Starcraft 2: Wings Of Liberty: Tip (GPU Overheating Protection)

Abnormal heat reigns not only in some regions of the world, but also in the insides of the system unit when StarCraft 2 is running on the computer. It turned out that a strategy that is quite undemanding to the power of iron literally makes video cards with mediocre cooling systems white-hot.

The point is that there is no frame rate limit in the game. In some situations (for example, in the main menu of the game) powerful computers, having a low load in the area of ​​calculations, spend all their time on redrawing a practically static picture very, very quickly. And at the same time they overheat. There are already known cases when video cards simply failed. As a temporary solution, the developers suggest manually adjusting the game settings. To do this, open the file at Documents \ StarCraft II \ variables.txt and add the lines there:

frameratecapglue = 30
frameratecap = 60

This will limit the number of frames and keep your computer’s GPU from dying prematurely. Meanwhile, Blizzard is preparing the first patches, in which players are expected not only to fix bugs, but also to new game content..
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