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December 15, 2022
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The fact that they are good indios, so that their authors are not shy to think and embody big, ambitious projects, whose list of features would cause a nervous grin from solid publishers: “You, a little studio, and that’s all? Funny. Goodbye”. Nevertheless, from such projects sometimes really born great games. For example, Vagrus: The Riven Realms, which one little Hungarian studio has made.

Gods gave, the gods are

To immediately intrigue and transfer the scale of what is happening, I will say so – Vagrus: The Riven Realms, on which LOST PILGRIMS STUDIO Collected more than $ 200 thousand – this is a mixture of The Banner Saga, The Age of Decadence and Kenshi in the huge world of Dark Fantasy, with something reminiscent of the Setting Dark Sun from the Universe Dungeons & Dragons.

This world is naturally designed in postpocalyptic tones. The cataclysism was provided to him by the gods themselves – they did not like how the broken, mosted into the sin of people. And a thousand years ago, the gods decided to arrange a “restart” – they say, let it be not Sodom and Gomorra in the entourage, similar to the blooming outward and bumping from the inside the ancient Rome, and harsh survival in the postpocalyptic desert, siding monsters, mutants and zombies.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

It will not be easy to survive.

However, there are more reasonable inhabitants – people, orcs, dwarves, elves, semi-elbows, semi-demonstations, politracons and even reasonable crystals. Plus a lot of different fractions, trading houses, cults, criminal syndicates, cities, settlements, ruins, mines and so on. And in the midst of all this we are naturally not all over white, and in the sweaty and working. After all, we have a difficult task – to behave through this immense and uncomfortable desert your caravan, hoping that tomorrow mutants will not eat you and your own slaves will not kill.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

The authors of the Vargus 20 years played together, so they only attract them.

I- Wagr, and I have a big comedat

Vagrus on the local jargon is a captain, and Comitatus is a caravan, and it is really big and very voracious (about it later). So, as a vaga of his comeditat, we must decrease either a fame and honor or huge wealth for 10 in-game years. And these are two different lineups of unique quests – in addition to the total story. “Rich” first of all, you need to get a license for the foundation of your shopping post, and fucking fame – find the legendary Wargus and to gain wisdom. Or you can not set yourself any global goal and endlessly survive zombies in the world, half impex and reasonable crystals. There is still a training campaign, simplified by mechanics, but very exciting.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

Interesting events are enough.

However, in all these cases, even in the training scenario, nobody limits us – except that the moral principles, the deadlines for performing some quests and resources, necessary to get wherever you want. And so you are free to forget about the plot orders at any time, go anywhere on the map, visit the first city, go there to the tavern or a brothel (if it is), buy a drink with the whole team, learn (not swallow, of course) localrumors and news, take an order for some kind of cultivists for the delivery of a batch of beer (and what, they are also people!), and even passengers to grab with you who need to be accompanied before the settlement, that in three days of the track from here. And in the city itself – shop, Arena, office hunters for heads ..

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

For rumors and news there are separate bookmarks in the journal.

And here on the map already new “points of interest” and sources of income. At the same time, you can not even throw a quest, but simply to betray the one who issued it, and the available methods of several. I, in any case, was suggested at the very beginning of this non-piece adventure. True, it was necessary to betray a person who had previously asked to help the empire with one investigation. And here are pleased to learn whether it is worth binding to the imperials.

Solutions here have serious consequences, for which I was immediately transparent and hinted. Even the way you communicate – they say, “Yes, I am willing to fulfill this task” or “No, I don’t work rapidly,” it is reflected on the attitude towards the character, and on the look, with how the interlocutor will look at him.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

Text is very, very much.

Our solutions affect the companions, which are gradually joined by the team. All of them also colorful. Dvarf came to me quite quickly, who was betrayed by the former business partners, half-lit, something similar to Drax from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” mercenary with large connections in the criminal world and a bird girl offering the services of the hunter. You can communicate with everyone, to ask their opinions about each other, to scream about their past (for which the mercenary wants to shame people from his list?) and turn novels.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

Well, no drands?


Before you go to the intriguing, but very difficult journey, we will create our Vagra. Everything is as in the “big” RPG – choose the race (unfortunately, allrakons and reasonable crystals are not available), the origin (aristocrat, veteran, slave trade, student, priest, medical and more options), global specialization (merchant, mercenary or researcher)and priority skills.

All this, naturally, directly affects the starting characteristics and abilities. People-imperials, for example, immediately receive bonuses in relations with some fractions and +1 to peppers associated with religion and intelligence;Orcs take the same plus to force, endurance and ability to intimidate interlocutors, as well as a unique awesome totem;And semi-elfs give the mascot good luck and the bonus to agility.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

People are divided already on four subrams.

Parameters and Perks Mass – Medicine, Belief, Survival, Beating, Art of Cheating, Trade, Trade, Religion, Hardeners, Herbality, Hunting, Alchemy, Engineering, Navigation, Magic Saint, and so on. And also – special skills, available only to us, leader: For example, the ability to support companions in battles, bonus to the glasses of movement of caravan on the map or an increase in the chance of success during verification of conviction skills / intimidation.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

In fights, the leader is able to even withdraw an ally from knockout.

