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August 3, 2022
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Brilliant “Rogliam” Darkest Dungeon today comes in the number of those games (along with Diablo, FTL And Dark Souls), imitating which at times raises interest in the project. Another question that correspond to this level is as easy as you go Darkest Dungeon first time and without one death. Whether authors succeeded Mistover?

But we will pass a dangerous path through fog

Like almost all such games in the world Mistover There was a terrible catastrophe – in this case, this is a mystical whirlwind, who once was already, and now he returned, gave rise to monsters and threatens the death of mankind. To combat him, a special building was created, the fighters of which should make ribbles into a very foggy center of the vortex to reveal his secrets – and, of course, stop all this disgrace.

That’s just the fighters of this specialty, everything is completely smaller boys and girls, who are called “loli” on anime-jargon. However, no hentai and even fanvis – the guys are severely fighting, while having fun shouting something in Japanese.

The situation is complicated by the fact that we have limited time. The clock is ticking – and the more we leave during our expeditions of unborn monsters, unopened chests and unfulfilled quests, the closer the day of X, when death will become imminent and the game will end.

Center assembly

Factors, as it should be made from the base, where there is everything for the heroes who have decided to save the world – trade and alchemical shops (though, sell only potions and supplies, and we earn the equipment as trophies), places where we hire new recruitsand equipped old, improve, create or disassemble things, train fighters to explore new skills and pump the parameters common to the whole group (such as food reserves for a detachment or total number of hired heels).Mistover game reviewMilestone heroes, compressive teddy bears, is so in anime!
We also receive and rent quests. Missions, of course, primitive – explore 80% of the territory on such a location, collect three colors for alchemichk on another, kill five such monsters on the third … and the plot is very conditional. At some point of quests at all may not be – go to the same locations, do the same locations, do the opportunity, until it is possible to kill the boss of the whole territory so that the case finally moved on. But for “Rogaliks”, all this is quite normal practices and even almost tradition.

Still for food, be careful!

The gameplay itself is also traditional enough, although not without a raisin. We make rims, performing quests, engaged in Grinda money, resources and equipment. BUT B Mistover do it as long as in the same Darkest Dungeon and many other “balkers” will not be trite because of the aforementioned (very hard) time limit.

And to extend it, you need to do everything very competent and economically. First of all – quickly move around the map, spending on it as much food as possible – each cell passed on the territory is liquefied by its defined stock. When food is over, the detachment will begin to lose health. And when the reserve of light is over, we will begin to see less around – right up to diving in complete darkness.

Replenish and the same, and other resources can be and necessary, finding the mage (and special flowers to replenish light), as well as using pre-purchased consumables. But you are also risking to fall into a trap or nothing to find. Or persist in irresistible stones. Or face particularly strong monsters.Mistover game reviewWhat anime without funny pets?

See where you go

For the fastest movement, you need to choose as a leader of Ronin’s squad – this class knows how to make fast jerks on many cells in different directions. Other classes – their abilities used precisely when moving on the map. And all of them are more or less useful – someone blesses a group, someone knows how to open the “points of interest” in a certain radius, hide from monsters or teleport from them. But it was the ability of Ronin that I would call the key.

Also, as I wrote above, you need to kill as many monsters as possible, open as many chests as possible using the keys found. And it is better to immediately fulfill all tasks on the map. It is equally important to find the output portal until the food reserves are terminated and the squad will not be in a situation where you just need to escape. In the latter case, you save people and at least a part of the faceless work, but the pendulum of the fatal clock will swing very much, and then you will have to start fulfilling the quest first.

Therefore, the competent planning of its movement is very important here. Although it is difficult – here and the “fog of war”, and elements of chance, which in Mistover, as in any “balker”, not avoid. You can wander around the location in search of exit or quest items / monsters / characters, until you spend all stocks, and do not find something useful in the chests and whipping something useful, and to another approach to the same territory, detect everything almost immediately and at homenose. Well though there is a normal card.

Combine it!

Battles, as you already understood, are generally built in style Darkest Dungeon, But here it was not without nuances. Heroes stand opposite each other and in their move attack, use skills, objects, go to defense (block) or try to escape from the field of brave. In addition to Ronin, there are funny little witches, sister of mercy, paladins, assassins, Wervols and even a gloomy reaper with a huge oblique.Mistover game reviewOnly keyboard is used in management.
It is clear that different combat and abilities are available to different classes. Someone treats someone climbs, supports and so on. But everyone also has their own breaths that work only when there is a certain class fighter (in front or behind). And it is very important for us to choose and configure the formation of a party so that there are as many such combo tickets as possible.

And the enemies, in turn, adore for their attacks chaotically move our wards along the rated field – we have to waste time to return everything to how it was and after the battle to climb the formation window and change it again. Also, all classes have mana or accumulated energy charges that are spent on the main skills. Therefore, periodically you need to use the unit to pinch this energy.

Not Darkest Dungeon

All this, on the one hand, it is interesting, and on the other – really delays battles, which in Mistover still less interesting and more tightened than in the same DD.

Erregious with the equipment and pumping of the wards here is also not so exciting (I’m not talking about the lack of psychological injuries and features of the heroes). Having received the level, we go to the training center, where for the money we study a new or improving the active combat skill. The higher the level of ability, the more gold and points of the skills are required on its upgrade. Also for coins allow passive skills.

It is interesting here only that in one passage of your paladin or witch some skills are immediately available, and in the other there are no them, others are open. And those (often more useful) will be allowed to study, only if there is someone who knows them in Roster. That is, “random” and here is present.

Keys, chests and equipment are of different colors and rarity degrees.
Despite the fact that in general Mistover, Certainly inferior Darkest Dungeon, I could praise and recommend this game to fans of the genre. It is able to tighten, and time limit does not allow to turn passage into almost endless grind – it is very important. Yes, and looks Mistover chic. But here is the price … 1 699 rubles in Steam? but. The ratio of price and quality in this case is clearly not positive. Therefore, to be honest, I would buy for my money Mistover did not.

Pros: In general, competent gameplay;It is felt by a style in which nyashny characters are combined with a harsh atmosphere;unique classes;Beautiful art design with a bias in anime.

Minuses: The gameplay is still not deep enough;protracted battles;few classes;Not too convenient and familiar management.

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