Hit Card “Roglik” SLAY THE SPIRE Selected from early Steam Access

Hit Card “Roglik” SLAY THE SPIRE Selected from early Steam Access
SLAY THE SPIRE – Card “Roglik”, which thundered in early access Steam for the last few months. Now the game got out of the status of the beta version and announced its release to the whole world together with the fresh trailer.

IN SLAY THE SPIRE You climb the spleen and fight opponents. Battles based on card mechanics. New cards for decks you are looking for right while traveling. In each race, the spire changes: Locations, enemies, maps, relics, and even bosses are tucking.

How to tell developers in the Steam community, during early access in SLAY THE SPIRE The third character appeared, daily signs, integration with Twitch chat, fast mode, Steam workshop, Slots for saving, support controller and much more. In Bethe, the game received updates every week, but after the release, the tempo will decrease: the authors want to focus on other developers (for example, on new platforms). but SLAY THE SPIRE still seen even more fresh content. Details will be told another time.

SLAY THE SPIRE Available in Steam for 465 rubles. Thanks to the efforts of the community there are translations into Russian and Ukrainian. Reviews “extremely positive” – 96% after almost 23,000 reviews.

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