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October 11, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

John Wick Hex: Video Game Overview
IN “John Wick 3” Epopea about Killer, who, because of one dog, laid dozens of mafiosi, finally turned into a comedy. And its authors do not hide it. Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves) jumps on horse in the center of New York. At this time, some kind of granny, as if at the station, repeats the ad: “Attention! Before the departure of an open contract for John Whitch remained one hour. “. Then the super chiller named Baba Yaga kills the Tomik of the Russian folk fairy tales of a huge versil. And as apotheosis – surrounded by tattooed ballerinas by the voice of a person suffering from constipation, says: “My name is Jordani Yovanovich, I am the child of Belarus!”No, not exactly hide. Whether we learned new shocking details about the life of a killer from John Wick Hex, Video Games in the famous film franchise?

Before Elena

As is known, John Wick Hex – It covered the first film. Therefore, I, as a true Belarusian, was waiting for a more detailed story about the past of my famous countryman, in which, judging by the degree of the absurd, achieved in the series, PECs together with Alexander Lukashenko Saluing potato. Did not wait – employees Bithell Games came to the case more serious.

The game tells about how John PEC is trying to save the old Winston, the owner of the New York “Continental”, and his girlfriend Charon – they kidnapped them and we are still unknown villain Hemex. Chronologically this happens even before John met his wife Helen.

Tales about Baba Yaga

The plot is served stylishly, in a cinema – as a conversation between Winston, Charon and Hex, who tell about where the guy went on to find them, with whom I met there and so on. At the same time, they still argue about the debt service of the Board, about the gods (to their Pantheon, ironic Winston, of course, refers and the hero Keanu Rivza), about affairs in the city, about the past Hex, about Wich and so on. There are no special surprises in the very story – of course, the board is impressed here, the place in which Hex is eager, confident that it belongs to him by inheritance.

But it is important that the authors handed over the spirit of the film. And it’s not just that we see familiar locations: for example, docks from the first part or an art gallery from the second. More importantly, how and what the heroes say. First, Winston and Charon are voiced by original actors – Ien McShane (Ian McShane) and Lance Reddikom (Lance Reddick) respectively. John Wick Hex: Video Game OverviewRatings here too refer to Russian folk tales.
Secondly, all these phrases like “I understood that I would send some sobeks for me. But did not think that they would send the devil himself “or” you understand why I’m talking about her last time? It was found by John Piq “perfectly fit into the franchise mythology. Any her fan will feel in John Wick Hex like at home. That is, where mafia is told to children for the night of the fairy tales about how Baba-Yaga will come and kill everyone with one pencil, where everyone is afraid of the legendary super hiker and still hunt him, but it’s so enthusiaved that even the subway passengers inside and do not noticecorpses under their feet ..

Run, shoot and bay!

No less recognizable, the mission itself, the main dish of the game. John Wick style is called Gan Fu – this is a constant movement and a combination of shootout with a hand-to-hand fight. He can choose the weapon of the enemy, reck out the gun in the head, if the cartridges have already ended in it, and throw an enemy to the ground, inventing it with strong grip.

So we fought in John Wick Hex. No shelters – only movement. True, with stops. The game implemented a step-by-step system, removally reminding what we have seen, for example, in the series Frozen Synapse. That is, all your actions are spent not glasses stroke, and seconds – in motion, shooting, blows. At the same time push – faster than hitting, and to hit – faster than neutralize. Also shots from various weapons spend different time for training and execution.

Only, unlike Frozen Synapse, in John Wick Hex You can’t build a chain of several actions – ran there, there I sat down, took the window on the right, then something else. Here after each action, even if you just made a couple of steps, the game gets pause and asks: what’s next? And even more so it happens if the action planned by you is interrupted by the appearance of the enemy, if he shoots, beats and so on.John Wick Hex: Video Game OverviewNew trunks selected during the mission, then become available in order to hide them in cache.

