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October 12, 2022
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Working on board game adaptation Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon, which, in turn, is made on the myths about King Arthur, Studio Awaken Realms Digital I decided to split it into two independent projects. One is a classic RPG in the open world with quests and step-by-step battles, seasoned mechanic KKA. It is planned to be released until the end of 2021. And here is the second game, actually Tainted Grail: Conquest, Already came out – there is about the same, only without an open world and with the mechanics of the Card “Rogan”. And he, with some reservations, turned out wonderful.

Fog over Avalonom

First of all attracts, sharply fascinates and immerses in his gloomy atmosphere, the world itself Tainted Grail: Conquest. This is a real dark fantasy, and the way it looks and sounds, how everything is drawn, what kind of music accompanies these almost doomed adventures of the damned land, – this is felt breed, chic taste and style.

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

In these landscapes, the gracious pathos.

And the darkness is fantasy because Avalon, the last crown of King Arthur, dies, the king himself crashed long, and now everything strange fog fog. Because of this fog, nothing really can be seen – you have to use special candles that have a property end.

In their light, we see enemies, converge with them in step-by-step battles, where we use unique for each of the nine cards of the cards and their combinations. And in the case of the defeat, we return to your native village and start everything in a new one, but already taking into account progress and earned points – it opens up other classes and cards, passive skills and allows you to start the next race with increased health, additional treatment of treatment or other consumables.

That’s how we leave the shadow with the help of magic candle.

But even if you do not die, but we defeat the boss of the current location, you still need to return to the native village, which turned out to be almost the only capable of collecting decent warriors, challenge the impending darkness, find the Grail and save this land. In the village you can relax, buy the same potions, cards, edit a deck, open some more upgrades and so on. And then with new forces put forward through other gates to the next location, towards stronger enemies and legendary bosses.

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

Bosses here everything is interesting in their own.

People are different ..

But the candles are pulled out of the painful mist not only the outlines of enemies. Sometimes we see abandoned houses where you can try to find useful trophies. Or stumble upon altari and sanctuary, giving bonuses. One of these places I tried to rob (immediately plus 500 coins!), but in the end myself was cursed – all healing effects stopped the character.

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

And here approach training arena, where you can fight and receive awards.

And most importantly, next to the enemies can often be found interesting characters. And among them, as you understand, there are no noble knights and pinkish girls who flee barefoot on dew. Complete cripples, ghosts, damned healers, vicious witches, archers who have accommodated legs to the ground for their sins and so on and so. You can bargain with someone, someone will be treated, takes off, will offer a card or a new passive pek (naturally, not for beautiful eyes).

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

Other meetings can end the tragedy.

Some can be invited to themselves in the village where they will take one of the houses and will start offering their services. So, we will get access to the Blacksmith – it will sell runes with passive effects for equipment, exchange them on those that we ourselves found, open new cells for them and even unite three ordinary runes in one rare. Every rune is allowed to insert or in weapons, or in armor – effects will be different. You can also improve the kuznitsa itself.

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

Gradually, more and more useful specialists are going to the village.

And at the Master of the Square, we buy Candles accelerating darkness, increase the term of their action and improve the effectiveness of special travel stones – they are found in the damned lands, illuminate the nearby territory and give us new candles or offer a random blessing (healing, an increase in protection / damage in the followingbattle).

There are other masters with their services and upgrades. And everyone needs its own currency – it may be wax, ruling dust, especially valuable gold coins (in them, on the basis of each race, conventional money remaining unexplored), stones of fog and even blood drops.

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

For upgrading and editing the decks need scraps of old cards.

… and problems are igvazhny

Finally, personal quests are connected with many characters. As a rule, you need to find out what happened to them, and help. For example, why a scientist who came to our village, a glass eye. Or determine the nature of the curse, which has anticipated the already mentioned archer. And then we decide whether he deserves and continue to suffer for his sins, or enough of him.

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

Normal people almost left here.

Someone will ask for friends from imprisonment, someone needs to get rid of his nightmares. A ghostly card will agree to tell his story if we regularly play with him for money. And one strange monster really wants us to return his eyes.

Awards for performing such tasks are different. Once I got a PSA-pet, which can be called and pumping in battles. And one grateful witch asked to visit her village, hidden in the depths of fog. And something suggested me that it would be not the most pleasant and safe journey … But the main award is that when the quest associated with the character is successfully implemented, his soul is released. And free all 13 shower is one of the key tasks in the game.

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

Some no longer save.

EVERYY- by the deck!

However, the main dignity Tainted Grail: Conquest – This is the card mechanic itself. Almost all the characters here (and send them, nine) – it is really unique decks and tactics. For example, the summoner (Summoner) relies on strengthening and pumping his minions.

They grow and stronger, they literally in front of.

But the necromance is to sacrifice the same aspirates, thus chargeing its class ability and turning into a lich already with a separate deck. Then instead of sacrificed, he calls for a zombie for free.

So the usual necromancer turns into a lich.

Fanatic (Zealot) builds barriers that absorb damage – their effectiveness depends on the characteristic indicators. He prefers to immobilize enemies, use arrows that do not consume energy, but also damage is small. However, the damage of this class accumulates, and class ability allows you to get such an arrow to free, which is capable of solving all the problems.

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

One Fanatics against Troy Boss? There are all chances.

Well and so on. Classes open up gradually, as farming and earning points. Try a new character – almost a new game, and it is very interesting.

I am glad and the abundance of cards – in addition to the usual, there are “quests”, which are pumped and turn into other, cooler;legendary, which disappear from the deck after several applications. Plus, the so-called torn, fascinated with fog: if they do not play them, then during the next turn we get or a bonus (for example, to protection) or a penalty (for example, to damage).

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

New cards are offered after each victory, but you can refuse them.

Many more passive skills that we choose from the list when we get new levels or when someone teaches us. And all this together with the effects of runes can and need to combine, considering the characteristics of the character and your tactics. So, if your call will call the snake at the beginning of each fight (WYRM), then when receiving “passive” it is better to choose those that are connected with it – for example, the snake go immediately after calling and freezing the enemy.

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

Snake can grow very big.

Of course, if you wish, you can present some claims to the balance – some heroes are still stronger than the rest (Fanatic is my favorite!). Yes, and the presence of three variations of the cilancer (in addition to the classic and necromancer there is still a blood magician) with the same minions, you can hardly attach to the pros, although, as I wrote, the difference is felt.

Tainted Grail: Conquest: Overview

Heroes are allowed to customize – choose the floor, appearance and tattoos.

However, the balance is the correlation. What did u Tainted Grail: Conquest not to take away, so it is the fact that we have a very high-quality and fascinating card “Rogliam”. Perhaps he is inferior to recent griftlands in terms of originality and saturation with content, but takes his atmosphere, abundance of characters with his decks and having tactics both in the battles themselves and in the creation of the “Bild” of the hero.

Pros: intriguing setting of the gloomy version of the myths about King Arthur;many memorable characters with their quests;Fascinating gameplay, which makes a bet on rejarcation and many classes with your tactics, decks, unique combinations of cards, runes and passive skills;Gorny looks like and sounds.

Minuses: Balance between classes needs to be improved and polished;Ideally, it would be possible to come up with more interesting events and quests.

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