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September 5, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

The Falconeer: Video Game Overview
“I say why people do not fly like birds?”- I intensified Katerina, the heroine of the play Ostrovsky “Thunderstorm”. “And here and fly,” thought Thomas Sala (Tomas Sala), famous game designer and one of the founders Little Chicken Game Company. Thought and released the game in which people fly like birds, or rather on birds – on large combat feces.

Water world

The fact is that The Falconeer We fall into the world where almost everything is flooded with water – the islands, forts and ports, where life is concentrated. And it is possible to move between them either by water – on the ships (there are submarines), or by air – on huge falcons, airships and even dragons.

And it is often necessary to move, because there are many fractions on the remaining areas of sush9. Here and pirates, and imperials, and various orders / houses that are trying to survive and compete for the right to conduct one or another business, getting a profit from him and so on. And during the passage, we will play as a pilot of combat falcon for many of these groups. The Falconeer: Video Game OverviewEach fraction has its own history.
If you read the official description The Falconeer, thought that here you can choose a side, then it is not. The game is divided into plot chapters (including a prologue), each of which is devoted to the specific fraction by default. Conducted to this approach to the presentation of history – a strange woman (Witch, Language?) collects fragments of information about what happened in this world, conjuring the pilot body.

The approach is interesting, and the words and herself of the voice acting are fascinating, creating an atmosphere of mystery surrounding a truly unusual world The Falconeer.The Falconeer: Video Game OverviewHere you have justification, why you need to play for different groups.
Therefore, in each chapter – a new hero and a new fraction. Although the card remains the same. Choosing the biography of the pilot – it can be a mercenary, a Corsary, a title falconer, a representative of the noble genus. All this affects the starting characteristics of our fighting bird – speed, dexterity, health, efficiency of its regeneration and energy.The Falconeer: Video Game OverviewThe choice of birds determines and the tactics of her pumping. Yes, and behavior in battle.

Free flight

It is not difficult to guess what the gameplay is. We carry out the plot instructions of their guild, and in addition, we can take on side tasks. For success, we get money (here – fragments) for which we buy upgrades for your falcon – we pour into it mutagens that increase the characteristics. And here you ourselves decide, to increase the health of the initially weak bird (usually such in the mercenaries) or “pump” its speed and agility.The Falconeer: Video Game OverviewMutagena can be replaced – a place for them limited.
Also, it is also necessary to purchase a sharper weapon, and the leading is in the range of different artifacts (called chants), which provide a one-time or permanent action – for example, give a bonus to HP when killing the enemy or automatically restore health in its critical loss.

Here you need to consider that many employers, merchants and the same leads will not communicate with you until you break or do not buy special characters and paper that gives access to their services. Also, some artifacts, consumables and mutagens can not be installed until you find on the map of this or that the sanctuary. So the game stimulates even more actively examine the card and find “points of interest”.The Falconeer: Video Game OverviewThis is only part of the card. The game counts that we have already found on it, but what else is not.

Five seconds, flight … ordinary

Although they pushes us to this not immediately. The first chapters can be passed, simply by performing plot tasks and sometimes distracted by side to pump your falcon. But further problems are already beginning: it seems to be the birds and we initially give more powerful, but the strength of enemies is seriously increasing. And they begin to attack not one by one, but by crowds, and even with the support of some nautical Caracatians, pouring us with different disgusts.The Falconeer: Video Game OverviewHere and here we are coming enemy something.
In addition, many plot orders are divided into steps – first, for example, we fly in the control points, then we meet the union vessel, we begin to accompany it, and the enemies on the way are arranged two or three attacks. Edged – all, start the mission from the very beginning. Therefore, before being taken for plot tasks, it is already serious to think about pumping birds and about the study of the world to gain access to the best leaders, artifacts and mutagenam.

And here it affects hardly the main problem The Falconeer – monotony of missions. On the one hand, the key tasks in the game are mostly interesting and tense, and some are also insidious – for example, we, having learned about the planned attack of pirates at an important industrial center, first we will specifically give them to destroy the defenders, and then enter into battle and divide into dust. And everything in order to get a profitable contract.The Falconeer: Video Game OverviewShards can also be collected in place of falling opponents in water.
But it is only necessary to pump out, as you already understood, on side orders, and they, let’s say, are not very diverse – as a rule, it is standard “find and destroy” or “deliver the cargo”. You can still be imposed on the ship accompanying almost to any ship in the sea, but then you have to fly for a long time throughout the region (although they pay for such good).

But goals in missions for head hunt, as a rule, are located right at the place of issue. And if you are lucky and they will fall out more often, it will turn out, practically no departure from the cash register, performing the same tasks, to make care.The Falconeer: Video Game OverviewSometimes captains inform something interesting.
This, of course, does not cancel the need to explore the world – the same sanctuations, the location of the most useful leading of the merits of mutagen and weapons should still be sought, – but still I would like to see a more attentive approach to side orders.The Falconeer: Video Game OverviewI wonder what we found it?

Falcon hunting

However, if it is clear, then it is even somehow inconvenient to scold authors of flights and space simulators for the fact that they have such identical tasks. Well, what can they offer except air bonds, accompanies, theft / search / delivery of goods and documents? Another thing is that it is necessary to beat all this more interestingly. That’s Thomas Sala promised how to modify additional missions.

And in the rest The Falconeer And it’s not particularly bung. Yes, there are problems with control on PC, but we honestly warn: the game “sharpened” under the gamepads and joysticks. And even on the computer you can adjust control so that you quickly get used to it and you start having fun.The Falconeer: Video Game OverviewHere, by the way, you can fish. Although such a whale do not definitely catch.
Especially when your bird deftly makes a barrel, sweels up, leaving the enemies, and then falls down, so that the energy spent dial, and to arrange the surprise.

With the help of barrel it is convenient to dodge the collisions.

Also in battle you can dump bombs, give orders to the accompanying allies (they are given to us for a while) and brake sharply, trying to do a sort of surpass in the air. Is hardly the strongest – the use of air spring and streams. The first raise sharply, and also fill the bird’s energy scale. The second takes it away from the aircraft away from the pursuers.

In general, battles turned out interesting. And when they pass during a thunderstorm or on the background of sunset, the game delivers pure aesthetic pleasure. In the thunderstorm, by the way, the lightning and energy are replenished, and our ammunition is charged.

Flaming sunset you and me … Cut the wings.

The Falconeer It looks very nice. Here you can gain (more precisely, to fall) on picturesque rocks with huge statues or for such an amazing depression in the midst of the ocean – it also gives the world of mystery and charm to the world:

Unlike Microsoft Flight Simulator, here it is not a bug, but quite a specific and important location.
The Falconeer – Certainly, one of the brightest, unusual and stylish rated simulators lately. Not without problems (however, typical of the genre), but also with their obvious advantages, most importantly of which are originality. Of course, I would like more freedom in the choice of fractions and less disposal in missions. But, thank God, the author does not throw the game, going to develop it. So lovers of flights in a dream and reveal i recommend trying The Falconeer. Only, if you decide to fly on these large birds, take gamepad or joystick.

Pros: plot;peace;model model;pumping system;graphics and style;Music and voice acting.

Minuses: monotonous side missions;The choice of fractions is limited;To control you need to get used to.

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