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August 19, 2022
8 minutes

Mafia III It begins with the warning of developers that they disagree with racist statements of some characters. This entry configures to the desired way: America of the sixties – exotic for the video game industry. Yes, and the hero is chosen unusual – Black Veteran War in Vietnam, entering the local analogue of New Orleans after the murder Martin Luther King (Martin Luther King), a year, when mafia clans and groupings were especially active.Mafia 3 game reviewLincoln only seems to be “stupid swing” – in fact, the character is quite interesting.
Mafiosis disassembly

The first few hours Mafia III It can be easily called one of the best entries among all the games with the open world in recent years. There is a feeling that you look like a movie Scorsese (Martin Scorsese) with a stunning production, excellent operator work and even the acting game – the animation of the heroes in the rollers is really impressive. Sometimes the story is served in the form of an interview with the most participants in those events, sometimes we demonstrate the compiled archival records, and all this is well mounted.

The theme of racism begins to reveal almost immediately – in one of the episodes of the colleague of the main character warns him that due to the color of the skin, he will have to listen to several unpleasant phrases from others. But these are only flowers – in the open world Lincoln Clai literally at every step will face the hostility from the side of white. For example, to go to the cafe, as a bartender is politely hinting that “there is no place here,” and after a couple of warnings will begin to be angry.

City is divided into several districts with a different attitude of their inhabitants to skin color. Somewhere to do not care for it, and somewhere white consider themselves the highest race. The response of the police for a crime is different – if you get a car in the area with a cease-skinned population, the cops will respond and come much faster that you can understand different reports of dispatchers.

Thanks to such trifles, the world of the game seems to be worked out and even alive, although in all other parameters it loses Los Santos from GTAv or even Hong Kong from Sleeping Dogs. In addition to plot and side tasks to do in it, there is absolutely nothing – in mini-games not to participate, do not sit in the bar, do not walk on the shops. Whoever spoke to, and such a problem was in all parts of the series – the open world was needed only to drive us from one mission to another.Mafia 3 game reviewEven in friendly conversations can slip racist jokes.
And if earlier the new task started immediately after the previous one, then in the third part of the formula changed a bit. Now only a player decides where to go and what orders to choose the first. To some extent, this choice damaged the narrative, since instead of direct division on the main and side tasks, the authors made the main ones almost all the missions – what in modern games Ubisoft can be completely skipped (for example, the liberation of children in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate), here to leave no way impossible.

In the plot Lincoln, the thirst for revenge is moving – he wants to eliminate everyone who put it, starting with people with a low stage of a criminal hierarchy and ending with bosses. To do this, he needs to capture more than a dozen districts, having passed the management of them to someone from its allies. Each leader obviously has its own business, and there is always the amount of damage to be applied. For this, it is necessary to interrogate the colleagues of the bandit, to kill him to be improvised, blow up the cars, collect money scattered in the specified territories, destroy the boxes with weapons – in general, to hooligate until the reaches are scared.

After that, the player has a choice: kill the boss and finish with his business forever or recruit him. There is no difference between these actions, except that income will grow for an extra thousand dollars. In addition, the recruitment is impossible if the switch located in the same area is not hacked, – without Walker Lincoln instantly kills Gangster, without giving him any chance. There are no logic in this mechanics, but you have to put up with such conditions.

The reward for these actions becomes new plot missions with excellent cat-scenes and exciting dialogues. But what is happening during the capture of districts is saddened. Added such tasks is clearly in order to strongly stretch the passage, but it was not quite right to make them mandatory in such quantities. The situation saves the fact that the player is Vyat himself choose what to do to damage to damage – it is not necessary to execute all the above. Often, it is enough to go to the two handy yes to blow up several boxes, after which it is quick to get into the car and go far away.Mafia 3 game reviewPerhaps Lincoln is actually a vampire?
Profitable offer

Transfer of rights to the business killed or hired boss will attract certain consequences. The fact is that Lincoln has three ally (one of them is familiar to the second part of Vito Scalelet), each of which offers different bonuses, depending on the number of areas given to it. Someone will give a gun with a silencer, someone can disable telephone networks and thus interfere with opponents cause imaginary. Even the ending depends on who the player gave preference. Idea interesting and forces once again to think about which bonuses are more important.

Yes, and the action is made on the conscience. Artificial intelligence of opponents sometimes, of course, surprises with their stupidity, but also stealth, and shootouts look interesting. In the best traditions of modern games with the open world, Lincoln knows how to whistle, which allows him to lure opponents to himself and kill them from behind the corner, and having received a gun with a silencer, the hero and it becomes almost a ghost. If the player prefers an active palp, then Mafia III Does not disappoint. The enemies react to entering the limbs, the weapons are juicy sounds, and to put “hedges” – one pleasure.

But the chase look a little ark. Fleeing from police or gangsters, Lincoln can automatically bring his weapon on wheels, engine or driver pursuing his car and get exactly in target. On the one hand, it is too “casual” mechanics, but on the other – at the same time follow the road and try to shoot somewhere not very simple, and here it is possible.Mafia 3 game reviewVito fans will be glad that in the plot it is found quite often.
The picture is also a controversial – the game then gives very beautiful views, like the streets flooded with the sun, it turns into a terrible mix of unpleasant colors and an uglive sky. Looks like Mafia III “Shinno” and on consoles, and on PC, but on computers, players have the opportunity to remove this effect.

But critical bugs, and the minor shortcomings that YouTube users recorded all week, I did not notice. Perhaps just lucky. Although with reflections here really is a big problem – despite that in the rearview mirror you can always see what is happening, to detect your own reflection in the restroom Lincoln cannot.

Well, there is no complaints to the musical selection of complaints – here you can hear the compositions and the rolling stones, and Beach Boys, and Johnny Cash (Johnny Cash), and James Brown (James Brown). Some sound on the radio, others are included during the screensavers, the rest do chase and shootout more exciting. But this is again the merit of people engaged in the fact that it keeps here at a very high level.Mafia 3 game reviewIt is not easy to go away from persecution, especially if there are several police cars on the tail at once.***
Mafia III Could be a great militant in the open world, which would be competition to hits. Unusual setting, original for video games theme, delightful soundtrack, excellent animation in screensavers, good production … And the first two hours the story does seem like something incredible. But the delay and the need to perform routine actions for the sake of a new portion of plot missions tired.

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