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September 29, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Telling Lies: Video Game Review
For many years worked in Climax Studios and putting a hand to two parts Silent Hill, Writer and designer Sam Barloou (Sam Barlow) decided to go to free swimming in 2014 and already a year later he released hit Her Story. The press and the audience highly appreciated the story, which, despite the presence of many videos with a real actress, it was difficult to call an interactive film. It was a detective with unusual gameplay mechanics, and it was possible to guess that in future games Barloou She will receive development. And it came out – Telling Lies more, larger, richer and places steeper predecessors.

Spy come out out

The idea here is about the same: a kind of girl gets access to the stolen database of the National Security Agency and begins to study its contents. Sitting at the computer, she is trying to find videos using keywords. Since all records are equipped with subtitles, for them search and produced – you dial “love” and see the materials in which someone said someone “love”. However, all videos will not show you – only the first five placed in chronological order. If you are found on request, for example, 18 rollers, until the last 13 do not get there.

Most records were made during conversations on video link and recorded on a separate device. Therefore, if you run some kind of roller in which the character is clearly communicating with someone, the voice of his interlocutor you will not hear. The hero can look at the screen, silently nod, to say one word per minute, and at that moment another person told him something passionate. Or, on the contrary, the first thing you will find a roller with a talkative interlocutor, and then through it will go to another video.

Solve such unusual riddles in Telling Lies – pure pleasure. Looking a record, the character changes dramatically in his face, says: “Yes, of course,” “I will do”, “do not worry” – and other similar phrases. What does he mean? What they were asked? You start cling to individual words. Perhaps he repeated some kind of term or the name of the city, spoken by the interlocutor? Or you can make one of my questions yourself in my head, which he gave a clear answer? When you guess and find another roller recorded on the same day and with the same duration, you enjoy it like a child.

When you enter in a row of one or another word, you receive not only the desired entry, but also a pack of other video materials. Some were removed a year ago, between any interval in a couple of months. In the early rollers, the character looks like this in later – otherwise. At first he sits at home, then it turns out to be surrounded by a dozen people. Panic, looks in love, sysyukets, swears, rejoices, scandalite – although the word in the recordings meet the same, the content of these rollers can be absolutely different.Telling Lies: Video Game ReviewHello, budget Tom Hardy.
Therefore, all players plot will line up completely differently. You can pass the game, without looking and half of the materials – it all depends only on what words and in what order do you pick up. You may immediately get to the video where you find out the true essence of some hero. Or get to him greatly later and you will think about it differently, until I accidentally find an important episode for the plot. Discuss Telling Lies With friends after passing very interesting – they can completely perceive the characters than you, because their acquaintance with them happened.

Due to how many events occur for those two years, during which rollers were removed in the stolen base, here you constantly find new items and do not want to turn off the computer until you try to enter a new word. Sometimes they come down to such that I want to know the details of what happened: what was preceded by this and what followed? However, the search by date is not here, so the task is not the simplest.

Skill and his absence

Without talented actors Barloou nothing would have happened, and stars he collected excellent. Logan Marshall Green (Logan Marshall-Green) from “Prometheus”, Angela Sarafyan (Angela Sarafyan) from “Wild West World”, Alexandra Shipp (Alexandra Shipp) from “X-Men: Apocalypse”, Kerry Bishe (Kerry Bishe) from “Narco” And “Stop and burn” – these are only the main actors, and here are full and secondary actors.

Everyone is playing great and very convincing, after a few hours of their heroes become almost native – so much information about their personal life you know. Sometimes even embarrassing to look at how someone tells a partner about sexual fantasies or as a father puts the child to sleep on video call, but otherwise it is impossible to learn all the details of the volume history. Emotions of actors are also well read, and there are no frank crusions here as in L.BUT. Noire. David performed Marshall Green sometimes too often moves with eyebrows, but it’s little things.Telling Lies: Video Game ReviewAngela Sarafyan after this game will certainly appear new fans.
What the trifle is not called is the interface that was convenient in Her Story And sometimes annoying in Telling Lies. In the first game, the videos lasted from the strength half a minute, here they sometimes continue five or eight minutes. And if B Her Story The absence of a normal rewind and other options could be explained by the computers’ outdue, in front of which we sat, then why the video player is so archaic here – the question that remains unanswered.

When you are looking for rollers by keywords and try to run some of them, the game begins to play video from the moment when this word was uttered. It is often happening at the very end, and for sure the developers could think about the “Start View from the beginning” button or like that – but no, you need to clamp the left mouse button, shift the hand to the left and very, very, very slowly rewinding the roller. If the video lasts about eight minutes, and you are not lucky and the word entered sounds on the seventh minute, get ready to read the news on the tablet or respond to letters – quickly you do not get to the start.

In the rest Telling Lies Does not cease to please how easy it is to immerse yourself thanks to some stylistic techniques. Here you do not feel like an observer – the silhouette of the main character is constantly visible on the screen, and a couple of funny scenes are connected with it between watching video. All actions are carried out on the desktop, where there is a notebook to record words (although it is more convenient to sit with real leaves and handle), a search engine for watching rollers and even “Kosyanka” – suddenly want to take a break from family drums and other problems.

It’s very difficult to tear away from the game – if you start passing, without understanding that and why are you doing and who is this unshaven man in an empty apartment, then after an hour they chase on the videos that would fill the gaps in more or less understandable by the point. The main thing is not to read anything superfluous about the game, no words in the passage in the passage, even the names of the characters, except David, I didn’t just be mentioned in this text, it could not be a spoiler. Even when they grabs for a word that seems important, and you view a pack of not much clarifying the situation of the rollers, do not consider the time spent wasted.

During search, the computer “thinks” for a couple of seconds – just like in life!

Russian translation in such games can cause problems (as Return of the Obra Dinn sometimes introduced into a stupor due to incorrectly translated words), but here there are no obvious shortcomings. Although due to the huge difference in grammar, the confusion sometimes arises – for example, the game does not know the difference between “saw” and “saw”, showing even episodes with the word “you see”, but I “wanted” and “wanted” thinks alreadyDifferent verbs. With cases there are also difficulties, although in most cases it does not matter how and what you wrote is likely, the computer will understand everything. If there is an opportunity and good knowledge of the language, it is desirable to start the original, but the Russian version will also suit, let the part (not the most important) phrases in it and reduced.***
Telling Lies – This is an unusual experience, game outside the genres, large-scale and at the same time chamber creation, which is necessary to pass “for general development”. Look at how well implemented in Her Story The idea was developed in the game with much more actors, huge scenario and twisted history. Yes, perhaps this is not a game in the usual understanding of the word (although under the definition Side Meyer [Sid Meier] It is fitting perfect), but less interesting and exciting it does not become. The main thing is that the interface is fixed at least a little, and suddenly it will score potential players from such a wonderful product.

Pros: Excellent acting game;Thanks to the ripped narrative, monitor the plot very interesting;a huge number of high-quality videos;Excellent atmosphere;gameplay mechanics still looks fresh.

Minuses: Not the most convenient interface and minor bugs.

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