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October 13, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Rebel Cops: Video Game Overview
Game journalists are good to do video games. The brightest example is Bastion And TRANSISTOR, over which Supergiant Games worked Greg Casavin (Greg Kasavin), former Glavspot. In Belorussian WEAPPY Studio All the two former colleagues, with whom we once worked together in the game magazine, – Ilya Yanovich And Jan Kuzovlev. Their police chief simulator This Is The Police also turned out to be excellent game. Sicvel, in which new mechanics appeared, caused more contradictory responses. But, according to Ilya Yanovich, The game was commercially successful. So now WEAPPY Studio Works on a new major project. As long as the spin-off released, which was called Rebel Cops.

In pursuit of glory

Rebel Cops fully focused on tactical battles. More no tightened cat-scenes, sheets of dialogues, mental experiences and moral dilemmas. Fabul Rebel Cops It is extremely simple – in the city of Ripton, power and even the police department seized the criminal authority Victor Zuev, and the cops disagree with him went underground. Local residents collect money for them, and police officers perform their requests and try to destroy the Zueva Empire.

Agree, it sounds somewhat stretched, and for us, Russians, and funny. But such a tie made it possible to implement in Rebel Cops Almost “Ikskom” gameplay scheme. On the map, we choose the main and side tasks, trading, equip and pump the fighters, and then we go to fight directly to the intersection area.

If at the same time I also carry out the instructions of ordinary people (free someone’s daughter, pick up the criminals with an arcade automatic and so on), we not only get additional money and beneficial equipment, but also increase the level of folk glory. And the latter affects the prices of the merchant and how new cops will be attached to us. If you take such a task and not fulfill, the level of glory will fall.

Let’s do it in quiet

Since we have underground and partisanism here, missions are mostly directly or not very pushing to the quiet passage. Therefore, in the arsenal of fighters there are non-leaven weapons – batons and shockers, cutting enemies for some number of moves during which they can be handcuffed. Incility, it is for arrests, and not for killings give more experience. If they make noise and fill, the enemies can notice us, raise the alarm and cause reinforcement. Therefore, the doors are better not to bounce, but to open with the launder.Rebel Cops: Video Game OverviewIn each task, people ask us to fulfill some of their request.
You can also order a criminal to surrender. The chance of success depends on the distance to the enemy and some other conditions. For example, if you shoot him in my leg (it will not be able to walk) or in hand (it will not be able to shoot), then the likelihood that it will surrender will increase significantly.

Yes, B Rebel Cops Implemented point damage. At the same time, the shot in the head was killed, and the rest of the injuries lead to the fact that the character starts to bleed – and expires, if it is not to the first-aid kit, the partner.

Cops for pumping

The so-called rebel glasses are also issued for arrests, for which local spells can be activated – to include for all who have experience points left, the surveillance mode, make fighters to this move more precisely or unnoticed, highlight all opponents on the map or even send everyone to the bassCriminals in our field of view.

Naturally, all fighters pump out. In addition to general parameters (strength, shooting, speed), they have different “peppers” – some increase the chances of convincing the criminal to surrender, others allow you to continue to see, successfully dug from bullets and so on. With the receipt of new levels, we choose new skills. At the same time, if the fighter acted more often in a quiet, the game will offer him exactly the abilities associated with stealth mechanics. And vice versa.

Pumped characters here on the weight of gold, but only they will not work. Cops have a property to be tired – in such a state they become less effective. Therefore, it is better to give them to relax and take on the next mission of other policemen. And when someone perbs, there will immediately be a desire to replay the mission – you have to get used to your wards to get used to, let them do not communicate with each other, do not share personal quests and not etching jokes.Rebel Cops: Video Game OverviewThe shocker is expensive, but extremely useful.

A little critics

In general, the tactical system in Rebel Cops simple – in one move every fighter can make two actions. But at the same time, it is impossible to use heights, run on the roofs, you can not “heal” some kind of location and change the position of fighters. The opponents have a poorly realized zone of visibility – the enemy does not see our corop here, standing from him on the side at a distance of one cell.

Moreover, opponents practically do not use the observation mode and cannot raise the alarm or somehow react to the actions of the player during its course. Therefore, you can safely run up to the enemy and, for example, to wander it with a bat – no response will be followed, even if several opponents with a weapon, you have noticed these maneuvers.

Also here is an element of chance, as in the last XCOM. I had cases when even the wounded boss, around which my cops were stood with a weapon, with an almost 100 percent chance to put his handcuffs on him refused to surrender. And so times three in a row. I had to replay a large piece of mission until “Randa” finally did not mind with me.

Conditional conventions

Shelters are, but sometimes they work strange. You can hide behind the bush, and the game will consider that this complete shelter – enemies almost guaranteed to smear. But the shelter for a low concrete fence will be considered incomplete, and the opponents may well be injured by the guard of order hidden.Rebel Cops: Video Game OverviewPay attention to how stylish it looks.
An even more strange convention is the impossibility of selecting weapons or at least cartridges from corpses. That is, if your character has ended with ammunition, then until the end of the mission he will not be able to shoot. Ilya Yanovich I explained to me by this considerations of the in-game economy: they say, if you allow you to “pin” enemies, then the need to go to the store on the map. Nevertheless, agree, the situation in which the cop remaining without cartridges cannot take someone else’s weapon in the midst of battle, it looks at least unrealistic.

And in any case, for police officers, who seem to be a beggar and constantly need to be equipped, which would be more logical to pick up and carry guns and body armor of enemies, and not to carry TVs, bottles of wine and gaming arcade machines on behalf of someLocal Vasi Pupkin.

And still cool

However, all this by and large only grinding. Overall Rebel Cops – Excellent tactic that constantly challenges and forced to act twisted, competently, calculating every step. Especially since the levels of complexity other than the lung, the number of preservation is limited. And some gaps in the behavior of the AI with interest are compensated by the number of enemies, which often come to reinforcements. In addition, it’s easy to die from one hit or for several moves to expire blood.Rebel Cops: Video Game OverviewBuntar glasses need to be used as profitable as possible.
It makes it use all tactical capabilities. For example, fighters must cover each other – so they will be able to warn a colleague about the danger. Or at some point, a sniper will appear in our ranks – once in three strokes he can “enlighten” a certain area of location or an accurate shot to remove the enemy interfering with us.

And B Rebel Cops Really interesting missions with their conditions. On the one hand, often there are quite large locations that need to be counted to fulfill the orders of citizens and collect different valuable items – it increases the income from successfully completed task. On the other hand, there are often time restrictions: you need to get to the depot to stop the train, or try to task until the dawn, until the two jeep arrived additional security.

You can, of course, belong in different ways that the authors mixed and timers, and free research, and the search for values in one bottle. But boring in such a situation will not be exactly.

This is how our sniper works.
I do not know what the next project will be WEAPPY Studio, But the series This Is The Police Developers proved that they know how to do excellent, stylish games. Yes, Rebel Cops – Not an ideal tactic, but it has a challenge, and their own “chips”, and the atmosphere, and again the style – Boundari cops fight with criminals under jazz and surrounded by the leaves flying across the screen. It can be seen that people who defended their duty to the huge number of tactical strategies know what the players really lack that they could interest them. In general, the real author’s work. I hope this approach will continue in the future creations of the studio.

Pros: Interesting and complex missions;Rich tactical mechanics;Large locations that can be freely explored during tasks;the ability to pass missions on stealth;Stylish picture;Atmospheric jazz soundtrack.

Minuses: There are annoying gaming conventions;places weak AI;”Random” sometimes interferes.

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