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September 6, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Inscryption: Overview Video Games

Attention: Spoilers! With inscription is best acquainted, knowing about the game as little as possible.

Let’s count. I became a kardener, I began to pass by Inscryption, the game eventually got access to my computer and deleted my review from the site. And generally said that all this is not true. And I, in turn, was likened to her and included the mode of sophisticated postmodernism – the first review was the same trap, like the whole promotion campaign Inscryption, new game Daniel Mallysa (Daniel Mullins), the author of the cult Pony island And The Hex. You also believed that this is just a horror version of SLAY THE SPIRE and HearthStone? Well, now you deserve the true ending and this review.

Be how at home, traveler

All Inscryption– This is a big matryoshka, where there is a game in the game, which is playing in the game. And under the surface, the second, and the third, and the fourth bottom. On the surface it is really a mixture of SLAY THE SPIRE And Hearthstone, flavored by branded for Mallysa Mrak, violence and demolition of the fourth wall.

In some kind of damned old house, we play cards with an unknown to the time before the time of the leisher, which, how, as it turns out, looks more like a forester from the King and Shuta video clip. Lost – and he kills us, stretching his skinny scary hands to the throat. But before that, asks to draw up from the properties of other cards unique (so we actually form rare cards, which with a certain chance will come across the following races) and makes our photo for memory, mocking asking to say “Syyr!”.

Inscryption: Overview Video Games

You also hungry?

At the same time, the actors in the deck are mostly animals and insects: proteins, bears, wolves, bees, dickeranes, mountainous and so on. Each creature has an attack and protection indicators, the cost of using and unique properties (sometimes very unusual). But for their application, you will have to sacrifice another card, having received the right amount of blood units or bones. This mechanic sacrifice is really interesting and forces to take a new look at the usual tactics.

Inscryption: Overview Video Games

From the side looks like a children’s board game, but it is a very deceptive impression.

The principle of movement is taken from SLAY THE SPIRE – There is a map of the area with branching tracks, on which we step to the Boss of Chapter. On the way, new fights will come across, merchants, the ability to take relics or consumables, improve the creature, choose a new one or even create a more powerful one of the same.

But you have to see how it is all presented. We play with the first-person view, victories are calculated on the teeth on the scales, which, if that, you can pull out, using the passatati (one of the consumables). There are still scissors to take and cut a map of the enemy, a hook to steal the enemy creature, the knife you … fuck your eyes and immediately win the round.

Looks very naturalistic – the first time I even started.

Yes, everything is served very uncomfortable, naturalistic and ominous. Creatures and on the map have to constantly sacrifice or improve, warm at the fire under the hungry survivors pulling them. Even when the character coming on the map is trying to create from two identical animals a new, more powerful, he asks to turn away – they say, it is better not to watch it, it will be scary. And begins to cheat … By the way, all the oncoming cross-ledes are playing himself, just changing the masks, from which it becomes even more. And what are the unpleasant, interesting and complex bosses here ..

Inscryption: Overview Video Games

The appearance of the strongest enemies is always played in a special.

The escape

But in fact, all this is a game inside another game, the purpose of which is to find out what happens here and escape from the maniac’s paw. Here begins Horror Quest overlooking the first person in the spirit of Escape Room. We can get up from the table, walking around the gloomy room, unsuccessfully trying to open the door outside under a heavy look of Lesgo’s red eyes, sparkling somewhere there, in the dark of the corner.

Inscryption: Overview Video Games

Everything looks terrible, but atmospheric.

And there is also a safe, locked with a wardrobe with puzzles, the clock where you need to correctly set the arrows, and some figures with which you need to interact. And tips give … some cards. So, from the very beginning, the ermine is communicating with us, then the cockroach joins it. Together they are clearly unhappy with what is happening, constantly hinting at something (“pay attention to this wolf in a cage!”) And ask to help – whether to come up with a plan of escape, whether to bring Leshego to clean water and stop the whole nightmare.

Inscryption: Overview Video Games

That’s how the cards communicate with each other.

As they say, and laughter and sin. In any case, a meticory is developing, which is hidden behind all these card battles.

Fourth wall broken

And the main character of this metastoria, a link between everything that happens here is, as it turns out, the real, living person Luke Cardera, a blogger and a fan of card “deca holders”, which accidentally discovered the only (and seem to be damned) digital version of vintagegames called Inscryption and in the end … well, in general, you yourself know. It’s already begins natural “Witch from Blair” – with a bunch of “living” videos taken in the appropriate style.

There are already other games in the interruptions between them. In fact, all of them are also variations on the topic of Kki, but with their chips and new rules, which are always interesting to be played and change the famous mechanics. In addition to the beasts of beasts, the decks of magicians, undead, robots that can be personally driving, aiming from a sniper bot. This is only being served in different formats. One reminds a typical game made on RPG Maker, – Pixels, Peace Study, Communication with Characters and Middle Decision.

Inscryption: Overview Video Games

“Living” video here is a lot, and everything is very atmospheric d1.

Another game is already moving between rooms where you can find a merchant, a station for saving, new enemies and so on. But horror-quest is not going anywhere overlooking the first person and the need to solve puzzles. Then it starts so … However, you deserve a chance to find out what will happen later. I can only say that such insane postmodernism and demolition “Fourth Wall I only saw in the works of the same Mallysa (although B Inscryption He seems to surpassed himself) and in Doki Doki Literature Club!

Inscryption: Overview Video Games

And why I immediately remembered Undertale?

The final of this insane adventure, as it should be in such cases, leaves more questions than gives any answers – and how otherwise in such a multi-layer game, which is not the game at all, but rather a rebel experiment? No wonder the discussion Inscryption in Steam (and not only) Pampit questions, and why these coordinates, and why these ciphers. Knowing creativity Mallysa, You see (well, or you want to believe) that there are not yet revealed secrets, perhaps even other endings and games. The main thing is to be looking for them, Inscryption I did not delete your operating system, and you did not knock on the door ..

Inscryption: Overview Video Games

Inscryption is very different.

Daniel Mallenice Claused one of the most ambitious mystifications in video game history. Yes, in the root, it is differently submitted, but still variations on the topic of Kki, diluted with horror quest. But here is a methaistore and meta subsidia. And how the author with a crazy smile juggles … after Inscryption You can no longer play Kki as before, – will always wait for a trick and look for the second bottom. Trap Mallysa pleased not only me, but also some other journalists. Although it was worth being ready – Pony island After all, not at all about the usual!

Well, it is really megakruto, megachnoschetually and megazhenically (although it is tightened with both places and tightened) – at a minimum, in shorts with Undertale and Doki Doki Literature Club! And the perplexed questions that there is generally happening, as a result, we are replaced by the realization that we just touched the masterpiece. But you know, I will now go around creativity Daniel Mallysa – Better deleted as soon as possible from a computer from sin. Or send it back it? Knows anyone address? Wait, someone knocks me on the door. A, that’s Kungurov And Makoveev. And what is your hands? But I’m already already ..

Pros: a brilliant postmodern concept where genres and games are mixed, which actually unfold in other games;A very original look at the familiar mechanics and entourage of card games – you have not seen such kki;not an easy, but fascinating gameplay, interferes with different genres;trademark combination of black humor, horror and fourth wall sorrows Daniel Mallysa;Great work with sound and chic soundtrack.

Minuses: places card gameplay seems tightened.

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