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October 5, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Rainbow Skies: Video Overview Games
Gone six years ago on the PlayStation 3 and Playstation Vita (in 2016 – and on PlayStation 4) Tactical RPG Rainbow Moon immediately caused exclusively pleasant associations with Fire Emblem, Shining Force, Final Fantasy Tactics And even S King’s Bounty. Legend of Knight “. Bright world, full adventure and feats, thoughtful step-by-step battles, many quests and opportunities for pouring characters, appropriate humor and irony – it would seem that there is still not enough for complete happiness? Of course, the continuation that will improve everything will deepen and bring something new! Waited long ago, back in 2014-2015. But it happened that the sequel called Rainbow Skies only in this June. And immediately proved – it was worth waiting.

Above Rainbow

Keeping the basis of untouched, Rainbow Skies tells a new story, in no way associated with the original and unfolding in the new world. More precisely, even in several worlds. The universe of the game is implemented in the form of two parallel realities – bright, full of bright cheerful paints, and dark, where color gamut, let’s say, easier and more stronger. Naturally, there are certain relationships and interactions – on this and the plot is built.

The nominal chief hero of the game is Damian, a novice monsters hunter in his native town, which is constantly exposed to attacks of different mandes. During the examination of the exam for professionality, he accidentally produces monsters from the training chapter. And then, together with his other Lane, it diligently beats some big green mucus (the first “boss” in the game!) that all three fall under the ground and eventually fall from heaven to the territory of another world.

There heroes meet a novice magician of Ashley, who at this moment also gives a kind of exam on theory and practice of magic and communicates with some funny monster, more reminiscent of the speaking berry. Apparently, in shock from falling from heaven of two cute guys, she accidentally applies a spell connecting them with it (and it was “berry”) – so Ashley, Damian and Lane and turn out to be in the same team.

Trying to figure out how to remove the spell and how to return everything to its original position, our heroes eventually fit into a much more complex situation. The fact is that the fall of two warriors from heaven some of the eccentric eckelors of Ashley took for the collapse of UFOs, but that the characters will be between two lights – between two enemy superpowers. Rainbow Skies: Video Overview GamesHere for something constantly award or encourage, and it is very stimulating to play further!

Adventure Time…

However, do not expect intrigue from this story, philosophical questions and very literary worked characters. But the speaking mushrooms who need to select a hat to pass the story quest, “wait! Everything is made in the style of light, in some places, very ironic fantasy, and the heroes are largely woven from familiar stamps. Damian, for example, careless, but proud and quick-tempered lobotryas, which can go with a alcohol in the tavern on the eve of an important exam (because of this, everything went awry), constantly climbs into a fight and all the way beats himself in the chest with shouts “I myself am everythingI know, I’ll fix everything, I don’t need a draw!”. Lane – much more sensible comrade. On this complementary contradiction, their relationship is largely built.

But this ease and irony just attract, causing to remember King’s Bounty And simply relax, take a break from the “terrible” stories told by a tragic voice or with a swollen pathos.

In addition Rainbow Skies It is not so much the plot as the process itself, which involves tens of hours of adventures, battles and feats. The game appeared even more large-scale than in Rainbow Moon, Open world, which you can, need, and most importantly, I want to explore freely. Many quest characters, settlements, cities and dungeons with tasks, “bosses”, secret passages and closed chests – all this manites and waiting for our participation.

… and research

And I want to participate. First, how you yourself see by screenshots and video, the world itself is colorful, diverse (there are many locations that differ by climatic conditions), somewhere even caramel – it is just nice to explore.

Secondly, for the study of the world, we get a variety of rewards. Bypassing all the shorts in some dungeon or in the whole region, we find chests with new clothes, open secret passages to other locations leading to new chests and “bosses”, and rejoice in the appearance of a record in the journal “studied by 100%”. Rainbow Skies: Video Overview GamesThe battle with a platoon of amansarov – the usual thing in Rainbow Skies.
In addition Rainbow Skies There are even more third-party quests and classes, new tasks for treasure hunters have been added. The instructions are so much that there is even a quest to achieve a certain level of progress in the fulfillment of other quests ..

From change places the result is changing

But hardly the main reason to play, walk and spend a long time for real time in Rainbow Skies – These are local tactical battles. They are easy to mechanics, but are spectacular and require thoughtful planning. Your wards are moved to the cells, beat the enemy with a basic attack or use a special skill, spending mana glasses on it, go to defense or get some kind of weighty potory from the inventory.

This scheme seems to be simple, especially if you consider that our heroes trio perfectly stacked in the usual concept of “Warrior, Archer, Mag”. But in fact a lot of nuances. Enemies have “resists” to certain types of damage and magic, and many special attacks (and ours, and enemy) are beaten around the square, taking several enemies at once, located on cells in a certain order. At the same time, free cells are often needed for conducting such techniques.

Accordingly, our task is to place the wards and attack so as to cover as many opponents as possible and do not substitute your bombings with enemy skills and spells. That is, the correct location on the battlefield plays a huge role. On a separate screen of the party, we choose the formation, determine the leader and decide who and where will stand at the beginning of the battle. And the schemes of these formations need to be opened, finding or buying special books on tactics.Rainbow Skies: Video Overview GamesDuring adventures, we constantly meet any kids.

When “Grind” in joy

Naturally, B Rainbow Skies, As in the last part, there is “Grind”. Many battles will not benefit, no matter how ingenious tactic – the enemies are trite too strong for your level. Including therefore it is necessary to bypass all the catches and get involved in all the fights. But “Grind” is not so straining here, as in some other RPG, – everything passes again somehow nice and without violence by developers. Want – take a call when during the trip the detachment will fall into the ambush, you want to deflect and go on.

All special attacks and spells are pumped as they use, and after almost every fight we get special stones as a reward, with the help of which you can increase strength, health, magic, good luck and protect your wards at any time. In addition, we remove from carcasses of enemies different resources and ingredients, with which the blacksmiths improve the characteristics of weapons and armor for free. And a little later, it becomes available to capture and torn monsters, so that later they fought for you. On a separate screen of the incubator, we derive monster from eggs.

Such here are the details and interesting details in Rainbow Skies Many more. Heroes need to periodically feed them to be stronger and rustier;In the catacombs without a lit torch, do not find valuable trophies;Periodically, it is necessary not only to fight, but also to solve the riddles;By purchasing the same merchant, we improve our reputation in his eyes and then receive discounts for it. The latter is especially important, since there is always little money here – they go to the potions, and on books that open new unique skills, and on special items that increase the place in inventory under food or the same elixirs. Rainbow Skies: Video Overview GamesMany special attacks are animated and shown by individual rollers.***
All this, of course, does not leave a single chance to just get acquainted, delete and forget. Rainbow Skies, Sorry for the banality, immediately and with your head delays into my light ohut, promising a rainbow positive emotion and long hours of adventures, exploits, quests and battles. On the one hand, everything is somehow easy here, comfortable, comfortable and nice. On the other hand, there is a challenge and stimulus to play, study, develop and receive a sense of deep satisfaction from the fact that you are 100% investigated by a new region, defeated the next “boss” or opened a treasure chest.

Pros: big, full adventure, treasures, mysteries and enemies The world that I want to study;Coloric heroes;Interesting plot with a null of kind irony;not easy, but exciting tactical battles;Many tasks;A bunch of opportunities for pumping characters;Colorful image.

Minuses: Someone may seem that local tasks are too primitive, and “Grinda” too much.

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