In PUBG issues compensation for unfair banes

In PUBG issues compensation for unfair banes
The authors Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds really fight with cheaters: in China, Khakov manufacturers are even pursued by law. That’s just protection measures in the game were failed, so honest gamers got under the next wave of bans.

Pubg Corp. recognized the mistake and announced compensation in the Steam community. Those who affected the unfair locks will be issued to 20,000 BP – local currency that can be spent on containers.

Judging by the developers, Pubg Banilla all in a row June 16, from 21:00 to 23:30 Moscow time. If you hit a random blocking, your account has already had to return to operation, and at the expense of crediting additional in-game money.

Pubg Corp. apologies and assures that continues to improve the protection against cheaters.

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