Ubisoft solves the most important question: “Yubisoft” or “UBISOFT”?

Ubisoft solves the most important question: “Yubisoft” or “UBISOFT”?
This year publisher Ubisoft celebrates the 30th anniversary and after that many years finally decided to decide how to pronounce its name.

Investigation, of course, comic. Ubisoft asked their employees as they pronounce the name of the native company. Options, it turns out, a lot. There is even “JubiaiSoft”! Chapter Ubisoft Yves giimo (Yves Guillemot) adheres to “UBISOFT” in speech in French and “Yubisoft” – in English.

However, the Internet is sure that the correct pronunciation will determine the media component Vivendi. He will remind, intends to absorb Ubisoft. French publishing house is now trying to resist.

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