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October 21, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Video Review Games
Until the next summer Olympic games even more than six months, but SEGA And Nintendo decided to prepare for this event in advance. IN Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 Two famous characters from the gaming industry with friends (and enemies) are departed in Tokyo to take part in dozens of sports disciplines and conquer as much gold medals as possible. This is not the first time when Mario and Sonic unite on the occasion of the Olympics, but the series rarely could boast outstanding releases – it was possible to think that something would change something on Switch.

Villains in trouble

One of the main components of the new game was the storyline, a full-fledged six-hour story, as it turns out which not only get acquainted with all the characters, but also try all the types of sports. Developers interested in the fact that the Olympiad is held in Japan not for the first time, and sent some heroes to the past with the help of the “Ancient Game System” Tokyo 64. The will of the fate in her was tightened not only by Sonic and Mario, but also Dr. Eggman with a bowser, although the last couple took part in creating this trap for his sworn enemies.

As a result, the plot tells about what is happening in the three-dimensional world in 2020, it switches to events in Tokyo in 1964, where the characters are trying to return back to reality. At the same time, Mario is made in a 8-bit style, and for some reason Sonic in 16-bit. The problem of this regime is that the pace of narration is constantly knocked down. Dialogues are tightened, the heroes love to caring the same thing, the replicas can be accelerated and miss, it is impossible. Competitions are carried out almost always on the same scheme: someone needs something from someone, and they cause each other to “duel”. Even in the fights, the plot structure has learned not to do such a primitive.

In the breaks between sports events, we travel around the Tokyo map and attend a variety of areas – from the Tokyo Palace of Sports and the Gymnastic Center to Tenerbashni, Theater and Sports Park. However, if at first, such scales are impressive, then very quickly come to the conclusion that there is no sense from these locations – you just come there along the plot and talk with whom they ask. If some sowing and standing nearby, they are limited to one phrase and nothing else can say anything else. And collectible items are questions about the Olympiad and Universes “Sonic” and “Mario”, for what to explore the zones is hardly anyone wants.Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Video Review GamesThe reasons to challenge the heroes with each other, the screenwriters were found hard.

Ups and downs

The disciplines themselves turned out completely different – somehow paid a lot of attention, others are added simply because they cannot be ignored in the game of the Olympiad. Most of all I liked Skateboarding – expect from him the depths of breath Tony Hawk not worth it, but to drive on the board and perform the tricks are very fun. Boxing and fencing are also good – with blows on top and bottom, parry, block and simple control. And if you spend money on sports simulators I do not want, there are simplified rugby and football, capable of carrying for a long time.

At the same time, some disciplines rapidly bother. In the disk or spear throw, you can hardly take part after the completion of the corresponding episodes of the plot. Table tennis as if tried to make as dumb to make a desire to return to Mario Tennis Aces, – Here you just click on the shock button and do not even need to choose the side with which the character makes hit (he will do everything for you). And in equestrian sport, it is not necessary to think at all – click on the jump button and sometimes move with stipas, so as not to crash into obstacles that do not represent any threat.

The most notable drawback of all these mini-games is not so much in their quality, but in the layouts of control, sometimes completely different. Then you need to clamp R to accumulate power before starting, then. Then the button is asked to hold, then constantly drop on it. Then you start the match with the button x, then suddenly you need to put your finger at a. Because of this in Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 It is difficult to return after the break – you want to participate in different disciplines, but constantly open training and remember that in general it is required.Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Video Review GamesBoxing perfectly worked with the control of wagging, if it were paid more attention.
Almost all mini-games support the management of wagging, but it is almost always better not to pay attention to this and conflict with the usual buttons. The movements are read very bad – in boxing half of my blows completely ignored the game, in sports climbing, the accuracy is far from such as when using a stick, and gymnastics is at all a mockery at all. You need not just tilt the “Joykon” when the game asks about it, and also to press the buttons in parallel to the buttons in the specified order, and everything must be performed during a couple of seconds. This is one of the first disciplines in the scene mode, and after it you begin to suspect that it is better not to return to the management of wagging.

It is a pity that the game did not give more attention, because many sports here can boast small gameplay details. If in boxing in time to block the blow, guess where the opponent will beat, then the opponent will lose its equilibrium. In rugby there is a pass to the nearest teammate, but there is a distant, for what you need to hold the transfer button longer. But all this does not matter if the overall quality grieves. Yes, and 2D-disciplines, which here 10 (against 21 three-dimensional), will not be carried forward for a long time – they are very simple in terms of management, and all sorts of long-term and shooting on targets are eclipsed almost with eyes closed.

Something like awry

What upset me most is very strangely implemented by multiplayer. Here, every discipline is a separate mode, so when visiting the section with online you choose the desired sport and hope to collect the lobby. 120 seconds the lobby closes and throws everyone in the menu. Fortunately, where you need to find more seven players, in fact you need to find only three or four – the rest will replace the bots.Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Video Review GamesIn the multiplayer, each discipline has its own rating – the first four players gets an increase to it, and the second loses it.
However, developers should be firmly confident in the success of their project, if they hope that two dozen regimes will be popular for a long time. This week it was easy for me to participate in the Staterkeeper with the Japanese and Canadians, but only because it stands in the list of the first. If you try to run fencing, shooting from the bow or karate, wait for someone impossible, especially because of the two-minute timer. It would not hurt any tournament with five random disciplines or simply the “random” button, dropping into any lobby, but the creators decided otherwise. Add a division to rating and ordinary modes here, and you can imagine how the game spreads at different angles of anyone who wants to look into the multiplayer.

The most popular entertainment will probably have dream races, shooting dreams and karate dreams. The first resemble the mixture Mario Kart and games about Sonic – from the participant you need to get to the finish line first using accelerators and bonus items and collecting rings. Shooting is similar to Splatoon, Only we do not fill the paint card, but a bullet on targets, trying to earn more points. Well, in the karate it is necessary to repel the opponents and throw them within the fields divided into squares – on which opponents panel are launched, such and become yours. Funny, but to the Olympics all this has nothing, and the game is still about it.

If you are considering the game as entertainment for a large company in front of the TV, then problems will arise about the same as in the multiplayer. The same stommetry ends after a few seconds, and the preparation for it lasts much longer. For example, you wanted to launch another after one discipline. Click on the output button, find the desired sport, then everyone choose characters, watch the download screen, all sorts of entry into the demonstration of countries … Restart the same discipline much more convenient and faster, but who will play so? I want to create a playlist or take advantage ready, but there are no such options here, so the company of friends will start to yawning quickly and ask for something more fun.

Tony Hawk on the background of Luigi looks like an amateur.
It is very strange that SEGA So rushing the developers and forced them to release the game long before the Olympics, without giving them time on grinding some elements. As a result, if on Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 and there were some hopes, she did not justify them and it would hardly become better – will surely be abandoned and forgotten how Super Mario Party. Part of the flaws of the game is easy to notice even when looking at the main menu, not to mention the gameplay shortcomings. But for which they fought, on the outfit – neither the golden, nor even the bronze medal deserves.

Pros: Cute visual style and well-drawn locations;A funny idea with three-dimensional and two-dimensional Tokyo;Some very exciting disciplines like skateboarding, rugby, boxing and other.

Minuses: The plot is filled with tightened dialogues;considerable part of the disciplines quickly bored;Management in different sports can vary greatly;The multiplayer consists of dozens of different modes, because of which finding the players will be very difficult;You can not create playlists and multi-step tournaments in the local and online multiplayer.

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