Now I am a little ancient

Somehow sounds not very? But in fact, the levels are very compact here, so all these stops and interrupts are not perceived as something tedious. And in general, everything goes very dynamically, just in the spirit of original films.

John Piq goes with a gun on a pistol, sees one, squatting to increase the chance of hitting, quickly two shots kills (of course, in the head). Immediately from the back or on the side there is still an enemy, we get up (only hand-to-hand techniques work), push it or throw it on the ground, we see the third, we understand that the time and cartridges are not left, and we throw a gun in it. I immediately sit down, they make a cast in the direction of the temporarily stunned enemy and sharply beat or shower it.

If the enemy has already aimed (this can be seen in the color of his icons), you can immediately sit down or just move aside – and the enemy or will lose sight of or mishash. You can wait a couple of seconds until it comes closer, and dump it. Or, to roll in his direction and, using the effect of surprises, shoot the head to the head or on the side, as soon as the gangster appears in sight.

That is, the main survival rule – try to move all the time and change racks. And you need to stop only in a safe place if you are sure that no one is near. There you can use bandages or restore the reserve of collens – it is this resource that is spent on all receptions of the hand-to-hand combat and on the lumber-row. And it is restored only in the standing position, that is, in the most vulnerable rack. Thus, the management of the collence is also a very important thing.John Wick Hex: Video Game OverviewThe main thing is that the suit is sitting?

John Wick survival rules

All this is complemented by elements of strategic planning before each mission. We are issued a certain amount of “Continental” coins – yes, yes, those of the movie. And for them you can leave somewhere at the level of caches with weapons or bandages. Or use them as glasses skills for pumping your costume – to increase collendment reserves, knwge or push range, reduce the penalty over the distance when shooting and so on. Unused coins burned, so it is better to spend everything better.

It is important because the light game seems only at first. Yes, the AI enemies almost always remains at the level of congenital idiocy – having received a bullet from Wick and moved to the side, after a couple of seconds will again come out on the same position under the target fire. However, the opponents with machine guns and machine guns and machine guns, some mercenaries, masts of hand-to-hand combat, and so on, are gradually appearing. And most importantly, they constantly arrive from different sides. In some cases, it seems, reinforcements are completely reborn infinitely. And this is just very in the spirit “John Whita”, where one boat can last 10-15 minutes of the screen, during which Baba Yaga sends a whole company to the forerants (if no more) well-armed shooters.

BUT B John Wick Hex The hero is much more vulnerable – it even thundered without a weapon can be over a couple of seconds. Ideally, of course, you need to try as long as possible to remain imperceptible to cut down enemies without noise, waste of cartridges and attract attention.

However, this tactic does not work for a long time. This is the game about John Whitch, and not about Sam Fisher. And no one will issue additional coins for the quiet killings or for the fact that you did not finish someone, but simply neutralized for a while. And even more so it will not be possible to quietly cut out the next boss from among the owners of nightclubs or hostesses of docks. Such opponents are first better to warm in the near battle, having reduced them with the collens by throwing on Earth, and then shoot on defeat. At the same time, there are necessarily under their feet.

Enemies love to arrange such ambushes.
John Wick Hex – not the best tactic in the world, but certainly the original and interesting. And most importantly, in the plot, and in the battles themselves (and in voices Ian McShin And Lance Reddika) It is felt that special spirit and mood of pictures about the famous superkiller, which so like many. So everyone who came to taste and who is not indifferent to the fate of John Whitch, try the game will have to be mandatory. Unless, of course, do not want to earn the status of an Esking person … But seriously, then before Cyberpunk 2077 Kian in the games we still will not see anyway, and then he is, albeit silent.

Pros: The plot and atmosphere are great in the spirit of movies;Original tactical battles in the style of Gan-Fu;Cheerful music;Gorgeous voicing from Ian Makshene and Lance Reddica.

Minuses: At first, the battles seem too easy;weak enemies;not the most convenient interface;Mutted picture.

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