Witch Hunt: Video Game Overview

As you know, in video games hunting simulators – it’s not only about the shooting of boars and deer. In the series Monster Hunter We hunt various fantastic creatures, and The Witcher Some consider an exceptionally wonderful simulator of hunting for evil spirits and the glory, which for some reason,. Witch Hunt – also about the witch hunt, undead and other typical inhabitants of Horror. In his indie segment, this is the best game on a given topic – its ideas competitors began to propose when Witch Hunt still in early access.

Too much ind?

Time of action Witch Hunt – XVIII century, place – the city of Belleville, in which people have started to die and disappear. Having learned about this, our protagonist went here – a professional evil hunter who dedicated his life to the fight against evil after the demons killed him.

On the way, it was smelled of “something big”, the horse with fear ran away, and I had to go to the settlement on foot. And there we are met by the gallows – right in the center of the town (if these several houses can be called so) someone dangles in the loop. Well, and everything in such a spirit is a gloomy church, fog, grazing silence, locked houses, corpse of a girl near the bridge, a corpse of a man under the bridge, scarecrow with a goat skull in Saraj and a frightened mayor who promises a reward for the deliverance of Belville from a terrible monster.

At first, you must confess, it causes an indulgent smile. Too primitive graphics, character model and scene. And in the future, we still have to hunt a big walking tree, which is spitting poison, and even on the son of the devil born by a local witch. It looks like a curved, but very angry Damnka, crossed by fate and animation – from her, by the way, everything is suffering here.Witch Hunt Game ReviewIt is also necessary to kill ordinary evil.

Damned old forest

However, all this is ridiculous in the description and in theory, but in practice, in the dynamics it becomes no longer before laughter. Immediately over the bridge, you fall into the gloomy forest, as if taken from the Gothic novels of the same XVIII century or from the films of German expressionists (see. “Cabinet Dr. Caligari”) – Walking on the ground Fog, lead sky, naked black trees with branches, similar to bony hands. Around anyone, but after a dozen meters in the ears, some humps, rustles, screams, inhibit or even strange singing are beginning to grow. Somewhere terribly howling or wolves, whether dogs (as it turns out, dead). And you understand what will hurt now. Leave as soon as possible, noises are poketed, but again begin to increase somewhere else, next to the boulder from the baked fog river or on the mountain, where someone’s corpse hangs on a lonely tree ..

And now a smile comes from the face, you are missingly died (so the character is less noticeable) and take the faithful musket with silver bullets. There is another pistol that is not so accurate, but it recharges faster. In case, the cartridges are over or recharged once, a saber is provided. With this arsenal, you can cope with the ordinary undead, which sooner or later runs on you in the process of studying the damned forest.

Walking and screams

But to cope with more serious enemies and even more so for the purpose of your hunt, this will be little. Some are better to run away at all – from whispers, for example. These are such perfumes that are starting something terrible whispering to you even before you see them. The whisper is growing, and if it does not run away in time, you will soon see a flash with a terrible rye in front of yourself and lose the lion’s share of health. Witch Hunt Game ReviewThat’s how we look through the eyes of the beast, which hunt.
There are still “dead-distance” – you can not look at them, otherwise I will start getting damage, so it’s better or moving around somehow sideways, or run far away. Many monsters are very terribly yelling. And the same witch that the devil’s son gave birth, being in the distance, beautifully, as in Opera, sings. But it is worth it to be in the zone of her defeat, as she publishes such a terrible scream that the legs are cut off and want to throw as soon as possible and from this forest, and from this game, and in general, as I now fall asleep, I’m old, I need to buy Validol ..

In addition to jokes, all this works great at the atmosphere and really makes it feel if not horror, then discomfort and the same Hichkokovsky Suspantly, tension – quite accurate.

There is a hunt for clutter wolves

But I remind you that the main task for the player in Witch Hunt – Decay and destroy the main monster. The first will be huge blackwester. However, as he looks like this is a monster, you initially do not know. And then you have to rely on no musket and saber, but on some mystical abilities of Master Hero.

He, of course, not a full-fledged witcher, the smell of monsters does not see in the form of a comfortable red track, but he also increased sensitivity to monsters, he feels in 500 meters – the heart begins to beat more often, and it can be used to navigate. In addition, the mana glasses can be included “Evil’s vision” so that for a few seconds to watch the eyes of the mounds – so we are approximately determined, where that (or that) is and where it goes.

Also in the town is sold a special totem, which after installation indicates where to look for our goal. He also preserves the progress by the machine – and this is important, considering that on rare conservation altars with us. But the main thing, in the same place, in the town, you need to buy silver crucifixes. 30 seconds after installation, they beat the aiming blow of the lightning monster, if he found himself within a radius of 150 meters from the crucifixion, and cause a huge damage, in contrast to the shots from the Musket.Witch Hunt Game ReviewMay the power of God will be with us!

I killed the evil – where my salary?

That’s it in the purchase of such silver crucifixes and their installation in the right places where the monster will be held, in fact and consists of the main tactic when hunting for Belville’s evil. And then, if necessary, it is necessary to specifically remove the monster on these “mines”.

For crucifixes and totems need money. Silver bullets are also not free. In addition, a merchant in the city has to buy different useful improvements (skills) and equipment for a character. The skills accelerate the reloading of weapons and health regeneration, make the same crucifixes more efficient, allow you to not get damage when falling from height, reduce player’s noticeability, open the function of rapid movement.

Or give special skills like a “second chance” – if the health of the hero fell to zero, but there were at least 45 units of mana, then it is teleported in an arbitrary point on the map with 15 hitpoints. And equipment – boots, armor, compass, bag for cartridges – increases health stocks, raises endurance, allows you to see my location on the map and wear more silver bullets.

We find money on all this in the process of studying the forest, searched at home, opening the chests to the horses (there is a skill that increases the chance of hacking), finding some rides, caves and crypts with silver jugs, vases and other jewels. And, of course, coins need to earn directly with their profession – killing evil spirits. After purchasing a special license for each killed creature, we will rely on the reward that we take away from the mayor when we come to the city to replenish the reserves of bullets, bars, totems and crucifixes or to be found in the local church. Witch Hunt Game ReviewThis is the hero of someone noticed and crushed him so much that I had to run from all my feet.***
As a result from Witch Hunt It turns out an almost full hunting simulator, where you are equipped with extracts, patience, strong nerves, diaper and validol on the shelf. Need to get and find out where the monster is located, as he looks like, where to get the card and so on. We long and patiently track the object, passing around “Grindom”, buying new equipment and skills for the character.

However, this is still a low-budget indie – here only one card (although quite big), not the most, let’s say, outstanding graphics and animation, and so on. Therefore, when authors suddenly begins to refuse a sense of measure and they force us a broken hour to furnish with crucifixes and shoot a huge walking tree or destroy some vulnerable places on the body of a local Loch Nesky Crank, then all this turns into some time-Monster Hunter. But in the remaining moments Witch Hunt – This is a really interesting and unusual cocktail from the hunting simulator on terrible creatures and atmospheric, Gothic, and in some places – just very terrible horror.

Pros: It happens very scary here;Interesting gameplay, mixed on pumping, tracking monsters and horror;Gorgeous work with sound.

Minuses: primitive plot;Battle with large “bosses”, especially with a walking tree, tedious;weak graphics and spoiling animation;just one map.

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