A special resource is spent on the use of leadership skills – resource. In addition, there is an authority parameter: from him, in particular, the tolerance of associates to our solutions depend on how many roles can we allocate in the caravan – someone will be responsible for hunting, and someone will help with financial affairs thatgives bonuses to the general party indicators. By the way, each companion has its own set of features and peaks that we develop them. All this needs to be pumped over insight glasses, which are issued for our successes, including the passage of the plot and filling in the pages of the Tolstin Code.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

The world of the game has been worked in very detailed.

Whip, gingerbread and resources

It is hardly the most important in the parameters and peppers – everything is associated with survival. The developers are not in vain and on the page in Steam, and in the game itself persistently warn that Vagrus: The Riven Realms – It’s pain and hardcore. The caravan includes slaves, workers, warriors and scouts. All of them, except for slaves, you need to regularly pay a salary, everyone needs to be fed, otherwise the power parameter will fall, and the moral spirit will be launched.

And this is here, unlike many similar games, not empty words. Already soon you will start with the meaning to look into the eyes, ask uncomfortable questions, the rebounds will go critical to the consequences. Especially if discipline falls among slaves. This is a separate parameter – obedience (obedience), which needs to be maintained by a whip or gingerbread: to punish the slaves in time, or some of them give freedom, transferring in the rank of hired workers.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

In such situations there is always an option to try to twist, negotiate with the ruffers.

Therefore, you have to constantly buy food. But this is not no1. You can send scouts to the area study to hunt there, or during the privals (we arrange them when the glasses of the caravan movement) send their people to search for the surroundings. But it reduces the endurance of the party, affecting the speed of its movement and the ability to make march-throws in emergency situations. You can also trade, but at first you don’t really know what it is more profitable to buy / sell, – it is necessary to understand and, in particular, to build relationships with factions that, among other bonuses, will provide information about prices in this grouping locations.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

To be friends with fractions in Vagrus is very useful. At the same time on a separate screen you always see who is not friendly with.

It is necessary to take care of the part-time job, but after passing five days to the city, where we accompany our passengers, you may find that food is almost no left, because you constantly have to break the camp, rest and feed people. Therefore, it is especially valuable to spend the night in good conditions in taverns – it is expensive, but gives bonuses to mood and nutrition. During the privalov, to get bonuses, it is necessary to establish protection (otherwise, on the contrary, there will be fines), but this requires enough warriors. And those, in turn, also want to eat and receive a salary ..

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

Camps screen you will see very often.

Here robbage caravans

All in all, Vagrus: The Riven Realms – A real simulator exhausted cavering cave. I have not yet said that you need to buy equipment for your driving animals, which are responsible for the caravan capacity – if it becomes completely hungry, you can also die out, but it will be very expensive subsequently. The cities are also allowed to buy slaves, hiring scouts, workers, warriors. And the latter, if there is enough horses, it is better to translate into riders – they are more effective when protecting the Comitat.

Yes, you can attack on your caravan, or we ourselves should attack some1. In this case, a common fight is a wall on the wall (command battle), in which our and enemy damage and protection indicators are compared.

Here here – more about such fights.

The usual battles pass by the formula that resembles Disciples and Darkest Dungeon – our and strangers stand opposite each other (we own our own) and take turns attack using unique skills. Maybe, for example, to give away at once two enemies on neighboring cells, push off someone back or, on the contrary, attract. And if we are free to support your resources, inspire, raise the initiative and so on. Plus you need to draw protection modes – set evasion or block.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

The battles are stylish and brutal.

The problem is that the opponents are very strong here and often attack the waves – as a result, at the beginning of the campaign, some companions have to be constantly treated during privals, spending time and inhabited medicines for this time.

So I, and the authors warn you: The Riven Realms – epic and multifaceted RPG in a well-developed world, where full and strategic, tactical, and role-playing, but it is not easy to play it. Be prepared for the routine of some actions and to what you have to try again. Well, there is always the opportunity to start passing in a lightweight mode.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Overview

From one city to another – a few days of the road and a lot of burnt supplies.

Vagrus: The Riven Realms is almost all good, and there are three problems here. The first is our purely, domestic: no Russian localization. And the text, and good, literary, almost as much as in Disco ELYSIUM, is actually a fantasy-novel in video game format, text RPG with adding step-by-step battles. I suggest to arrange a raid on the page of developers and ask to add a great and mighty. The second problem is the interface, taking into account the small size of the font, can be in the literal sense of the headache. Well, the passage still seemed to be tightened because of the need to constantly do the privals – the number of glasses of the caravan movement would be better to increase. So this is also a game for those who have a lot of free time.

Pros: perfectly worked out postpocalyptic setting;Interesting plot campaigns;Fascinating, complex and hardcore gaplets at the strategy strategy, tactics, survival simulator and role-playing game;freedom and nonlinearity;Many fractions;Deep role-playing system;difficult battles;abundance of interesting, literary text;Cute art design;Atmospheric music.

Minuses: there is no Russian language;The game may seem tight and routine;not the most convenient interface.

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