Void’S Calling: Video Game Overview

We must immediately say that the authors Void’s Calling do not position the game like a porn for anything. This is a visual novel, crossed with RPG, – here there is a completely interesting plot, dialogues, quests, fights, pumping, trade and even grind. Just there are many beautiful girls and more or less frank scenes. But what is all the same more – a date simulator or a full-fledged game?

Why it looks like a “Witcher”?

Main character Void’s Calling Call Forlan, and he really looks like Geralta – long hair, sword behind his back, increased women’s attention and work to order, to deliver the world to get rid of the world from bandits, gangs, Bolotniks (almost wrote “Utoptsev”) and other nastiness. And he also belongs to the so-called clean – it is an analogue of hunters for sorcerers. That is, Forelan and the like people travel along the continent and are looking for those who their magical gift freely or unwittingly “violates world harmony”.

And once the call of emptiness (in the world Void’s Calling This is something like Chaos) leads it to the town of Crazengophh (Krazengophh), where you need to find the obsessive – Maga (or Witch? Forelan does not know exactly) who violated the law. Do it will not be easy – especially since at first our hero is not allowed into the castle of the local baron, nor to Burgomaster. Search obsessed alone or seek help to someone from the locals (and better – residents)?

In any case, it is not necessary to miss the Grangort – the emptiness is already poisoning the minds of citizens, gradually filling their souls with madness and lust ..Void & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewWell, no witch?

How many girls are good

All this is similar to the taste of some erotic novel, and in principle Void’s Calling Such is – the game does not be bent the phrases in the spirit “He pulled out and again drove his blade into the pliable sheath” or “she felt her a long-haired bud again dismissed”. Forlana at every step surround beautiful girls, whether it is a herbal, saved at the very beginning of the robbers brothers, or her still quite a young and cute mother, or a master’s master’s wife, or a waitress in the same place, or a whister, or a hostess we need a shop or briefer..

And except that in the brothel or with a street girl at the hero will succeed immediately, without unnecessary prefaces to go to business. In other cases, the rules of classical symulators of dates come into force. That is, with a girl you need to communicate long enough, correctly do and answer questions (which is better – frankly flirt, invite to dance or first just talk to?), notice some details before it turns out to be losing its location in your direction and eventually “Dissate for Sex”.

Some girls like the already mentioned Ilga’s herbal or a mysterious stranger, which one will post in the Atlane number, do not fit into the usual standards – are important characters for the plot, relationships with which are planned in particular. For Forlana, this is about as yen and triss for Geralta – that is, there is no longer about the “intelligence for sex”, but the stories of love or big passion.Void & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewNowhere to Forelan.

And here are the girls themselves

In any case, all the girls really in their own way beautiful. Make sure you yourself. And at the same time, write in the comments who you liked most!

Void & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewVoid & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewVoid & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewVoid & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewVoid & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewVoid & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewVoid & amp; # 39; s Calling game review

Nevertheless, this is also an interesting game ..

Moved? And now calm and read on. Despite all these women’s charms and phrases from typical erotic novels, Void’s Calling It remains interesting and as a game. First, there is a completely intriguing plot, built, remind, in search of an obsessed magician, and not solely on carnal pleasures. We communicate with the inhabitants of the city, learn rumors, try to raise our reputation to get to the reception to Baron and Burgomaster, help her grass and even guard her. And gradually begin to feel that for Forel, also began to follow someone – and even let him go on his trail.

This story, as it should be in visual novels, is non-linear. And it’s not just that someone gets to dilute for sex, and someone is not, – there is also a plot nonlinearity (although this is all, to admit, almost inseparable from each other), which leads to different ending.Void & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewSomething in all these brotherhoods, clean and selfish, sounds very familiar ..

… and almost RPG

Secondly, there are quite serious elements RPG. Forelan grows in levels, pumping force or agility. He can train the same parameters in his room in the tavern before entering the city. And outside the Cranvianf (and sometimes on urban streets) hunter fights with gangsters and monsters.Void & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewCan be pumped using classic grind.
Fights are decorated with text, and we choose what action is to produce – a regular blow, power, fierce or fint. At the same time, the chance of hitting is determined by the catch of an invisible cube – well, or by chance.

In any case, it is better to first evaluate the enemy and then act according to the classic scheme, given that fast and dexterous enemies are likely to confuse your power attacks, and for slow and powerful your fins will be akin to comlarine bite. Therefore, often the most effective tactic is to protect against counterattacks. That is, in general, fights in Void’s Calling not even deep, but not primitive. Is that fighting random: wait for someone from enemies or Forelan himself finally will perform a productive effect, you can long.Void & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewThe more we pump out, the more serious enemies come across.
And a few more facts:

  • You can wander around the local forests and you can fight at least the whole day until the sun sits and we will not force us to sleep in the tavern. It brings both money and experience.
  • Money is spent on the purchase of healing potions, new equipment (weapons and armor of different levels of quality) and on spa treatments in a local bathhouse. After all, if you fight for a long time and not to wash, then from Forena will begin to stink – then most of the meetings and dialogues in the city will not be available.
  • You need to take care of reputation – it opens up new opportunities like communication with a burgomist or viewing orders on the bulletin board.
  • Consider that every transition between districts and shops in the city spends gaming time, and some events and characters become available only at a certain time of day. Therefore, there is a “wait” button, that is, skip the fuck number of hours.

Void & amp; # 39; s Calling game reviewAs a real hired hunter, Forelan must follow the state of weapons.***
Void’s Calling – the thing in its own way is unique. Visual novel with erotic (if not to say more) a bias, but not about anime and familiar “Ceanok”, but about fantasy Middle Ages in the Spirit “Witcher” and beautiful European women. A date simulator, which is interesting and as a story adventure, and as almost a complete RPG – albeit text. If you like such things and you have already been 18 years old, then you can get acquainted with the game definitely. For some reason, I am sure that the continuation (but for now only the first episode) you want to see exactly.

Pros: interesting story;charismatic hero;Fullly fascinating gameplay at the junction of visual novel, date simulator and text RPG;Many beautiful girls;

Minuses: Battles due to random can be strongly delayed;Sometimes it is not very clear what the game wants from us and what to do next;Specific language of erotic novels, which are described by the relevant scenes, most often merge, and does not excite – although this is a matter of taste.

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