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August 15, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Thunder Tier One: Video Game Overview

Another tactical shooter? It sounds so happy that to attract attention to a new project in this genre, it is necessary to allocate something from the total mass, in which there is always from what to choose: militants for solitary passage and calculated on the multiplayer, in fantastic setting and in realistic, complex andArcade. The quantity, however, does not always go into quality, and find a really high-quality shooter even in our rich release time is not so easy.

Thunder Tier One from the current developers PUBG
– Korean Studio Krafton makes an application to be called valid. It seems to be nothing unusual, but there is a nuance – before us a shooter with a view from above.

Model for assembly

Just a lot of militants, a lot of tactics, too, have enough money with isometric. But the combination of all these components occurs infrequently. Isometric tactics Usually step-by-step, as the famous XCOM, or her language will not turn to call the shooter, despite the fact that the opportunity to shoot there is present (as in the recent War Mongrels). Yes, and in general isometric in action – this is usually a sign of spinal entertainment like Alien Shooter and her like. But in the case of Thunder Tier One
All seriously – developers tried to master the tactics genre.

It is noticeable from the first minutes of acquaintance with the game, it is worth it, for example, in the main menu to choose the Customization Character section. There you can find a gentleman’s set of any such project – a variety of weapons and equipment models with the enumeration of the characteristics of each sample. The weapon is not only the appearance – the rate of fire, the initial speed of the bullet, return, accuracy and convenience, and the equipment affects the speed of movement and the weight transferred by the fighter.

Thunder Tier One: Video Game Overview

Still want more variety of weapons, let the difference between the models of one class and not so noticeable.

There are no clearly specified classes, but the possibilities of customization as a whole are quite standard: you can choose the main and secondary weapons, take grenades, the special device like mines or first-aid kits;Change clothing, armor and backpack. There are all sorts of collaps, like sightsets, silencers and LCU. Stems are not so much – only three dozen, counting guns, and the list of special systems can surprise only the presence of a camera for peeping under the door.

In general, nothing surprising, but it is worth considering the fact that a set of equipment directly affects your character’s behavior on the battlefield. It unobtrusively pushes to building your own build under the selected battle style (“presets” can be saved to quickly switch between them).

For example, my favorite option is a heavy machine gunner with high armor. It is not afraid of the lack of cartridges, is able to survive a couple of hits with due good luck, and he can lead a long fire for suppression, pouring any suspicious bush hail of the bullets.

I tried and full of its opposite: a weakly excrepanted, but very fast scout with an automatic rifle equipped with an optical sight and PBS (as a rule, it is the AS “shaft”). He, of course, cannot provide such a density of shooting, as a machine gunner, but it does not have equal in a maneuverable battle, when the enemy can be bunned, he dried out from behind the corner or go to his back. An optical sight is noticeably increases the range of review – good help to counteract ambushes.

Thunder Tier One: Video Game Overview

Instead of the card there is an overview with the CAP. In this mode, you can also command allies.

Customization system B Thunder Tier One Before the heights of the same Escape from Tarkov, of course, preprints, but the required minimum variability provides with ease. Those who want more diversity (with this game tightly even in terms of cosmetic objects), it remains to hope for modifications – Thunder Tier One Friends with Steam Workshop.

SO Much Tacticool

This genre has one indisputable plus: such games are easy to manage and at the same time give very pleasant feelings from firing. Tto No exception: it will master it and the child – using WASD run, shoot the mouse, we use multiple keys to interact. On the other hand, the authors praise the realism of battles in every way: the characteristics of weapons and equipment are reflected on the battlefield – for example, bullets can break through obstacles.

However, it is easy to notice that realism here is in second place after entertainment. The developers skillfully exploit the players to “Tacticulus”: spectacular poses of fighters, negotiations on the radio with shouts about recharging and reports on the enemies destroyed (and generally worthy sound), involving death from one-two hitting system of damage and the like small,But atmospheric trifles are made from the usual “shooting” rather cinematic spectacle.

Thunder Tier One: Video Game Overview

The night vision device does not strongly help in the dark, but with him the game looks where atmospheric.

Oddly enough, it does not go to the detriment of tactics, which are here at least debug. With one reservation – if we are talking about a network game. In the multiplayer to choose from eating both PVP and PVE modes, but it is in competitive matches Tto reveals the most fully. Here there is a place and search for the right “assembly” of the character, and the ability to shoot a meager, and, of course, the very tactful thinking, the role of which here, in my opinion, is more than in the traditional network shooter overlooking the first or thirdPersons.

In PvP, three modes are two teams, with the battles of detachments of four people in each, and the usual “every self for itself” for eight fighters. The most interesting to me was “Evacuation”, resembling the standard Bomb Defuse from Counter-Strike: Each round is ambushes, maleuvers on the workarounds and other charming games, not focused on alone shooting from any position in any situation.

Thunder Tier One: Video Game Overview

In the network game it is better not to hurry – as a rule, the most patient wins here.

Stupid special forces

Against the background of a multiplayer, a single campaign looks completely slaughter. It is unlikely to pass even for training – disappointment will come wherever the missions will end, despite their very modest amount (nine total).

Similarly, first of all, partners under the control of A9. First, their behavior is unlikely to correspond to the high intellectual level of a fighter with terrorism: for example, they like to stick in objects and often do not pay attention to the enemy shooting right under the nose, which would be dying in at all seemingly innocuous situations. Secondly, which is much worse, the management of the team is inconvenient, and the orders given to the sin in half perform the wards seemingly reluctant. Forget about teamwork – much easier to perform tasks yourself, leaving other special forces somewhere behind, where they are not confused at least under their feet. Opponents, however, not very smarter.

Thunder Tier One: Video Game Overview

Even on the complexity “Realism” enemies – bots serve only by targets.

From other notable minuses, it is not necessary to note the most convenient implementation of the chamber and the bad visibility of the line of fire. We’ll have to spend some time to get used to it and do not fall into the stone right in front of yourself, targeting the unfair in fact.

Completely forgot – here and the plot is! However, it is worthy of telling about him? I strongly doubt – completely the secondary story about confrontation with terrorists in a fictional Eastern European country called Salobia is not remembered by absolutely nothing, despite the rather detailed briefings before each task. And although enemy negotiations with a terrible Russian accent listen funny, no other setting is remembered.

If you play the cooperative, then it is better to pass the stealth mission – they turned out much more interesting than ordinary “meat” shootout.

Rarely meet a successful symbiosis of simplicity of management, excellent transmitted special forces and importance of tactics. To those who are close to such a concept, Thunder Tier One will definitely like the soul, the main thing is to quit a single missions in time and go to the multiplayer.

Pros: Specialty stylistics;atmospheric sound;truly tactical gameplay in competitive modes.

Minuses: stupid ii;The camera to which you need to get used to.

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