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September 23, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

The Technomancer: Video Overview Games
Regarding the studio Spiders We have two news for you. Good – the French are still very want to be similar to BioWare, but The Technomancer (for nothing that without cosmic flights) from a certain angle can be taken for that very Mass Effect, which we have once lost – with a sane “pumping”, a bunch of various quests and without shelters. Bad – they still have no money to realize all this at the level of full hits.

Almost a year ago, in our preview, head Spiders Sland Rousseau (Jehanne Rousseau) promised that The Technomancer will be for the studio work on errors, the very game that the French originally wanted to release, and now they create, considering the experience and criticism obtained after Of ORCS and MEN, Mars: War Logs And Bound by Flame. Well, they really did a lot of work, but to get rid of all mistakes, unfortunately, failed.The Technomancer: Video Overview GamesAnd “bosses” are large here ..
Mars returns

The Technomancer – This is a really complemented, extended and improved version Mars: War Logs. The loose graphics, a modified combat system, truly large cities (though, without an open world, which the French never promised), a larger story, more different fractions, partners, dialogues ..

The action of the game again unfolds on the red planet, in a human colony, where various corporations are equipping their cities, install their own orders and compete with each other for resources. We play for a young technomagon, which turned out to be drawn into these disassembly with far-reaching consequences. In the process, he must fight, communicate, make difficult decisions, “pump” himself and improve equipment (its own partners).

The role-playing system is able to satisfy the discerning tastes. In battle, it is possible to freely change three different racks – this is, conventionally speaking, a warrior, a wrapping of a shield and a shield, a robber, making a bet on daggers and pistols, and, in fact, technomagon with a staff charged with electricity.

Accordingly, you improve some of these styles (or everything in a row – there are no restrictions here), strength, dexterity, endurance, or the magic of the character, and also develop its special talents. “Charisma” helps to convince interlocutors in dialogues, “Science” opens additional replicas in them and increases health regeneration from members of your squad. Well, why do you need “craftting” and the ability to crack the castles, explain, I think you do not need.The Technomancer: Video Overview GamesMartian cities differ greatly in style and architecture, but in every complete diverse inhabitants, gangsters, homeless, prostitutes, mutants and merchants.
RPG in the style of spiders

However, at first enjoy all this interfere with the generic sores of almost all projects Spiders, from which and then get rid of failed. Large cities are flooded by crookedly moving dolls, which or stand on the spot, waving their hands, or aimlessly roam there, here, periodically crashed into each other or in the furnishings.

In battles with the animation, everything is in order – and you, and the opponents know how to attack beautifully, block, shy and go away from shocks in a spectacular jump. And tehnomag with the staff and at all trained in such pirouettes that the monks of Shaolin will envy him. But feels with balance. Opponents even at the normal level of difficulty spread the team. And you are forced or for a long time to jump around them, waiting for the “mana” to be restored to cheer the reptiles with electricity, or rely exclusively on a combat rack with a shield.

And in the second half of the passage, the situation changes: you and with the staff of the famously seed with everyone even on “hard”. Stealth is useless: here it is practically impossible to remove the enemy in one blow – he will receive an increased damage and immediately climbs into a fight, attracting attention to you all the rest.

Finally, there are frank problems with logic in some quests. IN The Technomancer The internal timer is constantly working, the clock go, the day replaces the night and many tasks or tied at the time of day or are limited by execution time. The idea is excellent, but its authors are not always adequate. In one of the missions, for example, we must have time to find and neutralize a group of deserters, although they are sitting in a building and seems to be in no hurry. And in another you need to prevent the terrorist attack, neutralize the bomb. And for some reason, no one stopwatch includes – you can perform the rest of the tasks and even stick to sleep, waiting for the next morning, and the potential terrorist will divert in the same place.The Technomancer: Video Overview GamesThe defeated enemies do not die here, but lay stunned. DOWN – drop your karma.
Martian chronicles

The most offensive thing is that under all this is hidden really interesting, it is Rolling The game in traditions is all the same BioWare. IN The Technomancer full of moral dilemmas. Initially, our hero works in service from one of the militarized corporations and must maintain order on the streets of the city. But no one prevents him from acting in his own way and even disobey direct orders. The same deserters and the same terrorist can not be killed, and let go. Or arrest. You can even work on local criminal authority and stealing weapons from your own barracks. All the game you are at once between several lights, choosing between honor, debt, conscience and our own concepts about what is good and what is bad – and all solutions affect the reputation of various factions and for karma character.

Mass tasks, and almost everyone is a multi-step investigation with a mandatory moral dilemma at the end. The usual, it would seem, the request of a woman to find her missing daughter introduces us to the local world of prostitutes and thieves, where the mother sell their own children in the panel, and then we forced to search for the few days of the former clients of the girl, fight with the gangsters and eventually decide what to decide with itdo – help escape from the city, hide it with a friend’s friend or return criminals.

We find out who brutally kills S.Tuletrov, where the boxer was missing, who participated in the underground battles in the arena, who poisoned the Refugee Group. We take on clean water colleagues, robbing merchants, looking for spies and traitors, we deal with smugglers and even collect information for opposition media. In the process, the talents of the character are actively used. Sometimes you have to act only at a certain time of the day (as a rule, at night) and even change clothes, disguised, for example, under the stragging. Run there and here, it is clear, you need a lot, but after all, and in shooters you have to shoot. Strange, yes?The Technomancer: Video Overview GamesYou can think about every solution for a long time.
You are not alone

Much better than before, workers and partners. Sexy actress under cover;Grilling mechanic girl;Mutant, who was at the verification of a very educated friend;The guy who lost his hand, but not a sense of humor, – everyone has its own fate and their skeletons in the closet. They vividly communicate with each other, talk about their past and periodically turn to you for help. The spy, for example, will ask you to find the guilty in her “hard childhood”, and in the process you organize penetration with hacking, find that it is much more difficult than it seems at first glance, and decide to allow the girl to commit killing or stop her.

Some partners will be traitors and enemies, and with others allowed even to felt. All these conversations for souls and personal quests affect the level of relationship with a companion: if you are conditionally, be friends, then a partner, being in a team of three people, gives certain bonuses of both combat characteristics and social talents, such as”Harizme”.

Moreover, in some situations, the presence or absence of a particular character in the team directly affects the quests. For example, one day, when you investigate the murder of mutants and tell them to tribesmen that religious fanatics, “geeks” are responsible for the crime, decide to raise in the city of Buch. If, together with you, at this moment, a mutant associate will be, he will be able to convince his comrades in misfortune.The Technomancer: Video Overview GamesMonsters are constantly reborn, and it starts to annoy.***
Each game OT Spiders – It is always some kind of overcoming. Need to force yourself, give her a chance and see the budget shell really interesting RPG. The question is whether you are ready to overcome … however, now there is a relative lull in this genre, so I would still recommend all lovers of role-playing games The Technomancer to buy on some sale. If you, of course, want to run a lot on locations, perform quests and read into dialogs, and not miss them, then say that they are boring.

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