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September 12, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

The Feud: Wild West Tactics: Video Game Overview
Thanks to the story Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol At one time, we entered the turnover “How Ivan Ivanovich was quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich” – it denotes stupid in its essence, but the principal confrontation of neighbors. In the US, his analogue (much more cruel) still serves as a phrase about “Hatfield and McCoev.”. At the end of the XIX century, for more than 20 years, these two families who lived on the border of Western Virginia and Kentucky were hostile so that almost a half dozen members of both clans were killed. And there were almost Shakespeare Passions with their Romeo and Juliet, which was made by Rosanna McCoy – she loved one of the Hatfield.

About this story in 1949 removed the film, which was called – “Rosanna McCoy”. And in 2012, a cool mini-series “Hatfield and McCoy” came out with Kevin Kostter (Kevin Costner) in one of the main roles. And now about this famous, who entered the American folklore enmidiously made a game called The Feud: Wild West Tactics. True, its advantages are not in the very story about the confrontation of Hatfield and McKoev.

Friends against the general enemy

No, actually follow the events interesting enough. The authors prevent the historical truth with frank fiction, add to real characters brand new (naturally, appear actively warring women, where today without them!). And in the end, even forced the Hatfield and McKoev to unite in the fight against the general enemy, who kidnapped members of both families – a separate campaign is devoted to this forced union.

And yet the plot in The Feud Not in the first place – and it is served simply, short scenes with unoperacted dialogues and a terrible face animation as if from the last century.

Solorates in the game directly gameplay, which, on the one hand, is a certain XCOM in prairies (as well as mines and salunas) of the Wild West. And on the other – offers its ideas and extremely interesting strategic mode in the spirit Civilization, Age of Wonders And Master of Magic.The Feud: Wild West Tactics: Video Game OverviewIncredibly, but the fact: Hatfield and McCoy listen to two partners girls who do not have any relationship to their families.

The main thing is that they did not go behind

In three story campaigns (one for each family, plus the total) and Skirmish, we directly participate in tactical battles at the crossed area, and sometimes in the above-mentioned salns and mines. As a rule, everything comes down to the traditional “find and destroy, but sometimes you need to have time for the reserved number of moves to have time to collect some resources or, for example, to free hostages.

The rules here are the most that neither is “Ikskomovsky”. Everything about everything in everyone in the detachment (and in it can be three, and 5) there are two points of action that are spent on moving to the nearest shelter, on the attack, the use of special skills or on the inclusion of observation mode. Naturally, shelters can be complete or not very, and the most vulnerable position is denoted by a broken red shield – it means that the character is open to the attack. Even if it’s in front of it seems to be covered with a stone – it means, the pallet side or behind.The Feud: Wild West Tactics: Video Game OverviewTrees here are also considered shelters, but very weak.
Therefore, one of the main secrets of Victory is just in competent tactical maneuvering, that is, not to put your characters on the “red” positions and approach or bypassing the enemies so that they are already vulnerable to attack.The Feud: Wild West Tactics: Video Game OverviewOpponents in a vulnerable position easier to apply critical damage.


IN Wild West Tactics In place almost all “Ikskom” standards. You can take the heights (best of all, of course, sniper) – the truth, for some reason it is possible to climb only on selected stones. There is a partial destroyability – the tree-smelted tree can throw a fighter on Earth, which will not participate in a fight. Also throwing explosives or undermining barrels with gunpowders.

Especially successful attacks are demonstrated by a separate chamber.

And of course, in place as counting as a percentage of the chance of hitting and irritating misses with probabilities of 84% or 96%.

We destroyed the barrel, removed the shelter – and still missed ..

IN The Feud Freak really often. And considering that carcasses of enemies, as a rule, very thick, fights are often tightened – especially at first, when the heroes have not yet disadvantaged their accuracy and chance of critical damage, no different equipment with bonuses and so on.

Wild family tactic

Yes, naturally, there is a pumping, and clothes. Characters get levels and develop, acquiring both passive bonuses and special skills. And just just the abundance of these skills in many ways the situation saves – when using them, the chance of hitting, as a rule, increases.

Yes, and the ability of interesting. The authors were not crammed by the framework of traditional classes. Therefore, in addition to sniper, the doctor and a man with a double-barker, which is a doublet of enemies, there is, for example, a priest, sanctifying bullets right in battle. Or Assasin girl who can paralyze and poison enemies.

In addition, periodically our wards are included in special modes, receiving bonuses to characteristics, additional moves and opportunities. For example, they can in such a state to fill queues, activating the fire for suppression.

The Feud: Wild West Tactics

Or run on the enemy, like a bull, knocking him down.

The Feud: Wild West Tactics

And finally, the cherry on the cake comes the opportunity under certain circumstances to cause an enemy per duel in the classic Western style.

The Feud: Wild West Tactics

All this does not mean that the abundance of skills and such opportunities seriously facilitates the game. No, enemies in The Feud smart enough and just as used advanced abilities and impose different strengthening on themselves and allies. And the further, the more difficult. This is despite the fact that in the story campaigns, which are opening with each other, there are cross-country. There are always the heroes that there are no weak points, always excellent indicators and the final death is impossible – the maximum will receive an injury that reduces the supply of health, but after a couple of missions it will pass.

We must think globally

But in the strategic mode Western Saga is somewhat more complicated. There we are on a global map, divided into Hexes, send detachments from their city (and you can play again either for the Hatfield, or for McKoev) to seize other settlements, sawmills and mines. This brings the resources that go to hiring new fighters, as well as to carry out numerous studies designed to ease life in various fields. At the same time, the three other fractions that we need to overcome are.The Feud: Wild West Tactics: Video Game OverviewResearch here really a lot.
Other heroes are resorted periodically or we meet in a random event with a gang that kidding civilians. Then again the tactical battle begins. So, in our volatile detachments there may be only a couple of heroes, and the rest are mercenaries that are weaker in terms of indicators are endowed with both positive and negative features (may, for example, with a certain chance, refuse to fulfill our order) and have a property not onlyget injuries but dying. Injured (including heroes) leave for several days in order and treated in the city. Therefore, the retired has to be replaced, for which, I repeat, we need resources.The Feud: Wild West Tactics: Video Game OverviewAvoid confrontation is unlikely to succeed.
Additional problems can deliver different unpleasant events on the map – for example, by visiting the cemetery, we will find something useful or, on the contrary, earn a curse, after which it is your best hero in the detachment by the law and go to the family hospital.

There are even elements of diplomacy – in a separate menu it can be seen with whom and what kind of relationship we have, and there you can try to reduce the degree of stress, paying MZDU resources.The Feud: Wild West Tactics: Video Game OverviewAlthough it is better, of course, not to pay, but everyone “take out”.***
The Feud: Wild West Tactics It is pleasant to surprise – with all her external backwardness, there are a lot of worked mechanic, there is a challenge and a reason to stick to the minimum for a couple of days. Yes, by and large, these are variations of already known analogues, only in the new setting and with a pair of their ideas – but what, in essence, the difference, if you are interested in playing?

Pros: Interesting plot campaigns;Even more interesting strategic regime;In general, fascinating gameplay at the junction XCOM And Civilization, But with its ideas and in the Wild West Setting.

Minuses: outdated audiovisual performance;Due to the features of local mechanics, battles sometimes seem tightened.

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