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September 1, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Undermine: Video Game Overview
“Missed in THE BINDING OF ISAAC, Rogue Legacy And ENTER THE GUNGEON? Then we specifically prepared a new game for you!»Yes, the author of the original advertising campaigns and slogans did not work out. But now you already imagine what to expect from Undermine – one of the most popular “Rogaliks” this summer.

Take picky, go to the bottom

As in all such games, in Undermine The plot seems to at first serve only a reason for the next descent to the dungeon. In this case, a certain archman sends a village to the mine so that they find out that there is such a strange thing going where these underground shocks and where the Blacksmith disappeared. It is clear that the archman is for some reason it is necessary in his witchcraft research, but why should this be necessary for us – not very. But Selyan, as you know, are usually not asked by the Lords, and therefore they grab the picka and cigat in the mine.

The main thing is not to be cut into failure – it will not kill it immediately, but we will remove part of the health.

Well, then there is a traditional program in general: we move through the dungeons rooms, overcome the traps, fight, we are looking for keys, collecting golden (in this case, carving gold bars picking stones and walls), open closed doors and chests, we find new potions, artifacts andrelics.Undermine: Video Game OverviewKirk can throw in enemies – she works here as a boomerang.

Periodically also come across underground shops where you can buy what useful. And so – to the room where there is a descent even lower, to the next level. The lower and lower, then we meet with local bosses, which are here on the background of our village (or delyyanka) look very big.

In addition to these huge bosses there are also their mini colleagues.

Naturally, the farther, the more difficult: in addition to rats and flies, more advanced enemies appear – skeletons, worms, attackers from under the ground, poisonous spiders, teeth chests (classic genre!) etc.


Usually, the bosses can not overcome the first time, and other dangers, as you understood, grabs. And after death, we lose some of the gold and return to the center of the mines, to the archman. Undermine: Video Game OverviewThe game ironically reports how another selinine killed.
Immediately, a new seliner (appearance, the floor and the surname can be randomically changed by the mirror), which is inherited by the remaining capital.

Spend it is on what. About underground shops I already said. But much more importantly, we gradually find and exempt at different levels of extremely useful comrades – the blacksmith, the manufacturer of bombs, alchemist and others. They return to the center of the mines and begin to offer their services there.

For a blacksmith, for example, you can buy improvements for equipment, increasing the level of health, damage in the near or far battle, distance throwing. Or reducing gold losses after death. Also Kuznets knows how to found recipes for Thoria stones (very rare, usually come across in blue chests) to make extremely useful items like a charm who gives a chance to avoid death, or steel boots. True, after death, they break, but the chance appears to find them in the following attempts.

In such boots, departing spikes you will crush like bugs.

Manufacturer Bombs We buy upgrades, allowing to blow not only ordinary, but also more complex walls to gain access to new rooms. And the archhamaga sell artifacts with which, for example, you can select objects or gold at a distance.

All this is quite expensive, so the issue of capital accumulation is sharp – it is necessary to engage in Grindom, once at once dying, losing part of the expectant, accumulating and buying what has been copied for so long.Undermine: Video Game OverviewThe same equipment improves a lot, many, many times.

Follow the pockets

And here you need to note one very funny “chip” Undermine. The so-called stylish people live in mines – Funny jumping emoticons, which are still lying to poke Goldishko, which carries the Kirk of our village. If they grabbed the ingot, then only the tagging in the thief will make him pick up gold. You have to viely follow them, which at the same time infuriates, and amuses.

Especially infuriates when stybrids steal our gold in the midst of such fools.

At first, the faithful companion of Selyanin helps to cope with the tapered – small, but the remote canary, whose ability is just allowed to pick up ingots and take them to stylish. But then other useful satellites appear, such as Gina, helping to find hidden rooms and stairs, or firebirds throwing fireballs in enemies. And there you have to cope with the elaimed emoticons.Undermine: Video Game OverviewAll satellites during each balancing are gaining experience and pump out.

Look under the feet

Generally, B Undermine Many interesting features. For example, a big focus on reset bombs, which and enemies wounded, and open the passages to the chests or to new, including secret, rooms.

During the race, the effects of bombs can be changed repeatedly and edited.

There is also an interactive environment and a variety of surfaces. The blown barrels can trap the earth and the hero himself, and then will have to look for water. The latter, by the way, misses electricity, the wound of everyone who has come to her. And fueling spots slow down and do not allow jump.Undermine: Video Game OverviewMazut, naturally, you can set fire.

Meet unusual characters

One of the main features – the curses system. Periodically, you can meet the demon of Sho’guul (more precisely, to get into his dimension through its own mouth), which offers powerful relics, and instead imposes from two curses. Agree or not, you decide for yourself. For many, especially in late stages or with a new passage, it is precisely this becomes an additional incentive for which it is worth playing. Such extreme – to the maximum to launch curses and try to survive.Undermine: Video Game OverviewHere for this shield we will get three curses. The more, the stronger respects us Sho’guul.
In general, the lower in the mine, the more interesting characters and the more tangible becomes initially the absent plot. There are, for example, a girl named a black rabbit, which is a little different from stybrids – it strives to deceive us, selling some nonsense or offering to participate in a dubious lottery.Undermine: Video Game OverviewHere, for example, you need to pay, click one of the three levers and hope that it will really open access to the chests, and will not destroy them. Or us ..

And hope for good luck!

In general, in Undermine really many characters, secrets, blessings already mentioned curses and relics. In this sense, the game can be compared with the “Aizek” and other best “bays”, where such things give a variety of effects. Somewhere they are useful, but quite expected: increase health, damage, add the effect of lightning weapons, return damage to the enemy, with a certain chance set up enemies and so on.

Or, allow our pick-up rickety from enemies.

Sometimes come across and very unusual properties – for example, bombs begin to fall out of the character, or gold bars fall on the ground with blasts. And all this affects the chances of survival. Much, understandable, it depends on luck and random. Find a tent, which will restore health at the next level, it is possible to put it mildly, not always – the laws of the genre.***
Undermine – from those games that are hard to break away. Even if you were adjusted by the preview version of the new hit and time for something else there is no particular, anyway, the adventures of the village.

Yes, in fact, we have already seen all this. But the authors, firstly, worked very well a mandatory program, and secondly, they still managed to paint it with interesting strokes. Yes, you can turn, they say, all the way we actually run in the same gear, with the same (only grained) pick. But it is rather not a criticism, but wishes about future additions and updates. Because I really want this game to continue to live and develop.

Pros: The plot is gradually revealed and quite capable of surprising;many characters, secrets and mechanic (including hidden);the most fascinating gameplay, absorbed ideas from the classics of “Rogaliks” and their finds;very nice picture;Music is not that outstanding, but quite consistent with the spirit of the game, but voice acting (all these screams, grooves, sounds of shocks) is even better;Stybrika (I will see again – Priv!).

Minuses: There is a deficit of a variety of equipment;there is an imbalance between the near and distant battle – throw picks into enemies much more often, and it is frankly more efficiently.

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