players, and therefore evange on the enemy with a much more serious decking lighter. “Reduction” Lact saves Draft mode, allowing to gain a deck on the basis of the proposed options immediately before the battle. But the alternative is dubious – I want to approach the question more detail.

Of course, the problem is solved by the hated all “Donat”. There are two currencies: one – virtual, allowing you to buy “boosters”;Another – real, allowing you to buy “boosters” faster. And in addition, there are also decorations. Excuses like “you just save time” here is not: buying a deck is really more convenient. That’s just, in contrast to the overwhelming majority of analogs, Infinity Wars allows you to sell cards with other players.

In a separate global chat, it constantly goes: the legendary and rare cards fly from the owner to the owner, in some sense, solving the problem “I don’t fall a silver dragon map”.

Additional content (for example, the set dedicated to Star Trek) promises to appear stably, but the source material is pleased with the proper extension. Fractions albeit not always original, but very different from each other both ideologically and gameplay and stylistically.

Here we touch another major side of the project – the visual part. Each “shirt” is animated, most looks completely luxurious. The battlefield also does not disappoint: the three-dimensional space is unique for each race and can be modified when activating special locations. Structurally nothing changes, but the picture becomes much more saturated. Of course, there are not so much attention to the trifles and microscopic nuances, which is peculiar Blizzard. The client of the game is bad, and the interface leaves much more much more. But when you choose a campaign not from the list of items, but on the background of a twisting three-dimensional planet, this is something worth.Infinity Wars - Animated Trading Card GameDrone resolutely attacked the city. Broke, apparently, some shed.***
It’s obvious that Infinity Wars in popularity will never shut up for the belt Hearthstone. It is clear that the questions of the ideal balance – the topic is philosophical, and there will always be people who claim that he is beautiful or that it is not quite. There are problems with “Matchmaking” and there is no slot. But the project is definitely interesting in abundance of content in addition to the standard PVP;delightful animated images on maps;complexity and complexity, on the head with advanced “simplified” from Blizzard;a pleasant variety of races;The main thing is an honest approach to the card game, with the ability to replace the fireproof card on three dragons.

Pros: visual row;the complexity of the rules;the presence of plot campaigns;Developed remuneration system;The ability to exchange cards.
Minuses: The threshold of entry is high;Bad balance in PVP;”Grind”.

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